Friday, November 27, 2009


Some people think they're always right
Others are quiet and uptight

Others they seem so very nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice...
Inside they might feel sad and wrong

Twenty-nine different attributes
Only seven that you like

Twenty ways to see the world
Twenty ways to start a fight

i wrote this myself..hahahha NOT!

for me this song has its own meaning.
not like most of the song these days. other songs were superb of course . with the beat and all but it has no soul in it. watching mtv nowdays like watching semi-naked people dancing.but i didnt say that it was not entertaining hehe.

i watched batman on cartoon network. yes, batman yang cartoon punya and i was like woooshhh the cartoon was sexayy ok! with boobies and sexy dress. it even had a sexy scene with mooshy type of kisses. not disney punya type okk but chiquititas punya type. haha. damn. no wonder kids nowdays sangat extreme..hehe

you only live once

ooohhhh....i don't have mood to study today, so it's better for me to blog rather than doing nothing aite? hohoho anyway i think i'm going to be sick. these are a few symptoms that im having..

1.sakit perut

this sakit perut is the weird one i tell ya. i've not been eating regularly since exams but then i ate alot and i still feel that the food is not enough. everytime i ate something, the food just go poof! vanished in my stomach. my stomach feels hollow. it's like supermassive black hole.


i seldom got flu. maybe it's because of the weather. i used to like sunny days but now since malaysia asyik ditimpa hujan, the rain makes me go ooouuu lala. cold weather turns me on yo! i feel all the romantica in me when im exposed to cold air. hahaha air cond excluded. so when i found out that yesterday was kinda sunny, my nose like an iceberg melting slowly and went all gooey. i hope it doesnt effect my throat. nnti suara jadi amy search hehhe.

3.erm mini ketumbit

i always get ketumbit nowdays especially when i touch olie (my big fat cat). i actually did an experiment. everytime when i touch olie and then i touch my eyes, alakazaaammm hello mini ketumbit! Xp kalau tak percaya u guys are very welcome to try it at home. heheh

oh oh i didnt know that today was hari raya korban until my granny told me that there were no ingredients to make rendang. hoho im soo in alam doraemon.

so yeah, to all my friends,

selamat hari raya korban.....


happy stu'dying'!!! ;p

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

roma romama

3 + 3 papers... GONE FOR ETERNITY

add math paper was bloody hell!
i can't stop termenung bila habis. it's like you have been in coma for i dunno how many years and when you woke up you have armpit hair like santa.

i got a new theory about add math. i think it was created by satan. hohoh
tak sampai hati nak google creator of add math Xp
anyway. spent 4 hours before the paper of horror with amigos and zafirah at my house. kitaorng cakap banyak sangat sampai nak siap im kinda kelam kabut and wore my camisole terbalik..hehe

tetiba teringat kat mr ben. XD i hope our next papers tak buat otak-otak kita terbakar

Thursday, November 19, 2009

goodbye temenggung jugah!


3 papers dah habis! 6 more to go..

yipeee yaya yippee yippee yaaa...

boleh buat upacara pembakaran. baling buku sejarah kat tempat pelupusan sampah

bagi monyet makan..weeeeeeeeee

anyway first day of spm..

woosshhh i was so gementar but luckily i can sleep well.

pagi-pagi bangun semangat membakar nak buat bm.

i woke up as usual and waited for uncle chin like always..

630 a.m

tunggu uncle chin. muka tersenyum. tak pakai stokin.dah sedia kepit roti kat mulut.

700 a.m

tunggu uncle chin.muka separa senyum tapi still maintain semangat membakar.dah pakai stokin.roti dah abis.

715 a.m

uncle chin tak muncul2. terus kabut. rambut pon dah kering. call uncle chin pastu kena marah sbb dia on the way

718 a.m (kot)

ada kereta lalu. bercorak ganas tapi warna macam kereta uncle chin tapi cermin tinted.

driver nmpak macam uncle chin tapi nape cam boroi je.

waved kat "uncle chin yang boroi". he waved back.

lepas tu tried to open the door but tetiba the door was locked.

rupa-rupanya salah kereta.
omg gila maluuuuuuuuuu. orng kat dalam kereta tu mesti buat muka "wtf budak spm mana nak masuk kereta aku ni". thank god the windows were tinted kalau tak mesti malu kalau terserempak kat ou.

