Friday, February 26, 2010

i sleep like a srimp

hello everybody.. i've been observing myself for these past few days..observing? in the good way la of course *kening kening* and i found out that i may sleep like a srimp. udang okk and i googled about what does sleeping position say about you. im curious la maybe it turned out i have the personality of a phedophile or something..jeng jeng jeng

1.The Fetal
fetal-position sleepers are generally tough on the outside, but soft and sensitive at heart. They're usually shy when first meeting someone, but soon open up and relax. Twice as many women as men sleep like this.

2.The Log
Those who lie on their side with both arms down are usually social, outgoing and enjoy being part of the in-crowd. "Logs" are very trusting of strangers, but are often characterized as gullible.

3.The Yearner
Yearners sleep on their sides with both arms stretched out in front of them. They are said to have an open nature, but tend to be slightly suspicious and cynical. It takes them a while to make up their minds, but once they decide on something, they rarely waver.

4.The Soldier
If you sleep on your back with both arms pinned at your sides, chances are you are quiet and reserved. You don't like to make a fuss, but do set high standards for yourself and others. Not-so-fun fact: Soldier-sleepers are more likely to snore and have a bad night's sleep.

5.The Freefall
Brace yourself: People who sleep on their stomachs with hands up around their head can come off as brash and unreserved, but are really a little nervy and thin-skinned underneath. Freefallers don't like criticism or extreme situations. Fun fact: Sleeping like this is good for digestion.

6.The Starfish
If you like on your back with both arms up on your pillow, you are always ready to listen and often offer help where needed. Starfish sleepers generally make good friends -- but tend to dislike being the center of attention. Not-so-fun fact: Typically leads to snoring and restless sleep.

studies showed that most people didnt noe how they sleep.

rakamlah diri anda ketika tidur.

you will never noe what you will see..

and i still dunno what does sleeping like a srimp means...=.=

oh ohh sleeping beauty sleeps like a soldier

one for you, one for me

went charity working with...

Zaf / Famous Zen!

at a place called *toot* hohoo sorry people, its a secret organisation. i'll be arrested if i mention it in a public reading material. i dont want to kena sebat 100 kali di penjara.

woke up early in the morning to count that special money. look at those eyebags... T.T i didnt get to sleep properly the night before and i have to susun2 duit. boleh juling ohh but i get to cilok duit duit berharga... Xp

okkk this pic proves my kejulingan! omggg!!

after working, went out for lunch at klcc

alertalert! gadis indons berposing

we were a great pekerja of course, lepas lunch terus tak balik balik keje.. :p

guess tempat apa ni? okk, me and zaf were planning to sneak in tempat orchestra ni. yeah i noe orchestra je but ticket mahal kott.. masa tengah sneak in tu, theres one dude makan ice cream mcd and pakai baju selekeh ape tah panggil bonzers sume halau ktaorng. pfttt... damn him, im very sure that dia pon sneak in macam kitaorng jugak tu la saje nak tunjuk kuasa. booo

so..after that, meet up with shiqin and syira :)

sex and the city? XD

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i wanna sleepp!!

please please please, let me let me let me


gahhhhh!!! im having sleeping disorder! i cant sleep properly. :(


one random night,

*pixie lott's song*

shiqin: mimi! fadzil nak ambik kau kul 8 lebih. nak kuar makan
mimi: huh? asal tak bitau awal awal. belom mandi lagi kott..

with no time to bath and more time to stare at myself infront of the mirror, they were already outside my house waiting for me to get ready coz we wanted to go out for dinner. again, mestilah mimi have to take time to get ready because it was so unexpected. so yeahhh its been a looonggg time since we go out to eat dinner together. that night was completely spontaneous and i was having a lot of fun. i love when everything is going spontaneously.. XD

ate tom yam at Bangsar. that waiter ada gigi emas yo! siap bagi jelingan manja kat syira..bila order ice lemon tea dia cam..err takde la. *menuntup mulut dengan kemas* hmmm... teh o ice limau? *flash gigi emas* hohooohoo..

we saw famous person there and we were so jakun of course and i think he knew that we talked about him. obviously, with our reaction and my megaphone voice, sape je tak pandang kan

and annddd!! a lovveeeee ABC at Hartamas. omggg sedap sampai nak makan banyak banyak kali..


