Thursday, December 30, 2010

as we go on, we remember

This petite monster, manual queen and happy-go-lucky girl. Always there to cheer you up. But careful, kecil-kecil chili padi

aww i love you lah fadzil, pandai menjaga hati this petite monster. haha. this statement made my day :)

seriously im gonna miss everybody. been listening to 90's songs nowdays. feeling emo. maybe its the new year's blue? hoho

new year's resolution : grow up and be a mann!! yeah ehh wait im gonna grow up to be a woman la kan? :p that's the most effortless resolution ever! hahah everybody's gotta grow up

and i wanna say im sorry to everyone for everything i did in 2010 and thank you for making my life so colorful. 2011 here i come. 2012 dah nak kiamat dah! HAHA sumpah khurafat

ps : i love my awesome friends and family
i love you muhammad haziq

say rawr!


for some reason mereka-mereka nampak sangat HOT! hahaha
di manakah Khairul Fahmi in this picture eh?
ohh there he is, kena coverr ;p

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

if i never knew you

watched Disney's Pocahontas and i feel touched. worth the effort finding my Disney's cd collection in the almari full of dust. hoho

one of my all time favourite love stories :)
the last scene makes me wanna cry hahhaha..gosh im loosing my toughness

im gonna miss you dear.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

baby, there's no firework for me?

hello wonderful people. cuti dah nak dekat habis!!! damn i feel kinda down just by typing that and what more when i say it out loud. gaahhh..

went to Ulu Yam with my uitm friends Ana and Fiza. and guess what im soo jakun. you noe i never ever mandi sungai before and teringin jugakla nak merasa but then bila dah sampai, im pretty scared about that place. hoho. my adventurism dah semakin pudar bila dah tua ni.

im too old for this hahahha. naah screw that. for the sake of experience, i jumped from the rock and now i scrathed my legs badly! hahah blood blood blood merata rata :D

then i realised that i missed my friends sooo much. been looking through old pictures in my folders. (okk need to arrange them coz its damn messy) i miss the amigos and masa-masa tuition dulu kala. bila nak hangout lagi ni? kita kena cepattt

and i have a confession to make. i dont have car for certain days of the week so i cant really go out and no, i didnt go out everyday..

gosh really dont wanna go back to perlis. the sad case is i wont be able to celebrate 2011 :( nooooo!!! no more firework macam hari kiamat dah.

ps: i hate packing sooo much. especially when i found out that im gonna loose my roomy bahhh
pss: there is no more zanessa? :O

Sunday, December 19, 2010

im feeling like dancing

gosshhh i envy her legs sooo much!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


hello wonderful people, i realised that this blog has been dead for a while. hahah lazy me. im busy accomplishing my so-called-list. it's a what-to-do list during the holiday of course but i didnt tell anyone coz i have the same theory as fadzil's. im scared the i might jinx my own list! :O i would'nt want it to happend rite? :D

neways one of my mission was to meet up with everyone. yes bebeh EVERYONE

hahah eventho jumpa tengah jalan je tapi jumpa jugak kan

family vacation


RESULT : almost

RESULT : almost jugak

outings and dating with hubby
RESULT : takkan pernah habis :p

hmmm.. thats all for now. this is a super short update on my recent activities. mann i think i should get a twitter account, baru rasa macam celebrity skit.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

magic magic magic

hello december!

what's in my mind write now

1. rambut maggie
2. syamir and fadzil? :O
3. swimming
4. slow dance
5. short hair :p
6. vanessa hudgens and zac efron
7. ronda-ronda
9. lemons
10. laugh out loud
11. seafoods and shisha

mehehehe random list

Thursday, November 25, 2010

lesbo day out part 2

hello wonderful people! remember the latest lesbo outing? no? haha ok ok..went out with nunu last week. omg nunu i miss those days la..sumpah dah lama tak hangout dua orang together macam ni.

since my holidays already started and nunu has only one week of holiday left, we decided to reunite again. 2 become 1 eh? hehehe SPICE GIRL!
okla maybe m2m :D

so picked up nunu and drove to Ou. ok typical me, mesti nak sejam lewat and guess what? we had a near death experience okkk! naik bukit parking OU guna gear tiga and mati engine, and my car reversed ke belakang! nasib baik tak langgar kereta jeep ganas. we were like tergamam and surprisingly we didnt scream at all! hooray for that. maintain cool tuuu..:p dengan sepantas kilatnya, changed gear and drove my car happily before the pak guard parking kejar us (he was trying to help us actually but this case is super embarrasing kot) i still remember the last word from nunu's mouth before that incident

"aku takut ohh nak naik bukit ni" HAHA hampir mati kat ou. that would be sooo lame seriously mati kat OU amat menyedihkan hahahahah

ate sushi! wipeee. one word ladies and gentlemen, WASSSAAAABIIIIIIII meheheheh we're kinda addicted to the green thingy. had our story time. its been a while we spend our quality time and update about each other.

watched happy potter..ehh noo harry potter.
lovely, i dont understand a thing and nunu macam sedap gila guna my beanie as a selimut. its freezing cold in there. last but not least, karaoke! yeahhhh kewajipan lagu2 mariah carey sume.

at night, picked up my hubby, haziq and ronda-ronda. ngehehehe..nunu, i noe u love to drive my car :P

anyways, i love u babe!

