Thursday, December 17, 2009

waking up in vegas

Smkdj prom!!!
finally after bertahun-tahun bermimpi nak pergi prom and now we just had through the night already.
it was not bad after all.. everybody looked super glamorous, fabulous and all.. had such a super duper night. seriously after prom i felt like im really really going to miss high school.
how time flies, pejam celik pejam celik we actually finished spm, graduated and attended our senior prom..
ohh everything sangat bermakna.. i love every moment of it ;p
heheh sorry ter emo pulak..


kuasa amigos bersiap at my house.hahha i was kinda bersemangat nak buat documentary

hahaha sorry shiqin tempted gila nak letak gamba ni Xp

thanks to my auntie's friends, amigos dapat pakai makeup..

gamba berharga sejuta part 2. hahaha susah ok nak tangkap gamba dorng, express gila nak pakaikan corsage

while waiting for fadzil's limo to arrive

my prom date, arman syazwan
hoho thanks for picking me up


syamir and his prom date

ingat tak zaf kau cop syamir jadi prom date since form 4?

cis! heheheh



banyak kali shot nak ambik gamba ni semestinya my camera gegar gegar

my jogging partner, shean woei

alia the bad girl.. Xp

she will always be my super sweet girlfriend

all hail the prom queen!!!
hanna afifa

the gigolos hehhe



had an awsome possum night! seriously, went back home with fadzil's limo and then singgah uptown sebab dahaga sangat. sumpah jalan uptown cam sunyi sepi macam bandid town sikit but it was only pukul 1 lebih if im not mistaken la

went to mua's house at 2 something. after party at my house bebehh with nunu,harith and naj. sempat singgah kedai vcd haram beli cerita unrated (ehemehem) and the orphan. oh ya, arman, zizi and aiman pon dengan suka hatinya crash my house tengok cerita unrated sampai kul 4. luckily my mom tak sedar..hehehe but then only arman,naj,nunu and harith je yang sleepover. warning! korang jangan beli citer unrated. gila boriiinggg.hahahah

finally we slept at 7 am in the morning! gila hangover.

survivors=me and harith mata kelawar

really had fun a fun night!

Im really going to miss high school

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