Monday, May 31, 2010


My body made-up of awesome people around me


Why college has to start so early?

Sekarang ini only :

+ Me

+ Syamir Killers (May 22nd)

+ Amar Pakistani (May 23rd)

+ Nunu Candy (May 23rd)

+ Syirawr Lynx (May 31st)

+ Mimi Mimot (June 26th)

+ Shiqinisyah (May 31st)

+ Alia Budak Kecil (July 20th)

+ Hanna Banana (since January)

+ Zaffy Affendi (May 23rd)

-got this from

ohhhh its soo true. im all sad and lonely rite now.

my new mission

im gonna be a serial dater? muahahah

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

25 May



have a blast birthday sista. i still remember, im the first birthday girl featured on your blog. hahah syira, you're one of the most fashionable friend that i've ever met and sumpah i really admire your fashion sence. aww rindulah our hangout moments especially time skolah dulu dulu. aku mesti nak manja2 sebelah kau kan :p

i love you!! muah muahhh!!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

never too far away

i've decided to choose UiTM Arau, Perlis instead of Unitar, Kj. yes i've made up my mind. after all the decision making, including emotionally and physically aspects. i want to go far far away from here. ok i'll have to admit it that 60% of my decision is based on emotion but well bila lagi kan nak pegi jauh2 tengok tempat orang.

since most of my frens are going to uni this sunday. im all so sad and in missing mode rite now.

:( im sooo gonna miss everybody. seriously. after i found out that most of my frens are going away, especially sofia and syamir, gossh immediately, emoness came into me .argh it must be hard to find another karaoke/pool/gay partner in my life. no one can replace my sofia.
and dear friends. i realised that sometimes i do have this feelings that im not good enough to be your friend but certainly i noe that you guys are the people that i really love troughout my teenage life. (wahh)
all i wanted to say here is, i wish you guys happy uni life and please take care of yourself. whoever you are, my girlfrens or my boyfriends and dont ever ever forget your petite, loud and annoying friend here. i love you guys a lot! and i hope whenever we meet again in the future, we can still be the same but newly improved 'us'. :)

its been ages

its been a hectic week for me. hoho i felt like i didnt get to sit at home and watch tv pon but i looovee going out of course. soo this week its all about zaf. hahah birthday week kan plus everybody is leaving to uni. so this is the time to hangout and hangout sampai jemu. aww im started to miss everybody already.

went to zaf's party at krash pad. first time drove to KL without PG13 yo and kinda excited la..

who has the sexiest butt? aha aha

angkut faiz, rauf, syamir and safwan. i tell you, driving with safwan in the car was such a pain in the ass. kalah bawak makcik yang suka pot pet sana sini. with jalan Kl and manual all ==

walked from sogo to krash pad. tak leh blah sume peluh2 but we made it safely. sampai2 dengar bunyi budak2 gelak gelak :)

performance by budak2 krash pad yang muka cam zainal (geng skolah rendah)

ohohoh that black-shirt girl looked soo familiar. heheh sang 'telephone' live for the first time on stage. omg i can feel my urat leher terpecah dua. im gaga and nunu beyonce. the crowd was not bad la hahah all they know masa part nyanyi eh eh eh eh je.. lama2 dengar cam dangdut

safwan, sofia and muscle tony roma's XD

hanna and zaf

aww zaf and baby may. i think so.. hehehe

ohh it was so sweet of her to share her birthday party with the kids. you noe its hard to find people who willing to share special moments with other people, including me haha .soo i salute zaf for that :)

the rest of the pics is with fadzil and hanna. i wont post other pics here coz why? my cam sucks hahaha

my cam does not conceal anything. look at this pic for example. heheh muka minyak sume

what happened next?

after party around KL :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

11 May

i love you!!! muah muahh!! now that you're 18, jangan notty2 haha.
had a mini birthday party @ wondermilk
sofia and zaf

sofia, zaf and muka siput

oreo, tiramisu, choco, choco and eee blackberrry sapa tu?? hehhe

the syams

there's zaf, sofia, syamir, me, alia and shiqin!

cant see her? well she's hiding somewhere neghehe

ahh and here's fadzil too

ABANG RASYAD!!! woot woot

aww he's such a darling. heheh thanks to alia and abang rasyad, kita dapat pegi wondermilk. kalau mengharapkan ratu segala kelambatan ni nak bawak (me of course) memang tak sampai la hasrat zaf. Xp

everybody! dont be deceived, shiqin menyorok lagi

Saturday, May 8, 2010

internal flames

i think living in the 80's is kinda cool. minus the frizzy hair and all but they said zaman 80's la fashion sume mengarut and the guys wear tight fitting clothes


remember when we were in sekolah rendah, everybody wore baggy pants...retrooo

neways im having a dilemma about studies and all. i have to choose between going to arau, perlis or study here at unitar, kelana jaya. both have pros and cons and its sooo confusing. unitar is too near and no campus life but arau is soo damn far. plus yesterday i searched some infos about arau and guess what? arau is famous bcause kat situ banyak pontianaks!!!! i never seen a vampire before. pontianak is a vampire aite? vampire melayu hahah..

maybe i could find my edward cullen there. :)

and i just realised i got addiction towards beauty products..==

ps. which one is better eh? uitm or unitar? need some opinions

Sunday, May 2, 2010

krash pad

hello everybody. sorry for the emo posts from me. im such a drama queen i noe but wtv la. im cured. no more sleepless night. oh ohh and i wanna thanks to everybody who asked me whether im ok or not, and asked me how am i doing. im so touched seriously. i love you guys. see, i told you that you guys are awesome! muah muahh

okkk stop stop stop talking now. back to krash pad. went to krash pad with zaf and alia the other day. hell naik lrt pegi masjid jamek sangat confusing. plus, u noe me aite never really good with directions but anyways i survived! the night before i got this not so good feeling and i told zaf i wanted to bring pedang or pisau lipat for protection.hehe

reached there safely and im kinda nervous to see the kids. but sadly, the kids went to a trip to PJ.== soo kita pon bermaha kuasa la kat situ..

zaf and alia

main saidina. omggg this game dah lama tak main. kat rumah dah berhabuk dah board ni

muka siput jumpa artis!!!

met abang ian, the british lad yang zaf cakap tu. his face was awry jugakla but kinda berminyak. hehe and i still think that his kinda blurry :p

lukisan hari kantin. hanya lukisan yang cantik sahaja ada dalam gamba ni. hehe ( alia punya paling cantik actually)

went to sogo for lunch

haha alia lambat lintas.comel je

this road i tell u, the cars were like super ganas and laju. they never gave any chance for us to cross the road. we pretended to be tourists from indon.

while crossing

mimi: ayuh cepatan zafff!!! kita harus lintasss

zaf: yeah cepataann!! hangat bangat!!


gadis indon berposing part 2!

at lassst ice kacang

went back to krash pad and this time some of the kids were there. read zaf's blog for more info. heehee

masa balik sesat lagi. thanks to me. :)