Monday, November 22, 2010

bum bum bum

good morning wonderful people, ohh tidaak. dah pukul 2 rupanya heheh. just a short update yo

its been a buzy and nice week for me today. dah cuti sem la katakan and im enjoying every single holidays i had. even all i did these past few days are just wondering around and hangout with the people i love, but i love every moment of it. i just realised that i always hangout at the same ol place but hey, as long as im happy and i get to spend quality time together thats fine with me. :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

do it to me

love this song
and i love my hubby ;p

Saturday, November 13, 2010

twenty four hours

24hours seems too long for me
cant wait to see you :)


hello wonderful people. i can smell FREEDOMMMM!!! wohoooo!! yes baby sem break is on and home sweet home, here i come!! no more banjir, no more darurat.

after the last paper, apa lagi? mandi sungai laa..hahaha but sadly, my cita-cita tak kesampaian coz my friends wanted me to be the driver for the day. so, i decided to join our ronda-ronda Perlis plan :)

the casts


it was rico's vs mimi's car speeding di jalan raya Perlis. seriously t
ak penah bawak laju macam nak terbang. kereta sewa kuno gila kott!!masuk gear bunyi cam engine motor bot

rico's kumpulan jakun :p

took the car with zikri kat tempat apek and our ronda-ronda perlis begins. first stop Kangar :)
lunch at KFC and then to Padang Besar

ehhh thailand? hehehe..if my hubby was there that time dah lama dah pegi together :p

padang besar.huhu, thing if you wanna go
FREAKING TOILET! dont ever step your feet there coz eeeee jijik i tell you. it's based on true life experience and since then, i traumatized dah nak masuk public toilet. but if you guys still insist and want me to teman? hahahah sorry wont teman coz eee tak sanggup! bluek!

after window shopping and looking at siamese kids menari-menari depan kitaorng, drove to Kuala Perlis pulak to watch the sunset.

but then, on our way there ternampak satu sawah yang indah and
stopped there to watch the scenery

okk main buih lagi. banyak motor kena langgar dengan buih-buih ni. kasihaan

this place is beautiful. and romantic too. really a perfect getaway if u wanna release all the stress in ur head. :)

after sawah, wanted to go to Kuala perlis to eat but we have to return the car. if we know earlier, we would have stayed overnite at sumwhere dah but overall,it was a really fun day. dah lama tak hangout in groups macam ni.

next stop! DAMANSARA YO!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i may grow some beard here

hello wonderful are you guys? im sure everyone of you are still dry and civilised. hahah guess what. arau dah jadi pulau! yup yup i mean literally, arau dah jadi pulau dah. if you guys watched the news or read the newspaper, perlis was badly flooded and i tell you people, never in my life i would experience this kind of situation. kalau dulu buat essay pasal banjir banjir banjir. nahh rasakan. hahaha

it has been raining non stop for these past few days and i never knew pulak the whole kangar dah banjir. kira paras hips jugak. yesterday we got announcement telling us that all the water supplies will be cut off and maybe we would loose the electricity too! gossh! i was chatting with my hubby that time and when i heard the announcement, terus tinggal semua, cepat-cepat ambik baldi and ambik air. hahahha kinda funny to see the looks on other people's face. becoz of the flood, bekalan air bersih dah tak ada and we have to tahan air untuk kegunaan mandi, basuh and minum. huhu i dont think im gonna take shower this week.

the sad thing is, duit kat atm dah habis and the food supplies pon dah habis. the food court kat dalam uitm sume tutup and ada dua je bukak. imagine everyone in uitm terpaksa berebut2 nak makan nasi. today me and the girls have to crash the guys foodcourt and berebut dengan budak2 laki semata2 nak nasi. imagine my size and the guys tolak2 sume. sedihhh.

kedai kat luar of course, dah tenggelam hahah. rasa awesome but at the same time sedih jugakla. dahla exam week sume. and now baru terasa seksa.

1. no more water in our kolej
i dont think that 2 pails of water and 12 big water bottles could last for 3 days.

2. no foods
yup no foods. seriously. its a good thing that i've prepared the survival foods for me and my roomates. lots of maggie goreng and maggie mee with breads and jam. that could last at least for a week. seriously im kinda lucky to buy all of the foods earlier because there will be no food supplies from outside nak masuk uitm.

