Sunday, September 26, 2010

im not taking sides

hmmmm.... i dont know what to say but be nice

say ok

love them
andi love you!
and yup im serious about this one :)

boleh tak, malas

hello wonderful people, this weeks its been a super long week for me. I felt like its been months since i got back here from the holidays coz i really really reluctant to be back here in uitm. I even try to mogok by not packing my stuff and told my parents that the bus will arrive at 2pm but it was actually at 1.30 pm just to miss the bus but sadly, nooo that just did not happend to me.

I realised i complained a lot these past few days which is so not my nature. Omg what happened to my 'go with the flow' thingy. blegh..

things that happened to me for these past few days (im too lazy to write super long words but i just did, now!)

- super lazy to menempuh hari-hari lecture bla bla bla. basuh kain stuff .
hmm i was fashionably late as usual on my first class, as always but this time, i loike coz why oh why?? everybody was kecoh-ing that im engaged haha! made my day

-everybody keeps coming to my room when i was in my anti social mood
its like my room number was written all over me.but mana dorang nak tau i was in anti social mood kan? kasihann..

-anti social mood
btw i dont have mood swings ok. just wanna be anti social for 24 hours

ok, that one normal la. but tiba-tiba je everything nak buat sekaligus. no more relax time already. and i really suck at my accounts. need tutor. but i found one now. :)

-some people can be sooo perasan
that one goes to some people that annoy me. I seldom annoyed. but if i was annoyed, meaning that person is reallly super annoying and i just wanna bom je orang tu hahaha. Ganas. but i loike. ok nothing to do with perasan ==

-i miss everybody
actually this goes to muhammad haziq. hahah kidding yo. i miss everyone ofcoz

hmm the rest i cant think of it anymore. see told ya i complained a lot these days but just for this week kott..

"bila seseorang itu stress, lemak-lemak akan terkumpul di perut" :O

September Forever





enjoy being legal peeps. jangan nakal-nakal ;D

Saturday, September 18, 2010

im a leo!

leo and gemini compatibility

There's an undeniable spark between these two playful signs. They're both very social and like to be seen in all the right places. With the world as their stage, they'll be super aware of how they appear together. They love to date big, going to nice restaurants, or planning unusual outings. Both love the new and novel, and their time of dating can be memorable. But Leo wants to be won over, and Gemini may not show enough focused devotion at the outset. Gemini's flirty nature makes jealous Leo see red. Leo wants to be pursued, and may consider Gemini's seductive net more about quantity than quality.

that's it!
im in love with a gemini :)


first day of raya

mama: mimi, what happened to him?

mimi: i dunno

syafinas: he's dead, mom

mama: huh? when did he died?

mimi: looong time ago

mama: ok, now mana kubur dia ?

mimi: pj


Raya 2010

hello wonderful's your raya? hmm for me i think this year's raya was kinda ok but not as great as last year. but i wouldn't say that this raya sucks bak kata syira, "Kalau raya dah rasa tak best maksudnya nak akhir zaman dah" wohooo scary much. So i tried to deny the statement eventho i noe takkan berkesan :p so anyways, my mission for this year's raya is try to connect and meet everyone as i could since lama kan tak jumpa everybody. teringat zaman dulu2 open house zaf and party mercun sampai gegar alarm rumah Dato' hahaha..

all i could say is this year's raya i spent my time mostly with my family. mercun pon this year banyak masuk angin and duit raya pon ciput je. hahah mimi what an ungrateful child you are! but me dont care. duit raya wajib masukk..

and i wanna say im sorry i couldnt meet some of you guys and i noe that everybody was busy with their raya too. one thing je hasrat tak dapat, nak convoy ramai2 pergi beraya every house but ohh well, next raya maybe? :D


to all my friends and whoever you are as long as you're reading this right now, i wanna say im sorry for all my wrong doings and whatever i did that hurt your feelings. I hope everyone of you had a wonderful raya!

muah muahhh!!! -Mimi Ibrahim

Thursday, September 9, 2010

choo chooo!!!

Hello wonderful people! im home yaw! hahahahaaa..arrived safely at kl on the morning of 5th september 2010. Why did i get soo excited this time? it's becoz i went back by KTM yes bebeyh, Keretapi Tanah Melayu? hahaha okk i dun think KTM stands for that but yeah balik naik tren gitu..jakun kejap :p

although it takes 12hours of journey, which means plus 4more hours to the normal travel hours if you take a bus, but travelling by train memang best! i mean we can move around to the cafes,ballroom,toilet..heheh (ballroom sah tipu) but it's more adventurous when your in a train. Macam titanic and happy potter skit

One thing for sure, you can ambik kesempatan yang amat sangat when you're in a train. coz why?

Dalam train sangat shakey tau. goyang sana, goyang sini so boleh la buat2 terjatuh kat atas lap mr hotstuff or anyone .hahahha no one can blame you rite? its an accident :p

ohh and guess what ada orang makeout dalam selimut. hohoho sume gilir2 nak pegi tengok and last2 the girl tetiba tukar pakai skirt..ooooo..

plus, most people there were uitm students and our group pon dah 12 orang, so memang gerabak tu kita yang punya la..slumber je nak guna dvd player and pasang cerita REC and then the security was like, "sape punya cd ni?" hehehe..

reached KL central the next day at 7 am in the morning. But next time i'll travel by bus ofcoz. this is just for the sake of experience :D

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

gathering 2010

went back home for buka puasa gathering. the best part is, i was late for 2 hours haha

instead dapat jumpa ramai-ramai, dapat jumpa some of you guys je.. im sorry you guys for not make it in time.. eventho dapat jumpa some of you guys, the gathering was pretty much berquality jugakla.

lots of updates from each other and suddenly it made me realised that time do change us all. look at us, everybody dah bawak haluan masing-masing. ada yang happy, ada yang tak, and some of us still in doubts.

including me and i have to admit that i used to be the person who kononnya taknak jumpa everyone after masuk college, universities or whatever but then when i looked back of what we used to had, rasa sayang sangat and i hope everyone can make it to the gathering coz this is the time where we can connect with each other.

selamat berpuasa and selamat hari raya aidilfitri :)