Friday, July 23, 2010



rindunyaaaa!!!!! cant wait to get back home on the 30th!

bandar utama, here i come!!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

check out the referee

hello wonderful people..had a wonderful week here. last week, i entered a competition. kira ni cam wakil uitm jugakla.. i think it's an inter college competition and mimi yang tak suka bersukan dalam team ni had just entered DODGE BALL!! aha aha..

first timer yo! our team called CRUSH YOUR BALLS! yess orang2 kat sini memang blurr but yang tak leh blah masa acara penyampaian hadiah yang dihadiri oleh menteri2 yang tak dikenali, the mc annonced our team, "KERUSH YOUR BALLS" hohoho

ohh we got second place..:)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010



Monday, July 5, 2010

iam no more a sleeping beauty, call me pocahontas

hello wonderful people. at last! the bloody hell toots toots orientation week is gone! oh im sooo glad that it was over. when i reached here at uitm for the first time i didnt expect to get through all this streneous and over exhausting period of my life.

basically i have to rush and rush for every single thing during the orientation week. jalan berbatu2 cam ritual apa tah. if there's a walking meter yang boleh kira brape kilometer dah berjalan i think i already jalan dari johor sampai perlis dah.

and yang tak leh blah, first2 dah dah kena dimalukan depan orang ramai. the OC ( seniors garang2 yang in chare of the programme) tangkap me coz my hair was red. okk that part i can accept but the thing is, they tempatkan me along with girls yang merokok and pierce merata. pfftttt. they even jerit kuat2 and kata kitaorng ni budak2 merokok. cis!

but towards the end, it was for our own benefits jugakla. without benda2 ni we would probably still blurr about our surroundings. and people...i dyed my hair back to black

im black and my hair is black. grrr.. pocahontas lagi lawaaa

Sunday, July 4, 2010

welcome to 0000

hello wonderful people..guess where the hell am i rite now? hmmm.. apa lagi perlis laa. hujung dunia, the end of the world, border thailand. weeee...

ohh i supposed to blog about my trip to Arau a week ago but oh well, there's so many things going on here. so just pretend that i write this post a long time ago eh? heheh

and yeah goodbye 47800 and welcome 0000 wohooo.. tengok poscode pon cam dah jauh je. first time jejak kaki kat perlis and the town was quite...erm.. oklah.. very calm, peaceful, and padiiii je all the way.

bus stop/public toilet

haha see paaadiii je.. okla good for your eyes. tengok tenang je.. lama2 jadi gila

stayed at the hotel in Kangar after 3 hours drive from my kampung at Perak. omg and guess what. perlis guys are hot! hahahah i'll mark perlis as one of the place yang ramai laki hot. same goes to melacca. and i met ramai budak yang nak masuk uitm jugak. and there's one dude sama course as me kotts hahahha.

okk then ronda2 at the town. Kangar, ibu negeri perlis. okk for you guys information, you wont get lost at pekan Kangar. coz why.. hmmm imagine sesat kat Damansara. pusing2 tempat sama je. hohoho the locals there were super friendly and laksa kak su sedaaaappppp. one of Perlis specialities. okk now i sound like tourist guide pulak.

overall, perlis is a very small state and if you want entertainment, you could go to the Store. wee the biggest shopping mall there. but cam giant skit la and there's also Perlis Bowl. tempat bowling please. movies? please go to Jitra , kedah == meaning i have to watch eclipse kat vcd haram jela. i'll try to give this place a shot anyways. wish me luck. 3 tahun kat siniii....:(