3. no money
atm money dah abis. have to use all my duit raya to survive. but i dont thing i will be needing it that much coz there are nothing to buy time2 darurat ni

4. no electricity
well this one, not yet happened but all of us have to prepare because kangar dah jadi zombie town dah. penuh air and no electricity. scary aite.

so, to everyone out there, be grateful with what you have now cause you will never noe what's going to happend in the future. and dont worry guys, im a survivor hahaha. wish me luck ok? missing everyone and i hope i can go back to KL safetly coz jalan keluar masuk Perlis dah tutup. i dont wannna be stranded here. :(

Sunday, October 31, 2010

no no no no

no i dont have temper. but i wanna at least shout at people and buat mata garang sampai orang lain jadi juling. huhu

mimi tough la skit
mimi jadi la garang skit
mimi jangan la lembut sangat

bla bla bla
seriously? pfttttt!!!!!

currently i love the colour red. and accounts hahaha

cant wait to be back home! i miss u besty!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


i've started my lemon routine. and yes, i got a new mission. i called syamir the other day and shared with him my new discovery. huhu lemon baby. wanna treat my skin with that. i'll let you guys know if it works but me and my roomates were like bomoh dah. with knife and all. quite get a lot of attention when i brought that knife to the toilet with my rambut gerbang. :)

neways. i was followed by seorang makcik at Cmart. gosh that makcik scares me to hell la. i thought i was accused stealing those lemon ke apa

makcik: adikkk!!! tunggguuu!
mimi: huh?
makcik: awak beli ni ke? (pointing at the lemons)
mimi: erm beli je
makcik: yelah buat apa u beli tu?
mimi: hahaaa...errkk saya beli je
makcik: awak beli nak buat apa? jus ke? masak ke?
mimi: erk buat jus :)
makcik: jus?
mimi: ye jus
makcik: jus?
mimi: yeah.. (ok sumpah makcik ni pelik)
makcik: oh tak masam ke?
mimi: letak la gula

hoho okkk weird rite? in the end she said that she never saw anyone buy those lemon before and she guessed that im not from perlis. ok no wonder. but then she followed me to the toiletries section and promote me with all the soaps and shampoos. stalker!!! huhu

then reached uitm safely. no more psycho makcik and all but then i was followed by a kitten pulak sampai masuk my room. i got a new pet now. hahaha maybe my bag bau ikan bilis kot hohoho

ohh and guess what. arau dilanda puting beliung! hmm and where was i that time..Oh! main hujan :p

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

because u loved me

this is not random

i was thinking about a lot of stuff lately. minus the exams and all. its about my future and my ridiculous thoughts about how my life would turn out in the future. remember that i played the ouija board ? i can still recall some questions and answers and i kept thinking about them lately. i noe all of that is plain kurafat but hahah saje terfikir la kan.

some of the Q/A

will i get my BMW?


am i going to to be happy at arau?


will i meet my soulmate there?


how old will i get marry?





40! (wtf?? F**K U ZOEZA) hahahaha


will i be a housewife?


ohh and this date always bugging me 5/11

HAHAH okaayy weirdooo ouija board. like my mom said, its only a game so dont worry about it. but when i think about those question and compare to my life rite now. im pretty much happier now. and i noe its corny but i love you muhammad haziq. thank you for bringing some or should i say, a lot of jiwang feelings in me. :) okk you guys ini amat jiwang. first one from me yo!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I got big butts and i cannot lie

Hello wonderful people, finals are coming and me? Study in the early weeks memang tak la. Huhu. Right after the last test which was business maths pasal annuity toots toots, terus keluar uitm and went overnight at Kuala Perlis. Hahah kidding yo. We didnt manage to get there because why? all of us girls sume cam out of mood lepas makan. And honestly speaking this week i cant stop feeling hungry. Again, my stomach yang macam blackhole ni does not seems satisfied with all the foods and i really really craving for tom yam and ikan pari.

So yeah study week. Everyboody dah pegi mandi sungai, tengok movie sume and berfoya-foya satu utara. Grr wanna go to penang badly. After finals siapla. And yesterday me and fatihah (kuno) supposed to go to ipoh. What for? saje laaa. hahaha but sadly both of us are too scared to drive and we were too spontaneous to go there with our last minute plan.

and i think i've gained weight! :o :O my sayang wants to take me to the gym during sem breaks.huhu hope i can wake up early.

ohh and i miss my besties so badly. I've found my geng uitm yang sekepala now. i noe lambat gila rite. after cuti raya baru nak bahagia. but oh well, better late than never.

meet my girls aka hamba-hamba :p
Shafinaz. Shida. Ana. Fana. mua. Fiza
and my wonderful gila roomates
Fina (kedah) Fatihah (kuno) Mimi (mat) ;p

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bila larut malam

hello wonderful people, this week is all about dinner dinner and dinner. screw breakfast and lunch. :p

Diploma in Business Studies Dinner

theme: klasik melayu
okkk kira cam ala2 prom kat university i guess :)
warning: lots of my perasan-ted pics ofcoz hahaha. well, i dont have my own camera so i have to grab most of the pics on facebook which is sangat leceh and pening. hahaha im a noob.

as usual, my room jadi port untuk bersiap, so banyak nude scene la kat dalam bilik. :O hahha sooo not, im the only one yang suka buat free show pon hehhe.

actually, all of us were not really into this dinner firstly its because of the theme, klasik melayu? ala baju kurung and kebaya lagi== but in the end bila tengok everyone bersiap2 sume cam in the mood balik.

