Wednesday, March 31, 2010

connie dog is the new snoop dog

do you noe what im thinking rite now?
no, you people have nooo idea..
seriously think think think!!!
use your megatron phychic powers!



use my teeth to robek people's clothes.
ayayayaaiii im soo bored and hungry. u noe i got this syndrom, where im sooo hungry but when there's food in front of me, i would just loose my appetite.

there's one time i wanted to eat connie dog so badly and i kept telling everyone connie dog connie dog connie dog and then my appetite just went poof! alakazam no selera..whats happening to me???

if anybody can meningkatkan my selera, i will give them a kiss. yess kiss bebeh

ps. i need nescafe! i didnt drink my nescafe for one whole day. i need my booozee. screw lipton tea. makes my tounge mati pucuk ==

Monday, March 29, 2010

Hi salmon girl

syamir: mak aku kata hati boleh tumbuh. Tak tau lak pasal tu.

mimi: Bukan memang boleh tumbuh ke? but ewww camne benda tu nak tumbuh? cam tumbuhan lak aku dengar

syamir: rasa apa eh? camne nak tau benda tu dah complete tumbuh ke tak?

mimi: ntah. maybe tau sendiri kot.

syamir: maybe rasa gatal gatal kot

hahah! rasa gatal-gatal gelilah. camne hati as in LIVAH nak tumbuh balik? cuba korang imagine. agak scary ohh.

yesterday, i spent my whole day in my room. seriously tak tipu! i only went downstairs to get some foods and drinks. itu pon when the close is clear. no human detected in the house. i leterally took the milo tin and packets of gardenia bread upstairs to feed my hungry tummy so that i wont die starving in my room. i felt like a caveman. yang modern punya.

goshh time flies sloooowlly nowdays. cam slowmotion ohhh. i think term 'time flies' day tak leh dipakai dah. i wish i wanna sleep until the day nak masuk college. do you wanna noe why im afraid to get out of my room? jeng jeng jeng.. coz i did something bbaaaaadddd.. ;p

since you can say im kinda bertapa dalam bilik, i've noticed ramai orang tengah emo skarang ni. its like emo season. why eh? but anyway, lets forget about all the problems la. screw emoness people. its been a while jugakla i had betul2 punya gelak yang sampai pecah perut.

the last time gelak yang best hmmm...
oh ohh
masa shiqin nak stop satu van tengah jalan tapi van tu cam monster laju gila sampai nak langgar kitaorng sume.
HAHAHHA sorry shiqin but i was funneyyyhh. good times good times.

so guys, jom kita happy balik. rekindle the flames. let us be the 'old us'.lets get into the party mood!!!
weird post from me eh?
take care

Saturday, March 27, 2010

youre so gay

hello, im uberly totally super bored rite now. ehh its earth hour kan? hahaha i didnt even notice until my sis switched off the lights in my room and sitting in the dark on my bed. singing. creepy cos i cant see her face.

aww.. i still remember last year we make a video about earth hour! sumpah tak leh blahh

hahahah i feel gay
and it reminds me of elton john :O

ps.that bulu2 hand is sooo not mine!!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

i'll miss my bro


okk sabar mimi, syamir nak pegi 3 bulan je but buttt 3 bulan lama laa...

i'll miss all our late night calls, your random randomness, my punching bag when im annoyed at small little things, your obsessions about the KILLERS, our anatomy lessons and segala benda la..

seriously syamir, take care when ur at NS and yes, bak kata shiqin, dont drop the soap. buat banyak kawan laki2 hot kat situ and jangn lupa promote kitaorng kat ur new hot guy friends tau!AHMAD SYAMIR AKIF! take care!!!

the syams


went bowling with syamir flowers, shiqin awesome, nunu gaga and sexy zen. its kinda macam a little farewell party for syamir before NS and bowling memang tak leh blah la. the deal is, sape kalah kena blanja ice cream

i blamed the balls for not giving me the victory.macam white chocolate dekat lantai kott and everybody nak kalahkan mr flowers and gaga. it was a very close competition between gaga and flowers but in the end, mr flowers yang menang. cis! it should have been me. luckily none of them yang terkena my tipu muslihat tertukar lane. hehe

after bowling, watched remember me! haha sorry zaf and syamir. macamana korang bleh tido? rob patts hot gila kotts hahahah

i wanna have boyfie like tyler (rob patts yang hot berlakon)

awww look at that very-the-ganas facial expression and luka2 tu.
macho!!! :p
after that, went karaoke with syamir, shiqin,nunu and fadzil and makan malam at idaman

Sunday, March 21, 2010

6 wishes

god its almost 5 o'clock in the morning and i cant sleep
so masa tengh tak boleh tido ni la sume hasrat yang terpendam keluar..
well, i've been thinking what i want lately. its kinda my wishlist la.. okk dont get me wrong, im fine ok its just that i really wanted all these 6 things to complete my life. for now.

