Wednesday, April 28, 2010

sudah -nidji

move on mimi

my mom asks me to drive carefully and never run away from police cars like my father did last time.

i just read the newspaper about that 15 year old boy who got a headshot by a police and died on his friend's lap. it was very sad.

my mom told me about the first case about a boy who got shot by a police
theres a couple, in the car. the boy was 19 years old and his girlfriend was 17.
they were in the car and suddenly a policeman came and knocked on the car window. u noe to check what were they doing in the car in the middle of the nite.
the guy got panic, move the car and speed up.
then the police shot the car and the bullet hits the boy.
he died.
the police disabitkan bersalah but i dunno what happened to him now.
all i noe that the girl never got married until today

and then i found out that 15 year old boy, was related to someone i noe..

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