Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sudah -nidji

move on mimi

my mom asks me to drive carefully and never run away from police cars like my father did last time.

i just read the newspaper about that 15 year old boy who got a headshot by a police and died on his friend's lap. it was very sad.

my mom told me about the first case about a boy who got shot by a police
theres a couple, in the car. the boy was 19 years old and his girlfriend was 17.
they were in the car and suddenly a policeman came and knocked on the car window. u noe to check what were they doing in the car in the middle of the nite.
the guy got panic, move the car and speed up.
then the police shot the car and the bullet hits the boy.
he died.
the police disabitkan bersalah but i dunno what happened to him now.
all i noe that the girl never got married until today

and then i found out that 15 year old boy, was related to someone i noe..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


im sad. im distracted. im depressed. i listen to emo songs. i cried in my sleep. not that i've been sleeping these days. i think my face is getting uglier. i got eyebags. yes i cant sleep

if only theres someone that i can talk to. you guys are wonderful but now i need some help. anybody. i noe im overdramatic but haihhh.. i think its because of my ego. i cant solve my own problem. its still hanging. such a mess.

maybe im the one who's wrong all these while. i just dont want to admit it. i feel lonely but only when im sitting alone. duhh. but seriously i just dunno what to do. im so jealous of you! yes im jealous of you!

but i cant stop thinking
coz i miss you


Sunday, April 25, 2010


omggg i dunno how to put my thoughts in words but i assume sume orng tau la bahasa ni.









cherry bomb

outing with nunu..

hahah since im too lazy to blog and nunu blog about our day out first, so just read from her blog la.

and hoorayyy!!! at last my daddy set me free!! free!! fly mimi fly.. metaphore for dapat drive sorang2 hoho no more PG13 kat sebelah dah XD

i think i look like owen wilson in this pic

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

i lost my hair in the desert

i got a job. yes! im working with my dad now. as what? a driver! weee ==

dyed my nenek's hair yesterday. she wanted to be a brunette so dengan excitednya, me, the jobless girl wanted to show off my hairstyling talent.

she wanted to use henna so kira cam halal la and senang nak luntur. so bancuh punya bancuh i put them on my nenek's hair. urut2 twirl2 rambut and all. i felt like a pro of course.
after that, i went jogging while waiting for my nenek's hair to get dry.

then.. 2 hours later.

hoohoohho sorry nenek
damnn i dunno how it turned out to be kelabu but it was not that bad la.
her hair looks kinda lebat and surprisingly that colour made my nenek looks younger than her age. xp

i think its because the henna la. dah expired ke apa. nasib baik tak kena saman. she kinda love her tresses now. lovey lovely loo..

ohh and i cut my hair. taylor momsen konon. more like a moth. i hate when it comes to hairdresser. i wanna cut my bangs je but they will pujuk rayu to cut the rest of my hair guna alasan nak trim but last2 potong habis. :(
hair grow growww!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

sex and the city

this is them

but this is us

awww i love lovely love loveeee zaf's blogpost about our sex and the city outing. check this out yo!

again, i reallly really love ma girls..whoever tries to hurt them in any form of ways, i will..ooohhh yess i will poke them in the eyes until they cry with tears of bloooddd muahahaha..

and yay!! went to ampang lookout point. thanks for bringing me up there dear friends. masa balik apa lagi..



Wednesday, April 14, 2010

i got round face

its kinda amazing to relate your face shape with your personality.. and hey ho i found this! here's some of personalities that can relate to your face shape.

Round face

Is your face round and child-like, with full, defined cheeks and sweet dimples? (erk me got no dimples yeah..ehh i think so)
Your qualities: You're open, flexible and adaptable. You're a kind, warm, spontaneous, optimistic person who can sometimes be a bit naive and defenceless. You always look on the bright side of things in love and life, and you seek agreement rather than conflict.

Your weaknesses: You express yourself very freely, which means you can live to regret what you say. Your optimism can lead to you overestimate your strengths and other people's values.