*pixie lott's song*


shiqin: mimi siap cepat, fadzil nak ambik kau skarang!

mimi: huh?

again, unexpected gila. this time wajib la kena mandi kan sebab baru bangun tido. went shopping at KL for amar's uncle punya wedding

fadzil yo!

ohhh something happened! masa fadzil and syamir smayang jumaat, fadzil's car parked at a restricted area. but there was a car parked infront of us so who cares je la kan. there were only me, shiqin in syira happily guling2 inside the car. then.. there was a policeman..ehh i think is a police or security guard ketuk2 pintu macam jais. i was sitting at the driver seat so with a flash of smile, which was that time everybody was praying that non of us have to move the car from that place, our prayers tak dimakbulkan kott. and terpaksalah kena drive bawak tempat lain.

since i was behind the wheels, slumber je drive bawak kereta fadzil. omgggg it was freaking scary kottt. i never drive an auto car before so mestila nak speeding and we were like party okk dalam kereta. syira and shiqin panic gila.hahha mestilah panic kan. i was driving like mad.sesat jalan ngn pakcik kain pelikat lintas macam lipas.huhu

the next day, only syamir and fadzil yang attend wedding tu..

Sunday, February 14, 2010


you guys can call me a red head!

hahahah sah penipu. its not even red poonnn Xp

i coloured my hair using loreal iredescent mahogany brown. mula2 colour freak out gila coz takut it turned out to be colour rempits ke apa but then tak nmpak pape pon. just bila kena sunlight colour tu menjelma. so yeah gotta live with that hair until colour luntur. you guys better dont run away if you bump into me coz if you do, i'll do some rempit stunts kat korang ngeehhe

syams day out

i found these pics in my camera.
i was supposed to blog about it since yes syamir, u want me to blog about our first-outing-together-since-we-met-kan? nahh ambik kau XD
i dunno when, january, 2010

this is a story about a boy, meets a wonderful fabulous girl..and we become..erkk adik beradik tak sama ibu bapa?

hahah i still remember he has to wait for me about an hour sebab mimi yang suka lambat2 ni terlebih lambat. sorry syamir. and luckily i saw nunu on the way to meet syamir coz i was freaking scared that syamir akan marah ke apa. hehee

so yeahh..our plan and activities for that day agak tak menjadi la coz firstly, i was late..then we supposed to wear something matching and cantik2 (fyi thats his plan) pon tak jadi and before he went out he checked fb yang magic prediction wtv that is kata yang he's gonna have a bad luck related to no 17! we only get to melawat fadzil, alia and nunu at work. arman and harith was off that day. =.=

look at this pic carefully.

asal kepala syamir senget!!!! hahahah

overall, i had fun. it was kinda weird actually going out just both of us. but hey. bila lagi nak kuar kan? XD

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

call me ingga!

ok.. let me tell u about my driving instuctor.

dia sangat dasyat. aritu baru je jerit F u kat mamat yang cuba ambik my parking space. well he deserves it. suka je nak kacau kacau tempat orang padahal ada banyak lagi space.

my driving instructor lagi telah memanggil saya seorang yang gatal sebab apa? sebab apa??? sebab masa nak naik bukit yang sangat busuk tu, saya dengan sangat pakar nya tak boleh nak naik bukit tu and kebetulan masa tu cam berjuta laki kat pondok tu. dia kata i was too distracted by the hot guys. ngehehe kinda true la but tension kott naik bukit tu.

ohhh and he teached me how to be ganas. theres one taxi infront of me di mana taxi itu sangat terhegeh hegeh. even kereta L yang comel ni pon boleh bawak lagi laju. so kita apa lagi. my instructor tanya.

instructor: nak hon ke nak jerit?
mimi: kita jerit jom
instructor: okkk *bukak tingkap*
mimi+instructor: HOI! TENGOK POMPUAN KE?!!!!

hohohooohoh rempit dowhhh rasa powerful..vrom vromm..
cant wait la nak drive macam orng gila ambik kawan2 lepaks.
and today i drove my mom sekeliling BU and punya la dasyat terlanggar satu kereta. i was like OOOOOMMMGGGGGGG...mati matiiiii sebab i think terlanggar lampu kereta kot hohoo

yeahh next missionn... im going to be a red indian bebeh ayayayayaaiiiii

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kings and queens of our promise

one lie leads to another lie.

i find how a person hold on to another person just with a base of trust is so beautiful.