mira. shida.fiza.perempuan kabaret.shafinas

and here are the girls. in front of the corridor. cam rumah setinggan skit. huhu

budget hot bibir botox

it was a fun night :)
and now presenting dinner for

Business Faculty

theme: Dress to Impress

okk this dinner was not bad but everything was kinda messy. the theme was dress to impress so everybody wajibla nak glamorous kan. so, me and my friends pon melaram gila and only 12 people from my class yang kena represent our class for the dinner so 6 guys and 6 girls la yang pegi including me. my partner that night was iqbal :)

bazli anti DIGI

the thing is, when we reached there, our group mmng show stopper la. coz guess what, everybody was wearing kebaya and tak bergaya langsung. and i was wearing baju nak pegi clubbing je hahaha. awesooommeee

look at us, baju arab,errk shida tak nmpak,fana fon tak nampak and then ala2 rockstar, kaki clubber and salsa dancer. great combos huhu

after then went to big bear which is the so-called "starbucks" kat uitm ni and i think because of my baju i got discount from manager yang pakai merc hehe. i told you this post banyak perasan :p

Sunday, October 10, 2010


hmmmphhh. hello wonderful people, you guys know about the raping case at my campus? well, they said it was just freaking rumour. kidding me??? im glad ofcoz but still siapalah yang poyo sangat nak buat cerita macam tu. tak ke menyusahkan orang. gaahhh. the whole kolej was panic and terrified by this news and it turned out to be a rumour yang budak2 pre-dip buat so that uitm have to postpone the exam date. laaammeee ==

but still, kena berhati-hati jugakla. coz who knew maybe they just told us that to calm us down so that sume orang tak takot. hahah mann i need ouija board rite now.

sleeepy already. hahah ohh and thanks for everyone yang concern about my safety. i really2 appreciate your concerns. orang hitam or watsoeva sangat pelik. hahaha

Thursday, October 7, 2010

please call the security

omg i think im gonna faint. can i say that im really stressed out right now? seriously, i've never ever been so worried and this tension before in my whole 18 years of life but now memang makan tak kenyang, tido tak tenang and sume tak tenang la.

i just heard from my roomates that somebody got raped at our kolej. yes people, rape! omg dahla kena below my level. im in aras 2 and that case happened at aras1. they said that it happened during the day which is around 8 am to 10 am in the Toilet!. gila ahh pagi2 kott. plus that time memang ramai orang pegi kelas kan? damn it la. sumpah i cant go anywhere alone like i used to.

dahla dengan exam nak dekat. quizez, tests belambak and dengan kes curi laptop lagi. memang tak tenang hidup. oh one more thing. kes curi laptop pulak. in one day, at least there are 20 cases sume pasal curi laptop and printer. the weird thing was, aras 0,2,4 kes curi laptop wherease aras 1 and 3 kes rogol. today ada 4 orang kena rape!

im seriously worry about my own safety now. today, tetiba lepas habis mandi, my room kena ketuk kuat2 and ada orang jerit 'SPOTCHECK'. me and kedah takut gila we didnt open the door pon. when i asked our neighbour, they said that there were no spotcheck at all. omg takot la yang our room kena target or whatsoever.

i really hope that this thing will end. im literally wanted to cry when the first time i heard this news. i guess i have to go home during the study week. pray for my safety ok guys. i love u!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

im not taking sides

hmmmm.... i dont know what to say but be nice

say ok

love them
andi love you!
and yup im serious about this one :)

boleh tak, malas

hello wonderful people, this weeks its been a super long week for me. I felt like its been months since i got back here from the holidays coz i really really reluctant to be back here in uitm. I even try to mogok by not packing my stuff and told my parents that the bus will arrive at 2pm but it was actually at 1.30 pm just to miss the bus but sadly, nooo that just did not happend to me.

I realised i complained a lot these past few days which is so not my nature. Omg what happened to my 'go with the flow' thingy. blegh..

things that happened to me for these past few days (im too lazy to write super long words but i just did, now!)

- super lazy to menempuh hari-hari lecture bla bla bla. basuh kain stuff .
hmm i was fashionably late as usual on my first class, as always but this time, i loike coz why oh why?? everybody was kecoh-ing that im engaged haha! made my day

-everybody keeps coming to my room when i was in my anti social mood
its like my room number was written all over me.but mana dorang nak tau i was in anti social mood kan? kasihann..

-anti social mood
btw i dont have mood swings ok. just wanna be anti social for 24 hours

ok, that one normal la. but tiba-tiba je everything nak buat sekaligus. no more relax time already. and i really suck at my accounts. need tutor. but i found one now. :)

-some people can be sooo perasan
that one goes to some people that annoy me. I seldom annoyed. but if i was annoyed, meaning that person is reallly super annoying and i just wanna bom je orang tu hahaha. Ganas. but i loike. ok nothing to do with perasan ==

-i miss everybody
actually this goes to muhammad haziq. hahah kidding yo. i miss everyone ofcoz

hmm the rest i cant think of it anymore. see told ya i complained a lot these days but just for this week kott..