730 a.m (huhu..)

at last uncle chin yang sebenar datang. no tinted windows and boroiness.

and hooorayyyy... first week of exam sudah beressss!!!

even though the sejarah paper agak..erm..susah but wtv la dah abis ponn

hahaha oh..and i think english paper macam titanic skit. i think that pemeriksa saw me tersenyum kambing sorang-sorang hehee..

i really really can't wait nak buat aktiviti2 extreme after spm

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Super Peperiksaan Menjelang


D-day is here!

the one and only....



to all my friends out there, i wanna wish u guys all the best and good luck for spm
hope that we will give all the best in our exams
mimi ibrahim
lepas spm kita berpesta!!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


.:. imagine Miss MiMi and me something like them above


stupid salesperson!

gosshhhh i'm sooo pissed off. i dunno what's wrong with me these days but i get angry and annoyed easily. is it because of spm or hormone tak balance. bahhh

i hate when people treated me like a 12-years old kid yang baru lepas upsr and tak tau buat pape. eventhough that im kinda short and look kinda childish, it doesn't mean that i have no pride and doesn't need to be respect. hello!! im big enough to judge what's good and bad, mana yang mahal murah, rosak or cantik missy!!!
and if i'm a 12-years old kid sekaliponnnnn, i'm the customer and I'M the one with the money and that stupid salesperson don't deserve to embarrassed me in public!!

nak kata my dressing macam budak kecik pon tak jugak. i'm fully well dressed but still sometimes people just tend to look at me like a small kid. hello!! respect la skit. mentang2 la tinggi..

haihhh..i'm not being ungrateful or anything is just that how some people treated me like this had made me feel so small and grew into some kind of stupid inferiority. bangang punya kedai. lain kali tak nak pegi dah.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

mambo jumbo day!

it's a mumbo jumbo day! gila hectic. dah lama tak penat and occupied camni since form 3.
i went to school to help fadzil jadi QM yang berhemah and there was some kind for nike traning stuff siap ada orng2 kumpulan HUJAN wannabe yang jadi host. if i knew kena lari 2km je i should have been participate dah..

so me and nunu have to jaga one of the pit stop yang ada signboard "PUSH MYSELF" we were kinda bersemangat at first coz well ehem boleh nmpak orng2 lari yang peluh2 macam baywatch but then, it's not an easy job okk!!! we have to face 2 dogs pooing in front of us ngn hujan renyai2.sumpah kitaorng nampak cam pemotong rumput. dahla kena usha ngn mamat lori daun.. if i'm not mistaken, dia cakap.." abang nak lari sama" eeeeeeeeeeee... round 3 kali kotttt!!! i think that guy likes nunu..hahah!!

after that we went ou to watch pisau cukur. by that time, my neck was killing me. ohh yes, i had this terrible neck-ache. tersalah buat senaman kott heheh i felt like i'm that dude in that movie shutter. wooshhh i have to sit up straight and prayed that nobody calls me on the left.

shiqin went crazy okkk!!! baling popcorn ngan kotak2 sekali.dengan hebatnya i managed to avoid those flying rubbish. oh ya shiqin, shahredza minhat tak dapat goda aku lagi..hahahah

and then i got home like around 530. had to rushed for seminar at 7 and yeahhh me and syira arrived super glamorous okkk!! hahaha for more details read syira's blog..

i totally love the spotlight! XD

at back home. tengok true blood final episode :D

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

can you read my mind?

I wish you can read my mind :(


Monday, November 2, 2009

hairless armpits!!!

hello people..
have you guys been missing me?
hehehe i almost forgot that i have a blog and well yeah im kinda scared for spm.
seriously major nervous takoot and everything!!!!!
spm is just how many days ahead..

hmmppphhh!!! anyway. while we are busy studying, we must not forget to take care of our appearance and the most important thing is our health and fitness..

soo... if you are too lazy to shave your armpit hair, which is seriously erm okkkaaayyy..sangat tak hygenic kott especially if you're a girl..amalkan petua di bawah so that you dont have to shave them foreva...

all you need is...

jeng jeng jeng....

a few limes.. yesss!! LIME BABY!! or in malay, limau purut.

yeah and this not sure what is this thing called but is it a grater? or pemarut..

just find these stuff in your kitchen and start your hairless armpits project.

ok ladies,

all you need to do is, use the limes and don't cut them or anything. just take one lime and scrape ..(is it the right word??)

okkk..scrape the skin of the lime until you obtain some lime powder (haha) use them and put it in your food. the best is you put them in your plate of rice and eat them.

repeat everyday for best results.

easy peasy..i dont know the scientific explanation of this ingredient but you can google it if you want to. i got this petua from one of my makcik and her face was soo damn sure about this and she was actually whispering when she told me about it. i guess it supposed to be a secret but hoho i shared it with you guys.

i never tried this before but you guys can be my hamsters hehe..

gud luck and yeahh, for guys or jejaka jejaka handsome..please dont try this at home..

non-bulu man is ssooooo tak macho..heheh


and happy studying!!!!!