Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Study Leave!

Who says that you can't have fun when there's only two huh?
Lemme tell you darling, when you're with me, you're gonna have fun! :D

wehoooo..on the first day of study week, went to Penang with my perempuan pelik, Fana. Another random short getaway I guess. I've always wanted to release the tension before weeks of hardcore study. Well, all work and no play makes Mimi a dull girl rite? heheh

so yeah, just the two of us, rock and rolling!

Stayed at Tune Hotel. Ohh lemme tell you a secret, the receptionist is yummayh. Fana jadi gila jap hehe

Seriously, we had a day full of adventures and I have no idea why, but we're like Ying and Yang. Throughout our journey, I had a very very bad luck like almost everything! It's like I've been cursed or something. ok, I'll list down all my bad lucks.

1. Slipper rosak terkeluar tapak.
2. Stained my favorite and the only jeans that i brought that time.
3. Cut my finger.
4. Spilled coke in my bag. Sumpah bag banjir terus.
5. Kena saman RM10 for the parking ticket.
6. Have to wake up early and pay extra RM15 for the room because Jason (that yummy receptionist didnt put it in the bill for late checkout)
7. Dropped my left contact lens.
8. Engine kereta mati at 3am. Thanks to me :p

see, no kidding yo

thanks to this mamat mamat, we survived! Sempat naik one of the guys motor ok. hehehe I'm very proud of both of us cause we're so cool! hehe ok perasan jap but those guys macam impressed with us jugaklah :)

Ohh, and happy birthday Fana. It's her birthday and again, I'm not the first person to wish her eventho I spent the whole day with her. I know you love spending time with me rite dahliing? ;D

and this is how I look after spending more than 48 hours with her


Crashed the Hard Rock Hotel for a swim on the next day hehehe Soo Thelma and Louise. ;D. Overall, it was a really nice and spontaneous short getaway.

I'm ready for Finals now. Bring it on!

Friday, September 9, 2011

You're my missing puzzle piece

A year of knowing you, and still falling in love with you again and again
Happy Anniversary baby :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello, isit me you're looking for?

Back to Arau land. One thing i hate the most is the feeling of missing you terribly. One more month to go. :)

last minute makan makan

coke dalam botol kaca! :')

Thanks everyone for coming :) ohh ohh this maybe sound kinda weird but my family ada buat review about each of you guys. haha don't worry semua baik-baik :D

Raya 2011

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!! Maaf zahir dan batin! this Raya wasn't that bad after all. A week before holidays, I was so eager to go back home. Like a lil bit too excited that I literally jump around the house when i got back home. But then, suddenly I don't feel that anymore. Oh well, screw that. I'm not gonna talk about my emotional crisis, focus on raya here please.

So yeah, went back to Negeri Sembilan on the 3rd day of raya and it was awesoomme!!!
Played mercun with my favorite cousins dengan main gusti with the toddlers bagai. Aww really had so much fun! Brings back all the childhood memories everytime my family and I balik kampung :') and guess what, I'm not that bad with toddlers ok! I can handle them, in my own ways of course. hehe

ohh and thanks everyone for coming to my house and merealisasikan my plan nak berkonvoi beraya. Oklah, walaupun 2 buah rumah je and also thank you to Zaf jugak for letting us crash to your house. Yelah, time raya la kita nak berjumpa. Lepas ni everyone will be busy with their degree and stuff ntah bila nak kumpul ramai-ramai lagi.

again, selamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir dan batin. :) I think i gained weight dah. I can feel my thighs wobbling macam beyonce nak meletup.