"bila seseorang itu stress, lemak-lemak akan terkumpul di perut" :O

September Forever





enjoy being legal peeps. jangan nakal-nakal ;D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

im a leo!

leo and gemini compatibility

There's an undeniable spark between these two playful signs. They're both very social and like to be seen in all the right places. With the world as their stage, they'll be super aware of how they appear together. They love to date big, going to nice restaurants, or planning unusual outings. Both love the new and novel, and their time of dating can be memorable. But Leo wants to be won over, and Gemini may not show enough focused devotion at the outset. Gemini's flirty nature makes jealous Leo see red. Leo wants to be pursued, and may consider Gemini's seductive net more about quantity than quality.

that's it!
im in love with a gemini :)


first day of raya

mama: mimi, what happened to him?

mimi: i dunno

syafinas: he's dead, mom

mama: huh? when did he died?

mimi: looong time ago

mama: ok, now mana kubur dia ?

mimi: pj


Raya 2010

hello wonderful's your raya? hmm for me i think this year's raya was kinda ok but not as great as last year. but i wouldn't say that this raya sucks bak kata syira, "Kalau raya dah rasa tak best maksudnya nak akhir zaman dah" wohooo scary much. So i tried to deny the statement eventho i noe takkan berkesan :p so anyways, my mission for this year's raya is try to connect and meet everyone as i could since lama kan tak jumpa everybody. teringat zaman dulu2 open house zaf and party mercun sampai gegar alarm rumah Dato' hahaha..

all i could say is this year's raya i spent my time mostly with my family. mercun pon this year banyak masuk angin and duit raya pon ciput je. hahah mimi what an ungrateful child you are! but me dont care. duit raya wajib masukk..

and i wanna say im sorry i couldnt meet some of you guys and i noe that everybody was busy with their raya too. one thing je hasrat tak dapat, nak convoy ramai2 pergi beraya every house but ohh well, next raya maybe? :D


to all my friends and whoever you are as long as you're reading this right now, i wanna say im sorry for all my wrong doings and whatever i did that hurt your feelings. I hope everyone of you had a wonderful raya!

muah muahhh!!! -Mimi Ibrahim

Thursday, September 9, 2010

choo chooo!!!

Hello wonderful people! im home yaw! hahahahaaa..arrived safely at kl on the morning of 5th september 2010. Why did i get soo excited this time? it's becoz i went back by KTM yes bebeyh, Keretapi Tanah Melayu? hahaha okk i dun think KTM stands for that but yeah balik naik tren gitu..jakun kejap :p

although it takes 12hours of journey, which means plus 4more hours to the normal travel hours if you take a bus, but travelling by train memang best! i mean we can move around to the cafes,ballroom,toilet..heheh (ballroom sah tipu) but it's more adventurous when your in a train. Macam titanic and happy potter skit

One thing for sure, you can ambik kesempatan yang amat sangat when you're in a train. coz why?

Dalam train sangat shakey tau. goyang sana, goyang sini so boleh la buat2 terjatuh kat atas lap mr hotstuff or anyone .hahahha no one can blame you rite? its an accident :p

ohh and guess what ada orang makeout dalam selimut. hohoho sume gilir2 nak pegi tengok and last2 the girl tetiba tukar pakai skirt..ooooo..

plus, most people there were uitm students and our group pon dah 12 orang, so memang gerabak tu kita yang punya la..slumber je nak guna dvd player and pasang cerita REC and then the security was like, "sape punya cd ni?" hehehe..

reached KL central the next day at 7 am in the morning. But next time i'll travel by bus ofcoz. this is just for the sake of experience :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

gathering 2010

went back home for buka puasa gathering. the best part is, i was late for 2 hours haha

instead dapat jumpa ramai-ramai, dapat jumpa some of you guys je.. im sorry you guys for not make it in time.. eventho dapat jumpa some of you guys, the gathering was pretty much berquality jugakla.

lots of updates from each other and suddenly it made me realised that time do change us all. look at us, everybody dah bawak haluan masing-masing. ada yang happy, ada yang tak, and some of us still in doubts.

including me and i have to admit that i used to be the person who kononnya taknak jumpa everyone after masuk college, universities or whatever but then when i looked back of what we used to had, rasa sayang sangat and i hope everyone can make it to the gathering coz this is the time where we can connect with each other.

selamat berpuasa and selamat hari raya aidilfitri :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

i think im lost

i have no inspiration.. for now..

ehh you!!!

pada waktu berbuka yang sepi.. me and my roomates took the picture of the sky. well, we cant really find that kind of view everyday so why not we take a pic? it lasts longer :p

so after the camwhoring and picture snapping session in our lovely room waktu berbuka sudah tiba and we enjoyed our meals as usual.

while slurping my mee sup, suddenly the door was knock loudly by unknown people. kuat gila macam nak roboh pintu tu kott! and then my roomate Fina ( from kedah) pon bukakla pintu..

guess who's knocking our door? 3 pengkids!!!

omg gila scary kott.. my roomates cam dah lari2 nak ambik tudung dah masa dorang nmpak cam 3 "laki" kat luar bilik. but then obviously they're not guys kan. haha and then kitaorng pon tengok dorang semacam. they gave as the same look to but then tetiba dorang tanya whether we took their picture or not. i was like WTF??? sapa nak ambik gamba dorang?

they even cam nak ugut2 ambik our phone because they wanted to see the proves. perasan gila kott padahal kitaorng ambik gamba langit je. hahaha takleh blah.

