Thursday, December 30, 2010

as we go on, we remember

This petite monster, manual queen and happy-go-lucky girl. Always there to cheer you up. But careful, kecil-kecil chili padi

aww i love you lah fadzil, pandai menjaga hati this petite monster. haha. this statement made my day :)

seriously im gonna miss everybody. been listening to 90's songs nowdays. feeling emo. maybe its the new year's blue? hoho

new year's resolution : grow up and be a mann!! yeah ehh wait im gonna grow up to be a woman la kan? :p that's the most effortless resolution ever! hahah everybody's gotta grow up

and i wanna say im sorry to everyone for everything i did in 2010 and thank you for making my life so colorful. 2011 here i come. 2012 dah nak kiamat dah! HAHA sumpah khurafat

ps : i love my awesome friends and family
i love you muhammad haziq

say rawr!


for some reason mereka-mereka nampak sangat HOT! hahaha
di manakah Khairul Fahmi in this picture eh?
ohh there he is, kena coverr ;p

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

if i never knew you

watched Disney's Pocahontas and i feel touched. worth the effort finding my Disney's cd collection in the almari full of dust. hoho

one of my all time favourite love stories :)
the last scene makes me wanna cry hahhaha..gosh im loosing my toughness

im gonna miss you dear.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

baby, there's no firework for me?

hello wonderful people. cuti dah nak dekat habis!!! damn i feel kinda down just by typing that and what more when i say it out loud. gaahhh..

went to Ulu Yam with my uitm friends Ana and Fiza. and guess what im soo jakun. you noe i never ever mandi sungai before and teringin jugakla nak merasa but then bila dah sampai, im pretty scared about that place. hoho. my adventurism dah semakin pudar bila dah tua ni.

im too old for this hahahha. naah screw that. for the sake of experience, i jumped from the rock and now i scrathed my legs badly! hahah blood blood blood merata rata :D

then i realised that i missed my friends sooo much. been looking through old pictures in my folders. (okk need to arrange them coz its damn messy) i miss the amigos and masa-masa tuition dulu kala. bila nak hangout lagi ni? kita kena cepattt

and i have a confession to make. i dont have car for certain days of the week so i cant really go out and no, i didnt go out everyday..

gosh really dont wanna go back to perlis. the sad case is i wont be able to celebrate 2011 :( nooooo!!! no more firework macam hari kiamat dah.

ps: i hate packing sooo much. especially when i found out that im gonna loose my roomy bahhh
pss: there is no more zanessa? :O

Sunday, December 19, 2010

im feeling like dancing

gosshhh i envy her legs sooo much!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


hello wonderful people, i realised that this blog has been dead for a while. hahah lazy me. im busy accomplishing my so-called-list. it's a what-to-do list during the holiday of course but i didnt tell anyone coz i have the same theory as fadzil's. im scared the i might jinx my own list! :O i would'nt want it to happend rite? :D

neways one of my mission was to meet up with everyone. yes bebeh EVERYONE

hahah eventho jumpa tengah jalan je tapi jumpa jugak kan

family vacation


RESULT : almost

RESULT : almost jugak

outings and dating with hubby
RESULT : takkan pernah habis :p

hmmm.. thats all for now. this is a super short update on my recent activities. mann i think i should get a twitter account, baru rasa macam celebrity skit.