Wednesday, May 25, 2011

exam week 2

this post is for you *you know who you are bebeh*

remember the post about exam week yang to be continued tu?

this is the continuation hehehehehhe

at first, i have to warn you guys that this post is not suitable for people who are afraid of the dark and masalah ketumbit HAHAHAH


so, where were we?

ohh so, after 5 of us panjat tangga-tangga yang melenguhkan kaki tu, we have to melalui coridor yang ada ampaian. For everyone's information, at my place, ampaian is one of the spookiest spot especially during 3 am in the morning and onwards coz why? during that time, ramai orang pernah nampak spooky stuff bergayut atas ampaian and lambai-lambai. That stuff happened usually at the guys kolej coz they said that the 'thing' is a girl and likes boys.

Im also not a fan of the ampaian becoz there's one time i heard noises sounded like orang merengus and cakar-cakar at my room door and my room was exactly infront of the ampaian. you get the point rite? hoho

ok, back to the story, lepas lalu ampaian, suddenly we heard bunyi orang gelak yang sayup-sayup. i pretend not to hear anything coz i dun want everybody to panic and starts sreaming! then rite after bunyi tu senyap, ada bunyi gila kuat macam ada orang ketuk-ketuk pintu like super kuat and the sound is like following us or sumthing. HAHAH sumpah penakut.

Apa lagi then, sume lari la kot! but im kinda tergamam kat situ. omg kalau betul ada hantu memang im the first to die la hahaha.

so, thats the story, i told you that it's gonna be lame but when we went back to the place again, there were no doors at the ampaian pon. just plain walls. jeng jeng jeng

hmm.. thats it! goodnite everyone, jangan pandang tingkap. HAHAHAHA ;P

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Come on, kiss the girl will ya ;p

i find this song kinda Naughtyyyy arrrrr :p

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

it's like eating ice cream on summer days

-breakfast with wonderful peeps

-treat myself with tutti frutti goodness with people i love

-went for a manicure and pedicure session

-being ridiculously moody and canceled a potluck dinner party. sorry guys

-random Ikea shopping with Syamir

-currently into the color white and blouses

-listening to 90's ballads and Syakirah's playlist

-positively deeply in love with my boy


Sunday, May 8, 2011

beautiful days with you you you

went out with hubby and people i love last week,

and boy it was fuuun hehehe

oh ohhh! first attempt in cooking the first dish for muhammad haziq


bbq chickyyyy :'D

he loves em yay!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

i wanna go for a skydiving

hello wonderful people! Its holidays! i repeat HOLY-DAYS!

I kinda abandon this blog like always. Poor little bloggy, i dont take care of you that much rite? awww..

i missed a lot of stuff during the exam week.

1. maroon 5 concert

- wooohhh. i hate my sis for going to that concert and see adam's hot bod from far. grr eventho im not a true maroon 5 fan, but i know like most of their songs.

2. the royal wedding - ok this one tak lah terasa rugi sangat but since a lot of people were talking about weddings and soulmates and stuff like that makes me have a thought about that too. hahah but hey, im still young! kita masih muda, kulit masih anjal

but i do have my fantasy wedding ofcoz. hey, a girl cant dream?


i wanna get married in a hot air balloon. weeee!!!

okayyy! this is like super weird! not like this ofcoz. menyemak je! HAHAH

yeah. this is what i imagined. awwww hahahah wanna throw flowers like that to everyone yang tergamam down there hahahah.

so that is my dream wedding. if tak dapat pon at least i wanna naik that hot air balloon jugak once in my lifetime :D