3 lawan 3 ooh sume buat stunt macam nak gaduh. dah la that time i was wearing baju macam agak girlish so sah2 i cant do the macho pose so i just gave them my bitchy looks. the funny thing is, they thought that we took picture of them while they were hanging out at the pondok outside. and they are not from my kolej so dorng gelabah la yang kitaorng akan report pasal dorang..pelik kott.. i think they were making out kott that time. tu la takut gila hahah

in the end, the said sorry to us..loooseeerrr...

im not surprise if lepas ni pondan pulak. hahahaha :p

dont call me bebeh!

hello wonderful people!!!

hereby to announce myself, that im


whats that number again?

say whattt???

HAHAHAHHA OKK im just 18.

neways. how did i celebrate my 18th birthday?


basically i spent my birthday sleeping..

yess people, i woke up early, went to study room just to get the air-cond, then at 12 in the afternoon termenung lama-lama and then i slept until 5pm. what a great way to celebrate my birthday rite? hahaha sedih gilaa.. but that was that. went berbuka puasa and celebrated my birthday at Secret Recipe. ofcourse, birthday girl needs her birthday cake rite hahah..

eventho the celebration was simple, i appreciate it very much..

thanks everyone, i feel loved! :D

Friday, August 13, 2010

could this be fate?

i just saw someone that looks like willy wonka
if you guys noe who he is..

lagu raihan

1st ramadhan 2010

i slept from 2pm until 6pm.

woke up and suddenly i cried.


first time fasting without family and im missing everybody sooo much. call me a cry baby or anything but sedihlaa.. dah la ada orang siap pasang lagu puasa yang sedih2. and im really pissed off if people do call me a cry baby. u're not in my shoes so you wont understand!

hahah okk overdramatic skit.

now i noe how it feels like to do everything alone. before this berbuka satu family makanan sume terhidang. now, kena beli sendiri and makan ramai2 ngn roomates. new experience and by the time i went to the bazaar. hati terus gembira plus we went there ramai2. banyak laki hott okk hahaha. cuci mata, cuci mata..

anyways people.. selamat berpuasa!! ohh i think i can make it to our annual gathering! going back on the 5th of september. naik keretapi yo! huhuhu..

imma be imma be imma immma immmabee

ehem ehem..its august! weee i love august! august is a month of loovvee...dont you think so? no? february ehh month of love? ahhh anyways i dunno whether im too blurr or im not into all this gossips2 stuff but why there's sooo many couples around here?

hmmm i just found out that most of my classmates baru couple ngan each other. macam trend pulak kat sini. and everytime pegi mana2 mesti nmpak couple. but i must admit that i love to watch couples in university coz they're different from high school lovers. dah la ternmpak orang makeout malam2. tak boleh belahhh..

if they can pass through march, i salute them. hahaha march 2010..suckerrr!!! :p


last 2 weeks, i finally got the chance to go back to petaling jaya! yess! after 1 ++ months here in arau dapat jugak balik. well i wanted to go to mtv world stage but sadly i cant but it's ok, the main reason i went back home is because i wanted to:

1. spend my time with my family and friends
2.makan roti canai sampai puas. seriously takde makhluk bernama mamak dekat perlis ni. klau ada pon susah nak cari.
3. mcd french fries and sundae. yum yum

basically, out of 4, 1 je yang tercapai. haihh but its ok. im happy just by seeing my room and my cat,olie. rindunyaaa bau bilik. and comments that i get was 'mimi dah hitam'
great! ahahah i told you guys that im pocahontas now.

watched inception (heheh inception kan cerita yang kita tengok aritu) and my oh myyy kepala pusing kepala pusing. the most complicated movie that i ever seen but overall it was nice. ;p

im kinda not in the mood that day maybe its becoz of bus lag kott hahah term baru duduk dalam bas 8 jam kott. hell it was damn tired. and guess what! masa dalam bus, me and my friend jie kena pukau! O.O

seriously tak tipu. hahahah if you're taking a bus to alor setar, please sorok bag duit and yang paling bagus, buat2 tido coz i tell you, alor setar banyak gila beggars naik bus. and they will pukau you. hohoho

anyways had a great time here. eventho my time was very limited but it's ok, it's alright.

ohhh and sorry if i didnt get the chance to meet some of you guys. miss you all soooo much! muah muaaah hahaha

Friday, July 23, 2010



rindunyaaaa!!!!! cant wait to get back home on the 30th!

