Sunday, December 27, 2009


woke up at 8 something in the morning and i saw my camera beside me and apa lagi,

morning cam whoring laa.. ;p

baik untuk kesihatan okk..i read an article said that if you look into the mirror when you wake up first thing in the morning and looked beutiful, it means that you are naturally beautiful.heheh sorry about this disturbing pic. i may look like a dude heheh. i miss my cam whoring days..ok you guys boleh muntah sekarang

anyway..went to curve and shopping like mad. dahla broke tak sedar diri nak shopping jugak. well, there's some drama rama but then i was in a very good mood so after shopping hadiah nunu and anis went to nunu's house by cab. and the cabbbb, i tell you suparjo betol! he charged me for freaking rm30 from curve to nunu's house and tau tau pulak that i was kinda desperate housewife that time. gosshh duit terbang begitu sahaja.

tips: never ever ever tahan taxi when you're not emotionally stable

yeahh.the dinner was lovely. girl power bebeh..

garden ladies+harith hisyam. aww my tangan goyang2

me.lovely anis sofia

iklan shampoo baby! kibas2 rambut

hanna+anis yang gorgeous

we just saw SANTA!

i luv this pic :)

harith nak masuk girls toilet

bombastic tele fantastic mr roba roba rooow

kasut sape yang cacat tu? (hehee)

thanks for inviting me ladies and anis sofia, im going to miss you! have a safe journey tau!!

oh ohh and surprise surprise..zaf gets to meet the plain melayu! hoho zul kan nama dia?

we were sooo jakun okkk..and i was kinda tergamam kejap sebab i expect that he looks macam bushy bushy and pelik but it turns out agak handsome jugakla. it was a very express meeting like 5 minit camtu je but luckily ada gamba hahaha..check out zaf's blog ;p

Thursday, December 24, 2009


hello now officially broke! haha yeah pokai. woah this is the first time im announcing this statement in public reading material but ohh well saya sudah muflis and bak kata syakirah, which is true, but its kinda weird la since im always at home mereput and menggemukkan diri mesti ada orng korek my tabung ayam..heehe

anyway..pmr results dah kuar kan? im sorry if i didnt ask them about their results because yeah im kinda scared and i dont want people to think that im being nosy aite? oh oh and surprisingly i noticed that people think that im the one who's taking pmr. i have registered to learn driving today and the woman at the counter looked at me for like seribu kali and asked

woman: ermm..awak ni umur brape tahun eh?
mimi yang adorable: haha saya ni umur 17 tahun
woman: ye ke? kenapa kecik sangat?
mimi yang adorable: (kecik? apa yang kecik? Xp)
woman: awak nmpak macam baru abis pmr

hoho muka i nampak muda yo. tak payah nak makan ulam petai..Xp
a few days ago i've been arrested by the gsc people yang muka macam raja lawak because i dont look 18. cis next month je kott what's the diff mann?? haha

Friday, December 18, 2009

19 December



biarpun kena berkurun menunggu loading but wajib tengok tau..hehehe

hehhehe..sorry morry klau tak subtitles and if the pic is disturbing..tak sengaja.lololololl Xp


i love love love love lovey love you sooooo muchhh!!

hahah ter gay skit but hey, you're my bestie and there are no perfect words to describe you. You have been the bestest friend i had ever had. ingat tak mula-mula kita kenal masa darjah lima? rambut cendawan, dengan kaca mata semua. dari muka kitaorng macam opah yang tak penah tengok cermin sampai dah pakai contacts. you always been there for me, sharing inside jokes, kacau-kacau random people and even there for me whenever i feel down and sad. i dont have to tell you that i was crying and you just knew when im feeling down. always support me when i had crazy idea. mesti nak gelak sama-sama. sleepovers and ingat tak kita main baling-baling muffin sampai masuk kat dalam seluar..