Your values: You're materialistic, pragmatic and hedonistic. Life is a game to you, with endless opportunities for happiness. You're full of energy and intent on making the most of life.

Oval face

Is your face is neither round nor angular, but oval and balanced? This is the most common face shape.

Your qualities : You're calm and objective. You resolve conflict with dipmolacy, and while you can be discreet when you need to be, you're very open with the people you care about.

Your weaknesses: You're very reserved and tend to go into your shell. You hide your sensitivity, feelings and emotions.

Your values: Truth and objectivity. You see the world and the people around you as complex so you take the time to figure things out before you decide where you stand, because you're scared of getting them wrong. As a rule, you have a dislike of things that are set in stone: firm beliefs, clear-cut opinions and decisions you can't go back on.

dammnnn i hate herrr!! she's so hot

Angular face

Is your face angular or hollow with slim or sunken cheeks, giving you a triangular shape?

Your qualities: You're independent, oversensitive and selective. You're thorough to the point of being a bit of a control freak. You have strong analytical skills and you prefer to observe and listen before you act.

Your weaknesses: At first glance, you can seem cold and distant, but you warm to people as they get to know you better. You're usually pretty critical, pessimistic and easily narked. You see life as complicated, dangerous and tough.

Your values: Authenticity and sincerity. In all areas of life, but particularly in your relationships you seek out the rare, deep, intense, subtle, strong and durable stuff. You prefer being on your own to being surrounded by superficial people.


thats all, for guys agak susah nak cari round faced guys but i think sama jugak kot. soo bersyukurla dengan muka yang ada. its better to have face than being faceless.hoho

lovely >

hmmm...i wanna cut my fringe la. bak kata sape tah macam taylor momsen skit :p

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

i got a piece of paper

hello sunshine dust. i love to sleep.. yes i do lovveee to sleeepppp
yelah nothing to do at home kan.

okk i watched ' so you think you can dance ' yesterday and i tried to copy one of the contestant's dance moves and fuhhh i felt like a lobster.lemak perut sume bergoyang gembira. hoho

and then i realised, i love dancing. yess dancing! dance to kill, kill to dance.
i sprained my ankle once while dancing in front of the mirror. goshh my mom dont want to take me to the hospital coz dulu2 when she was young, she jumped across a big longkang to watch p.ramlee movie ibu mertuaku and fell sampai kaki terkeluar tulang. and she refused to go to hospital. so she said tht i have to be like her. ==

pakai balutan kat kaki pegi sekolah. i get to wear slippers to school! yeah im a rebel!

sooo my next mission,
buy a bikini..two piece! Xp
go to the beach
and do a cartwheel


Monday, April 5, 2010


i would love a body like hers

groom, broom, vroom

one day, my momma said to me..

mimi, nanti bila nak kuar rumah pakaila bedak skit.
mimi, tak nak try make up ke?
mimi, cuba la pakai lippie merah yang baru beli tu..

okk.. weirrrddd... my mom asked me to pakai makeup pulak tetiba.

one day, my momma bought me something

mimi, here's some books for you to read.
(chick lit) huhh?? errmm momma, why did you buy me a chick lit?
and she said. saje, baca la buku tu..

okkk... weirdd..
did i just grew some jambang?

nowdays my mom kept telling to groom whenever when i wanna go out. its like a must and i have to take care of my appearance and bla bla..
its kinda weird la coz suddenly macam ni kan. tak tau la apa my mom punya muslihat coz everytime im kinda like erm kemas skit she will gave me this wide happy joker smile yang amat bangga sebab anak sulungnya nmpak ok..

maybe im big enough to pakai cantik2 kot..heheh
or my mom asked me to mengorat people ke.. green light
orrr oorrrr maybe, the worst part is... bak kata syira, that she's 100% sure that my mom nak jodohkan dengan somebody. =0 if its true omggggg

get ready people for bachelorette's night! man stripper of course!!!