bandar utama, here i come!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

check out the referee

hello wonderful people..had a wonderful week here. last week, i entered a competition. kira ni cam wakil uitm jugakla.. i think it's an inter college competition and mimi yang tak suka bersukan dalam team ni had just entered DODGE BALL!! aha aha..

first timer yo! our team called CRUSH YOUR BALLS! yess orang2 kat sini memang blurr but yang tak leh blah masa acara penyampaian hadiah yang dihadiri oleh menteri2 yang tak dikenali, the mc annonced our team, "KERUSH YOUR BALLS" hohoho

ohh we got second place..:)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010



Monday, July 5, 2010

iam no more a sleeping beauty, call me pocahontas

hello wonderful people. at last! the bloody hell toots toots orientation week is gone! oh im sooo glad that it was over. when i reached here at uitm for the first time i didnt expect to get through all this streneous and over exhausting period of my life.

basically i have to rush and rush for every single thing during the orientation week. jalan berbatu2 cam ritual apa tah. if there's a walking meter yang boleh kira brape kilometer dah berjalan i think i already jalan dari johor sampai perlis dah.

and yang tak leh blah, first2 dah dah kena dimalukan depan orang ramai. the OC ( seniors garang2 yang in chare of the programme) tangkap me coz my hair was red. okk that part i can accept but the thing is, they tempatkan me along with girls yang merokok and pierce merata. pfftttt. they even jerit kuat2 and kata kitaorng ni budak2 merokok. cis!

but towards the end, it was for our own benefits jugakla. without benda2 ni we would probably still blurr about our surroundings. and people...i dyed my hair back to black

im black and my hair is black. grrr.. pocahontas lagi lawaaa

Sunday, July 4, 2010

welcome to 0000

hello wonderful people..guess where the hell am i rite now? hmmm.. apa lagi perlis laa. hujung dunia, the end of the world, border thailand. weeee...

ohh i supposed to blog about my trip to Arau a week ago but oh well, there's so many things going on here. so just pretend that i write this post a long time ago eh? heheh

and yeah goodbye 47800 and welcome 0000 wohooo.. tengok poscode pon cam dah jauh je. first time jejak kaki kat perlis and the town was quite...erm.. oklah.. very calm, peaceful, and padiiii je all the way.

bus stop/public toilet

haha see paaadiii je.. okla good for your eyes. tengok tenang je.. lama2 jadi gila

stayed at the hotel in Kangar after 3 hours drive from my kampung at Perak. omg and guess what. perlis guys are hot! hahahah i'll mark perlis as one of the place yang ramai laki hot. same goes to melacca. and i met ramai budak yang nak masuk uitm jugak. and there's one dude sama course as me kotts hahahha.

okk then ronda2 at the town. Kangar, ibu negeri perlis. okk for you guys information, you wont get lost at pekan Kangar. coz why.. hmmm imagine sesat kat Damansara. pusing2 tempat sama je. hohoho the locals there were super friendly and laksa kak su sedaaaappppp. one of Perlis specialities. okk now i sound like tourist guide pulak.

overall, perlis is a very small state and if you want entertainment, you could go to the Store. wee the biggest shopping mall there. but cam giant skit la and there's also Perlis Bowl. tempat bowling please. movies? please go to Jitra , kedah == meaning i have to watch eclipse kat vcd haram jela. i'll try to give this place a shot anyways. wish me luck. 3 tahun kat siniii....:(

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

as we go on..we remember

hello wonderful people, i almost done packing my stuff to go the end of the world. yehaaaa... arau! nantikan kemunculan budak bandar di sana. im gonna be the trendsetter. famous city girl. blair waldorf. hahhahaha

the truth is..
im not ready for this!!! noooo please please i dont wanna go there! i still wanna enjoy my free as a bird lifestyle. sleep in the morning and wake up in the evening everyday! :(
when i looked at my stuff. my eyes suddenly berair. bila tengok dinding lagi berair. bila tengok katil..berair plus hingus terkeluar skit :'(

went out and visit most of my friends before i leave. dalam kereta. i would say that im soo emotional sampai bila terdengar lagu tarzan terus cam nak nangis senyap2.

when people say "mimi, kau dah nak pegi dah" lagila sedih. gosshhh i wish that i never accept to go to the end of the world.

i went to uitm puncak alam to visit sofia before and we hangout at the cafe. there's one time when i wanted to buy ice cream at the counter, i laughed. you noe me, i laugh like almost all the time and you noe what reactions i get from the puncak alam people? JELINGAN GO DIE LA YOU OKK!!! :( omg how am i going to survive there? pape pon im ready to basuh baju guna berus tangan. abs, biceps and otot i come!!! ayayayayaiiii

anyways i just wanna say. i love my friends and wish me the best for my life at arau. take care ok people!!!

and anddd i've been thinking nak buat twitter account. just to update my life kat sana. should i?

it's fate

hello wonderful people. i chatted with my besty the other day and suddenly we talked about one topic that makes us go..sigh. and that convo made me realised that all the things that happened to us or to anybody in this world are fated..

