Wednesday, July 27, 2011

birthday wishlist

yuhuuu. Presenting my birthday wishlist! hahaha okay okay macam perasan pulak ada orang nak merealisasikan impian kan but hey, i wanna make myself special too kan? hahah

since im gonna be 19 this coming August, i wanna do something special for myself. Actually satu misi je yang penting, that is going back home during the weekend of my birthday :) just doing that for myself. It's kinda like self-satisfactioonn aha aha.

so, since im gonna be in my twenties next year, kena lah ada wishlist! plus i never made a birthday wishlist before so here i go

1. run away from my Uitm frens. haha gila evil but they have a massive evil plan to prank me on that day since oh well i pranked them teruk teruk sangat. damn now im scared.

2. somebody, anybody, friends, family or hubby come to Arau and give me a surprise.

3. blackberry or new lappie (haha paling demanding) that's kinda unnecessary actually.

4. bouquet of flowers

5. a pair of heels and sexy lingerie. mehehe

6. the beach

7. coke dalam botol kaca.

9. fly back home alone

10. birthday card and gifts. (cliche but that is gonna make me happy)

ok i think my wishlist is kinda weird and pretty much impossible but biarlah. I have a dream ya know. :D

home spa

hello everybody. mid sem break is over and back to Arau now. Had a very relaxing and quality time with my family during the break. Although tak dapat hangout dengan everyone sangat but it was oklah. didnt go out that much though but now i got my muse back. Back to action baby!

can't wait for Ramadhan :) i have a mission for myself!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


yuhuuu everybody!!! ITS THE MID TERM BREAK YO!!! oohhhh i'll cherish every single days of my holiday. I don't care. I just wanna give myself a break from everything that has to do with UiTM.

Twitter, oh twitter. I realised that my timeline is full of anger and sadness. Thanks for being my tempat luahan perasan. HAHA. well, its true though. Few weeks before the holidays were really bad and stressful for me. Its like Bulan jiwa kusut. ada je yang tak kena. haha

but its ok! Dah holiday wipeeee!!! Im gonna purify myself from the negative vibe during this heavenly days.

take care yeah everyone! rasa nak buat upacara semah menyemah now. :D

Sunday, July 10, 2011


imma Leo ;)

Aries- dominant

Taurus- sensual

Gemini- flirty

Cancer- nurturing

Leo- passionate

Virgo- intelligent

Libra- charming

Scorpio- intense

Saggitarius- daring

Capricorn- understanding

Aquarius- curious

Pieces- mysterious

busy busy

short update about everything

- its been a very very busy week. Setiap minggu ada assignments and deadline dekat-dekat.
- i officially hate lecturer for Business Communication. But tutorial class was fun.
-somebody told me that i have the X-factor! x-factor untuk apa pon entahlah haha
-TIRED with routines and missing everybody. Seriously selagi tak balik rumah selagi tu im lack of inspirations. It's almost 2 months dah tak balik.
- dramas such as orang merajuk and bad mood keliling pinggng. Not good for my health ok.
- loving my boy each day :) can't wait to see him
-i bought ambi pur to freshen up the air in my room. omg i feel so bad to my new roomate tu. heheh. oh about that, i think you guys can guess why did i bought ambi pur :p
-had lotsa bonding sessions with ma girls. :D
-been listening to Broken Arrows by pixie lott

hmm. i think thats all for now. CANT WAIT TO BE HOOOME!! :D