Monday, October 26, 2009

mr brightside

this is one of my favourite songs of all time.
brandon flowers is ohh soo gorgeous..especially when his face is clean-shaved

check out his giggles..'s soo relaxing..if my phone is canggih enough, i can use his laughter as my ringtone..
his moustache is kinda bugging my eyesight. but his current look is wayy way different ok..

huhu..gudnite people..


how to say kantoi in different languages...

malay- tertangkap/kantoi (duhh)
english- gotcha/got you/caught you
Italiano- Ho TE! Sei mia!
Spanish- te pillé
french- merci beaucoup.
thai- dtit fohn
tamil- ayoyooo.. (haha cant find the word ;P)

something happened today..
im kinda sad because my woman's intuition was right.
woman's intuition? hahah i feel like im married to a bomoh or something.. back home in dissapointment.

if i can turn back time,i would just said KANTOI kuat2 siap dengan bahasa thailand,french sume macam orng tak waras.
Nasib baik phone tak melayang. orng punya.
Now i know how it feels when you caught something that you actually know, but you're hoping that it was actually a lie or just pretend it to be wrong. blegh i can't write properly dah.

hmm..i dunno what am i going to do next but i'll just go with the flow.
bak kata my jiran yang ada abang hot main ping pong shirtless..

"don't simply jump to conclusions. cause you maybe..erm..wrong"

*ada unsur tokok tambah..heee

i'll see how it goes. if it's meant to's meant to be lah..

Thursday, October 22, 2009


i was sitting on my favourite chair which is made of wood. jati i guess
everybody knows that i love that chair. It's the only furniture that i love in my lovely house..ehh..second la after my bed. I love my bed.

anyway..everytime i want to enjoy my life watching in front of my beautiful tv screen, reading horoscope and magazines or maybe drink beloved chair is the place to be.

one fineeeee wonderful dayyy.... dayyyy!!! dayyyy!!!! deiiii!!!!!
i saw a creature. A creature which is surely not a 'man's best friend' and will never be. To some women, this creature can grab away the beauty or values of their belongings..

Anai- anai...

yes, i saw an anai-anai
i saw an 'anai-anai' being cosy and try to get closer to my beloved chair.
my heart pounced and anger started to take control of me.
i stared at that creature....but of course, anai-anai can't read minds..they're not phychic. stupid??

hmm..maybe not..ngeh..

i cant imagine what will happend to my beloved chair if that creature still messing around with it. it's hard for me to catch that pest coz i just simply can't. i'm too scared to get close to it.

kinda useless to me..

i hope my chair will not rot..
coz i really like that chair.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I dunno why, but i've been receiving shocking news day by day..
this week especially.

im gonna get sick.. im too traumatized.

i got this weird dream and i think it has to do with it.

oh ya..and something tells me that my friends are forgetting something
and maybe someone..
hope i don't go crazy..


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Im here to blog. The one and only Syamir.

Hello mate.
Syamir here, yes your magnet friend.
Told you I can hack your account, Miss MiMi. Since you are lazy to update or busy studying the 9 subjects for the major exam, Im here to update your blog. Oh, I cant believe SPM is just next month!!
October is not a good month for me, so yeah...

Anyway, this is my prediction on what my friends gonna be, kerja sebagai.....
Fadzil- Mechatronics Engineer
Mimi- scriptwriter for a movie or tv shows or maybe movie director
Shiqin- something like research and development in medical field, part time cafe owner
Syira- business girl and then create her own clothing line
Nunu- Lawyer or dentist
Zaf- anesthesiologist
Jabir- Ustaz or Peguam Syariah
Nanisia- probably after graduate, they become a group singer. Something like Spice Girls but they name their group after themselves "Lady nanisia"
I want to predict more, but Im scared if they tak puas hati then they will BOOM me.

Oh hmm jangan marah.
Just my prediction, not true, not true( I hope)
So, do you want me to predict your future job too?
If yes, just ask me.

Oh I need to drink fresh milk. I'll hack MiMi's account again.
Bye-bye lovers and magnets.
-Ahmad Syamir Akif.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


monday... i loooveee mondayyy hahahah NOT!
actually its not true la. i only hate it when there's no perhimpunan where that's the place where we can see all murid-murid in the school and for other reasons *kening kening*

i had a not-so-good monday..nasib malang bertubi2.

sooo... to release tension..(tension la sangat). went ou to watch papadom.
that time in the mood nak bersama keluarga la but sebenarnya kuar dua orng je.hehe

masa nak beli ticket...-kaunter

mimi: encik saya nak beli papadom
orng ticket berkaca mata: ngehehe...adik ni bukan kedai mamak la *muka tak leh blahh*
mimi: tapi saya nak beli papadom kat sini jugak *buat motion ketuk meja mamak*
(tetiba orng ticket kat sebelah menjeling. muka gila garang)
orng ticket berkaca mata : ohhh ok la klau macamtu nak brape?
mimi: hmm untuk 2 orng je la.
orng ticket berkaca mata: ok pilih tempat makan.
mimi: cari seat yang ramai orng, nak makan ramai2 heheh
orng ticket berkaca mata: ok. terima kasih datang lagi ehh..makn ramai2 tau...

lameeee hahahaha...
bila masuk wayang kebetulan seat yang ramai2 tu dipenuhi orng2 badan agak besar.
so duduk kat tempat takde orng. tak sampai hati lalu depan mereka.