NUNU, you are like a sister to me. sister bukan kandung semestinya. Xp and you always always be my best friend

Thursday, December 17, 2009

waking up in vegas

Smkdj prom!!!
finally after bertahun-tahun bermimpi nak pergi prom and now we just had through the night already.
it was not bad after all.. everybody looked super glamorous, fabulous and all.. had such a super duper night. seriously after prom i felt like im really really going to miss high school.
how time flies, pejam celik pejam celik we actually finished spm, graduated and attended our senior prom..
ohh everything sangat bermakna.. i love every moment of it ;p
heheh sorry ter emo pulak..


kuasa amigos bersiap at my house.hahha i was kinda bersemangat nak buat documentary

hahaha sorry shiqin tempted gila nak letak gamba ni Xp

thanks to my auntie's friends, amigos dapat pakai makeup..

gamba berharga sejuta part 2. hahaha susah ok nak tangkap gamba dorng, express gila nak pakaikan corsage

while waiting for fadzil's limo to arrive

my prom date, arman syazwan
hoho thanks for picking me up


syamir and his prom date

ingat tak zaf kau cop syamir jadi prom date since form 4?

cis! heheheh



banyak kali shot nak ambik gamba ni semestinya my camera gegar gegar

my jogging partner, shean woei

alia the bad girl.. Xp

she will always be my super sweet girlfriend

all hail the prom queen!!!
hanna afifa

the gigolos hehhe



had an awsome possum night! seriously, went back home with fadzil's limo and then singgah uptown sebab dahaga sangat. sumpah jalan uptown cam sunyi sepi macam bandid town sikit but it was only pukul 1 lebih if im not mistaken la

went to mua's house at 2 something. after party at my house bebehh with nunu,harith and naj. sempat singgah kedai vcd haram beli cerita unrated (ehemehem) and the orphan. oh ya, arman, zizi and aiman pon dengan suka hatinya crash my house tengok cerita unrated sampai kul 4. luckily my mom tak sedar..hehehe but then only arman,naj,nunu and harith je yang sleepover. warning! korang jangan beli citer unrated. gila boriiinggg.hahahah

finally we slept at 7 am in the morning! gila hangover.

survivors=me and harith mata kelawar

really had fun a fun night!

Im really going to miss high school

Sunday, December 13, 2009

I wake up in the morning feeling like Awie..
woooshhh my voice turned into pondan in just one day. marvellous..i'll blame that sushi telur ikan that made me into this. hoho too much aji no moto..yes aji yang takde motor.. lolololl

so..since my mom forced me to go to the clinic. so yeah i went then met this old man. (the doctor of course)

doctor: hello..sakit apa?(i cant remember the actual dialog actully but nvm..Xp)
mimi: oh watsup..(teringin nak ckp camtu) erm sakit tekak sikit

*the doctor examined my throat,mouth dan sebagainya
*scribble-scrible onto his notes
*smile, scribble-scribble
*i smiled back
*stopped scribbling

doctor: i think you need to see the dentist
mimi: huh? dentist? why?
doctor: because your teeth banyak lapis

cis!! macam alien vs predatorrrrr!!!

congatulations're the 12 person who told me that
huhu i thought that he saw a baby tooth on my throat ke apa but its ok, its alright
im going to work and get my braces.hoho kan shiqin kan??

neway i've done shopping for my prom. goodness its was damn tiring to find perfect shoe.
i hope that i could walk in those heels. i practised walking in them since i bought it. hahah
oh ya, i found an article said that if you're a petite, you shouldnt wear heels that is more than 3 or 4 inch. boooooo!!!

of course la i engkar. wajibla pakai tinggi-tinggi,pijak orang boleh mati sume. huhu
terasa cam secretary yang tunggu nak goda orng skit.. Xp

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Saya dengan suka hatinya mengumumkan,

bahawa 8 Disember 2009


(weeee!! but only for some people ehemehem)



thank goddd spm is overrrrr!!!!! after all these years, studying at high school and it finally ends. i cant believe that im not a school kiddo anymore. and againnn spm is over! no more spm stress and spm pmses. now its time for patayyy and of course new chapter of life.(wahh)

me and nunu celebrate our freedom watching mahatma at curve. hohoo terus rasa insaf after watching 2012.

really had good crazy time with nunu!



oh oh and there's one more super important thing about 8th december..



have a wonderful, fabulous, and glamorous birthday girlfriend!!! lurve ya muah muaahhhh!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


tarian iban people!!!!!
one more paper to go lepas tu kita pesta bebeh!!!!!

omg gila tak sabar la nak abis spm. nak meliar promote kat orang2 mc donald yang kitaorng dah bebas! seriously after spm. first thing i wanna do.