1. shopping sakan
2. wear red lipstick
3. hangout with my best buddies from morning sampai malam
4. ampang lookout point
5. talk to random stranger and feel good after that
6. kareoke

sumpah i would be sooo happy if sume wishlist ni tercapai. :)

big girls dont cry

sorry bloggy, i forgot about your existence again. my life was pretty much down lately but thank god i think i get to see the cahaya sinaran harapan sekarang.

okk im blogging in front of my family rite now. sume orang tengh kumpul kat meja makan and i was typing here sengih sengih macam biasa.

one the first week of school holidays, ceeh macamla still budak skolah lagi. :p went to Pahang with my family. that place was so sejukkkkkk.. and agak romantic of course. aww i hate going to romantic places, it reminds me of cupcakes and weddings and kissing? ;0

our short vacation was kinda ok la. agak tekejut coz this trip was kinda tak terancang and im still in my mati mood but overall i had fun jugakla.

im too lazy to upload any pics.

anyway, i already bought a red lipstick! yippe dubble dee dumm!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

bb alert

hello week started very very badly since the 1st of march. haihhh it seems that this month is suckish for me. karma hates me so much.

talk about bad luck, i lost my phone. just after i did a really really bad prank call to my friends. *ngehe* and duuhhhh of course im really depressed. who doesnt.

then, the next day i failed my jpj test! again. stupid ******** jpj. hati batu! i dont wanna talk about it and i almost get to talk to mr taylor lautner wannabe

and now. i just got my spm results already. haihhhh big bummer. not very happy about it either.

i've been drinking cofee since i got the results.
if coffee is considered as an alcoholic drink.
u can call me a disturbing alcoholic person.
or i could be sooo wasted by now.


oh ohh. i renewed my sim card. you can call me with the same 016 num. feel free to entertain me yeah.
and i would really love to have a red lipstick.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

shiqin's/ girls day out

pada suatu tengah malam yang buta, nunu and i got some girlish powerpuff idea...

how about we plan a girls day out!!! weeee!!!

so...we did! we invited the girls to join forces and jayakan our girls day out.

awww!!!! how adorable..hahahha ok okk reality check. we actually got some or should i say banyak jugakla weird look from everybody kat curve. hahha kitaorng cam dari persatuan florist sedunia. it was reaally akward at first coz all of us were wearing maxi dresses except for zaf and alia but then bila tengok balik, it wasnt that bad kan? hahah. ohh alia joined us later at night.

and the activities for that day...


wohooo we played 3 rounds of bowling okkk..habis jari kuku tangan kebas. cukup untuk melepaskan mengidam main bowling selama setahun.

oh ohhhh!!! that is shiqin. hahahah well... the truth is, the girls day out on that day was actually a cover for shiqin's birthday la.

after chilling out for a while, we took a long road to chocolate lounge and.........

jeng jeng jeng

jeng jeng jeng



Monday, March 8, 2010

3 mac

once upon a time, there was a girl meets a girl. they have a very different personalities. one girl is a pieces and the other one is a leo. if you read too many horoscope compatibility, pieces and leo will never ngam with each other.
but in this two girl's case...
everything is possible.
hahah lameee..


ur turning 18 already and you can watch xxx movies legally hahhaha..
all i want to say is, have a wonderful year..wait! not just this year, every year foreva and ever. and i still remember masa detik2 pertemuan kita kat sekolah rendah. dulu kita sombong kan? masing2 cam tengok pelik2. then masa skolah menngah i was in the same class as you and kita pakai beg skolah warna pink sama2. awww kita mmng gay. and i realllllyyyy reallyyyy appreciate to have a fren like you coz why? coz why??
altough sometimes we dont agree with each other, have very different taste of guys and prespective, but anywhere somehow kita boleh jadi besties. bak kata pepatah. opposite attracts kan? hahahha i think in our friendship, you are like a big sista to me and i really glad to have a bestie like you :)