Friday, February 26, 2010

one for you, one for me

went charity working with...

Zaf / Famous Zen!

at a place called *toot* hohoo sorry people, its a secret organisation. i'll be arrested if i mention it in a public reading material. i dont want to kena sebat 100 kali di penjara.

woke up early in the morning to count that special money. look at those eyebags... T.T i didnt get to sleep properly the night before and i have to susun2 duit. boleh juling ohh but i get to cilok duit duit berharga... Xp

okkk this pic proves my kejulingan! omggg!!

after working, went out for lunch at klcc

alertalert! gadis indons berposing

we were a great pekerja of course, lepas lunch terus tak balik balik keje.. :p

guess tempat apa ni? okk, me and zaf were planning to sneak in tempat orchestra ni. yeah i noe orchestra je but ticket mahal kott.. masa tengah sneak in tu, theres one dude makan ice cream mcd and pakai baju selekeh ape tah panggil bonzers sume halau ktaorng. pfttt... damn him, im very sure that dia pon sneak in macam kitaorng jugak tu la saje nak tunjuk kuasa. booo

so..after that, meet up with shiqin and syira :)

sex and the city? XD

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