1. tangkap gamba tengah jalan ngan baju sekolah sume
2. kalau hujan time tu kita kena buat headbangging mandi hujan
3. jerit kat kereta lalu lalang.."BANG KITA BARU ABIS SPM BANG!!" (gila rempit hehe)
4. kita enjoyyyyy!!

wohoooooo!!!!!! jom jom sesiapa sahaja dialu alu kan untuk join beta di sini. hehehe
omg pape pon yang no 1 tu kena pikir 2ooooo juta kali nnti baru abis spm kena langgar motor ice cream pulak. kesiaaaannn.. ohh dah lama kan tak nmpak pakcik ice cream yang stalk zaf tu? Xp

anyway, masa balik tadi tetiba uncle chin jadi emo. oh sesiapa yang tidak mengenali uncle chin, beliau (naik taraf) merupakan driver van saya yang berwarna kelabu itu. yeahh beliau telah berkhidmat untuk saya selama dari darjah satu sampai form 5!woohhh 11 tahunn ! uncle chin telah melihat saya membesar sejak takde gigi, ikat tocang dua ngn pinafore masa darjah satu, alia pon join naik van, accident sama-sama, dengar lagu Lemon tree(time ni scary gila sbb uncle chin was like asking me whether i remembered lagu tu tak masa van dia ada radio dulu)
and now, look at me, i'm going to leave school dah and after this, no more waking up at 530 am every morning and tunggu uncle chin bawah pokok depan skolah.
ohhh time flies..altough bunyi hon van dia sangat bising and pernah balas dendam at me by making me wait for him for 2 hours just becoz terlambat 10 minit, he's still the best. masa balik tadi we sembang-sembang pasal memori silam. kinda emotional but sentimental as well. to uncle chin,i really appreciate all the things that u've done. fetching me everyday and make sure that i tak melencong mana2 and even if u're not reading this, which i doubt he would, im going to miss u!

..................................................................................... yeah seriously after chemistry kita kena jadi gila tahap maksima
and and i cant believe prom dah nak dekat. apa pon tak beli lagi. muka pon gila buruk. hoho orang asli bebeh. and giirrrlllsssss have to have to have girls day out! tak tau la nak buat bila but klau ada mesti besttt! kita kena jadi glossy mlossy tau!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

sweet dreams

sweet dreaaamm, or a beautiful nightmare
aha aha

time-time tengah baca physic, time tu la turun wahyu nak blogging. hoho anyway i got a very inspiring dream. its kinda bagi idea what am i going to do in future.
i dreamt that im going to be a Pilot! hohooho oh oh hanna was in my dream too. she was a pilot for french punya airlines and we're sooo hot. not to imagine that im wearing a 5 inch heels ngan stewards keliling pinggang offer nak tolong angkat bag. fooosshhhh gila macam videoclip. ohhh heaven. hahah

oh ya, and last time my mother said that she had this weird dream that im going to get married. its soo scary ok my mom kata my wedding buat kat stadium mppj ngn tema warna hijau and she actually saw 'my husband'. im kinda like omg omg camne rupa dia? handsome? tall? ada misai? or or isit one of my friends? =O
ohh tidak, my mom said that he was not bad looking, and definitely bukan naj,jabir,syamir,waimeng or fadzil, hehehe
tak gelap tak putih, veryy tall, and kaya.(kaching kaching) but rasanya dah takde parents coz kat dalam mimpi tu takde pon nmpak dorang. takde parents? sama ada anak yatim or cinta dihalang oleh ibu bapa? ohohooh creepy.kalau jumpa tepi jalan laki tu my mom boleh tujukkan ok coz muka gila clear.

and bukan itu sahaja, both of my sis dapat mimpi yang sama kott as in mimpi that im going to get married. but in that dream muka laki tu cam tak nmapk. booo...

ohh gosh hahha tetiba rasa excited. haha spm belom abis dah pikir bukan-bukan
but anyway,cakap pasal orng indon angkat pasir, ada banyak kat depan my house skarang since im going to have new neighbour.oh yeahh not to mention that there are two hot guys kat umah tu!

wohooo. me and my sister did some investigation about them and rupa-rupanya, mereka itu merupakan interior designer yang buat some renovations on that house. =( they will be gone bila umah tu dah siap. nooooooo..tak sempat nak stalk diorng. hahah

sekarang asyik hujan tak boleh nak jogging.
omg dah tahap merepek dah. have to study rite now. manalah tau boleh jadi pilot.hahahha

ciou people..