Sunday, July 10, 2011

busy busy

short update about everything

- its been a very very busy week. Setiap minggu ada assignments and deadline dekat-dekat.
- i officially hate lecturer for Business Communication. But tutorial class was fun.
-somebody told me that i have the X-factor! x-factor untuk apa pon entahlah haha
-TIRED with routines and missing everybody. Seriously selagi tak balik rumah selagi tu im lack of inspirations. It's almost 2 months dah tak balik.
- dramas such as orang merajuk and bad mood keliling pinggng. Not good for my health ok.
- loving my boy each day :) can't wait to see him
-i bought ambi pur to freshen up the air in my room. omg i feel so bad to my new roomate tu. heheh. oh about that, i think you guys can guess why did i bought ambi pur :p
-had lotsa bonding sessions with ma girls. :D
-been listening to Broken Arrows by pixie lott

hmm. i think thats all for now. CANT WAIT TO BE HOOOME!! :D

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