Friday, October 9, 2009


yesss!! you!!!
hahahahha relax... this is not spm tips ke apa.
is just that i decided to share some of my nenek kebayan tips with you guys.
have you ever experience this situation where i suddenly sit next to you and whisper something saucy and juicy???.. hahaha of course la tak pernah kann?? hoho that would be scary and creepy.
bet if i'll do that nobody wants to go near me.
anyway during my past time.. i read lots of unknown magazine and not to mention some of them are good and also ridiculous. i get lots of rare infos and tips pretty much about everything. Actually not everything la saje nak exaggerate skit. heheh
soo..yeah. I was thinking if i have no material to write for this blog i can share some of my ilmu majalah with you guys. bak kata pepatah
"sharing is caring"
"kedekut ilmu is a no no"
hehhee..i'll post something in the future..maybe once a week or month im gonna share with you guys a little bit of what i discover. And of course it depends on my mood and time and fresh new infos and everything cause well, spm is getting near.
goodbye wonderful people.


beyonce is coming to malaysia aite?? hahaha

well i dunno much about the tix price sume but syamir and fadzil said that if u make a banner that can make beyonce look/tertarik/terpikat/tergoda at you, u can win 10 tickets for free.

bak kata mereka la..

so..if you guys are terribly cracking your heads to find ideas for beyonce to look at you..

here's some of my ideas..crappy but maybe work.

1. Make your banner from super big scented paper.

why scented paper? because..beyonce will be wondering "what? a blank paper without my face on it??" (beyonce's slang) but she will be damn flattered because when the wind blows the scented paper, she can actually smell her perfume..isn't that romantic?hohoho.see beyonce dah tertarik. but this may causes air pollution and if beyonce has a flu..kesiannnn..

2. Write out all her lyrics on that banner.

well this is kinda common, but make sure you use glow in the dark paint juz like in i gotta feeling video clip tu. this helps beyonce to have better vission at night and you guys can shine in the crowd. plus if one of you guys get lost. he/she could be easily noticed.

oh..if you guys cannot find the paint, fret not, you can always use torchlight


3. Make a lifesize banner/mannequin that look just like beyonce and put it on your shoulder..


i guarantee!!! that beyonce can see you from far far away..
anywayy amigosss get ready to practice our single ladiesss ngahaha after spm kita berdansa!!!

good luck.


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

homeless guy

last monday, when i was walking to the place where budak2 bawak pokok lepak.

i smelled something..

something that i can't describe by words. i followed the smell and i saw..

i saw..

a human...

a homeless guy.

i was shocked and surprised. who could this person be?

kesian dia..everybody gave him a mean look. he looked so hungry and miserable.

i wanted to derma him rm1 but i was too scared that maybe he would grab me or something. giri, rauf and arman pon sama. sume takut.hehe
zaf n nunu wanted to give him a makeover juz like in that show keeping up with the kardashians
well i guess he really needs it.

anyway I feel so bad to him. i did laugh at him hehe. a bit je because i was so shocked but in the end i was left alone with that dude okkk!!! balasan dunia.

i wonder..maybe that homeless guy is not human. maybe he's here because of some reason.
maybe he wanted to see how we people react when we see a person like him.

hmm.. if he's not human, i guess i will die first coz i did laugh at him.huhu
ohh..i take it back la..he is human. i saw him jalan2 at kayu ara.budak2 kacau.

goodbye homeless guy.take care.

Tyson Ritter

I wanna I wanna go AAR concert!!!
bahh. people said that tyson and his gang may not coming to malaysia
coz tyson was injured in an accident and he was not fully medicated.
take a look at him..

poor ty. i was laughing out loud when i watched this video
but then at the same time i feel so bad for him.

if this is real, i would salute him mann. imagine that he still wanna go up there on the stage, suffering like that for his fans. i wonder if that ninja got paid for that.

to tyson ritter, get well soon.

helloooo helloooo

hello people!!!
this is BRAND NEW!!

hahaha wow i cant believe that im actually writing a blog right now..
im getting excited already.

anyway, if you guys are wondering, the main reason why this blog suddenly exist
is because i want to be a LEGEND!! hehhe (nahh)
well, actually i want to share a lil bit of my life with the world.dun worry juz a bit. and i was hoping that when im old and wrinkly and terketar2, i can cry in front of my cicit's computer or maybe some kind of teknologi canggih in the future,looking back the good ol memories.

n plus if my cucu cicit want to hear about my life senang saje. bukak computer. baca blog.