500 days of summer. this is not a love story, it's a story about love. one of my favs.

what i learned from this movie? i found out that when it comes to the romance department, everything happened for a reason. breakups are hard but without them, you will never ever meet 'the one' or people say your soulmate. it's part of our phase of life. we met someone. shared the lovely feelings. but if that person is not the one for you, he/she will never be.

there's one time i had this feelings where when i looked at couples at the mall i would be angry for no reason. sometimes when i watch tv and there's a romantic movie on the screen i would switch to the other channel or making annoying sounds. well, i think it's normal kott. or maybe im just too hati batu.

but no matter what, i always believe that someday we will meet someone better and someone that deserve our love and accept the way we are. we just have to give ourselves another chance. let the past be the past. we'r still young baby. bring it on.

like my momma said when i told her that im too lazy for boyfriends rite now

" just go with the flow, if you find someone then just give urself a shot. jangan melawan kuasa tuhan"


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hot lovah!

Alex Pettyfer

ayayayayaiiiii!!! oooohh gosh! im currently drooling over this lad

okk it's sooo not me to drool over blondie guys but this dude caught my eyes. i just watched Beastly movie trailer and bamm! starstruck kejap. hahaha

FIFA 2010- i support GERMANY

gooo hitlerr ;D

ohh and this!

grrr hehe :p

Sunday, June 13, 2010

bittersweet symphony

thanks for the lovely post,

i see dead people

we connected with spirits. unbelievable but butt...its trueee!! played this at sofia's house last, our dreams have finally come true. sofia and i always wanted to play this game and at last dapat jugak cari gang nak main. well, fadzil made the homemade ouija board and everybody was kinda freaked out at first. dahla siap bunyi kucing mengamuk and precautions yang panjang lebar sume. youtube sumpah nak menakutkan orang. in that video ada orang kena rasuk and mata jadi juling.

so yeah, we played this game at 4am in the morning and i we managed to connect with 3 spirits. EZO something2 (ohh they suck at spelling) BYZE and ZAZA (hantu lesbo)

the spirits 'like' fadzil. fadzil cam bomoh ohh

it was creepy coz the spirits kinda knew about our past and future. well, i didn't really believe in them sebab cam syirik kott but anyways in the future i've been told that i'll get my BMW and im gonna be a housewife. and there also some shocking secrets revealed. hmmm

overall, it was an awesome experience. my mom and my granny used to play that game too. want to try it out kat arau pulak la. ZAZA predicted that arau best but im not gonna meet anyone special there.

not gonna let that happend. hahah

ps. i miss shiqin and syira. i really hope that i can meet them before heading to arau.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

bimbo moments

last thursday hmmm... what can i say, its bimbo day. blegh, i never ever felt sangat bimbo in one day. not to mention zaf had her bimbo moments too. hoho

went out for my serial dating mission. this time, ajak zaf sekali since zaf ponteng uia balik umah awal. hehhe and she wanted to balas budi for teman-ing her dating ngan aaron ali dulu so this time is my turn la pulak. my date was fazrin. i knew him since form 2 lagi but we never met each other before. so kira ni first time jumpa after berape tahun dah and dalam fb muka dia macam scary but turned out muka dia cam rahman kamin but tough punya version.

soo drove to ou with zaf. dahla tersalah turning masuk kat tempat basement banyak lorry and we were panicked coz it was so dark and macam tempat pembunuhan sume. siap bukak lampu kereta sambil jerit2 ketakutan. that's when i realised that i wore my shades. in the basement. == no wonder it was so dark down there.

and yang paling epic skali masa tragedy anak tudung zaf. ;D

me. fazrin. syawan. zaf

movie buddy

hello people. gossh now i can say im literally alone at this moment. sume dah masuk uni. my days to uitm are numbered. aiks cam lebih kurang lagi 3 minggu kotts. == im sooo in the mood to buys lotsa lotsa shoes. nak shopping sakan and update citer2 ngn kawan2 sebelom pegi sana.and i need to buy new phone. since my previous lovely phone yang hilang tu dah takde, nafsu terhadap phone dah hilang dah. hehe

ohh spent my weeks watching movies with my new movie buddy Haziq

Monday, May 31, 2010


My body made-up of awesome people around me


Why college has to start so early?

Sekarang ini only :

+ Me

+ Syamir Killers (May 22nd)

+ Amar Pakistani (May 23rd)

+ Nunu Candy (May 23rd)

+ Syirawr Lynx (May 31st)

+ Mimi Mimot (June 26th)

+ Shiqinisyah (May 31st)

+ Alia Budak Kecil (July 20th)

+ Hanna Banana (since January)

+ Zaffy Affendi (May 23rd)

-got this from

ohhhh its soo true. im all sad and lonely rite now.

my new mission

im gonna be a serial dater? muahahah

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

25 May



have a blast birthday sista. i still remember, im the first birthday girl featured on your blog. hahah syira, you're one of the most fashionable friend that i've ever met and sumpah i really admire your fashion sence. aww rindulah our hangout moments especially time skolah dulu dulu. aku mesti nak manja2 sebelah kau kan :p

i love you!! muah muahhh!!!