Thursday, December 23, 2010

baby, there's no firework for me?

hello wonderful people. cuti dah nak dekat habis!!! damn i feel kinda down just by typing that and what more when i say it out loud. gaahhh..

went to Ulu Yam with my uitm friends Ana and Fiza. and guess what im soo jakun. you noe i never ever mandi sungai before and teringin jugakla nak merasa but then bila dah sampai, im pretty scared about that place. hoho. my adventurism dah semakin pudar bila dah tua ni.

im too old for this hahahha. naah screw that. for the sake of experience, i jumped from the rock and now i scrathed my legs badly! hahah blood blood blood merata rata :D

then i realised that i missed my friends sooo much. been looking through old pictures in my folders. (okk need to arrange them coz its damn messy) i miss the amigos and masa-masa tuition dulu kala. bila nak hangout lagi ni? kita kena cepattt

and i have a confession to make. i dont have car for certain days of the week so i cant really go out and no, i didnt go out everyday..

gosh really dont wanna go back to perlis. the sad case is i wont be able to celebrate 2011 :( nooooo!!! no more firework macam hari kiamat dah.

ps: i hate packing sooo much. especially when i found out that im gonna loose my roomy bahhh
pss: there is no more zanessa? :O

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