Sunday, October 31, 2010

no no no no

no i dont have temper. but i wanna at least shout at people and buat mata garang sampai orang lain jadi juling. huhu

mimi tough la skit
mimi jadi la garang skit
mimi jangan la lembut sangat

bla bla bla
seriously? pfttttt!!!!!

currently i love the colour red. and accounts hahaha

cant wait to be back home! i miss u besty!!!

Friday, October 29, 2010


i've started my lemon routine. and yes, i got a new mission. i called syamir the other day and shared with him my new discovery. huhu lemon baby. wanna treat my skin with that. i'll let you guys know if it works but me and my roomates were like bomoh dah. with knife and all. quite get a lot of attention when i brought that knife to the toilet with my rambut gerbang. :)

neways. i was followed by seorang makcik at Cmart. gosh that makcik scares me to hell la. i thought i was accused stealing those lemon ke apa

makcik: adikkk!!! tunggguuu!
mimi: huh?
makcik: awak beli ni ke? (pointing at the lemons)
mimi: erm beli je
makcik: yelah buat apa u beli tu?
mimi: hahaaa...errkk saya beli je
makcik: awak beli nak buat apa? jus ke? masak ke?
mimi: erk buat jus :)
makcik: jus?
mimi: ye jus
makcik: jus?
mimi: yeah.. (ok sumpah makcik ni pelik)
makcik: oh tak masam ke?
mimi: letak la gula

hoho okkk weird rite? in the end she said that she never saw anyone buy those lemon before and she guessed that im not from perlis. ok no wonder. but then she followed me to the toiletries section and promote me with all the soaps and shampoos. stalker!!! huhu

then reached uitm safely. no more psycho makcik and all but then i was followed by a kitten pulak sampai masuk my room. i got a new pet now. hahaha maybe my bag bau ikan bilis kot hohoho

ohh and guess what. arau dilanda puting beliung! hmm and where was i that time..Oh! main hujan :p

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

because u loved me

this is not random

i was thinking about a lot of stuff lately. minus the exams and all. its about my future and my ridiculous thoughts about how my life would turn out in the future. remember that i played the ouija board ? i can still recall some questions and answers and i kept thinking about them lately. i noe all of that is plain kurafat but hahah saje terfikir la kan.

some of the Q/A

will i get my BMW?


am i going to to be happy at arau?


will i meet my soulmate there?


how old will i get marry?





40! (wtf?? F**K U ZOEZA) hahahaha


will i be a housewife?


ohh and this date always bugging me 5/11

HAHAH okaayy weirdooo ouija board. like my mom said, its only a game so dont worry about it. but when i think about those question and compare to my life rite now. im pretty much happier now. and i noe its corny but i love you muhammad haziq. thank you for bringing some or should i say, a lot of jiwang feelings in me. :) okk you guys ini amat jiwang. first one from me yo!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I got big butts and i cannot lie

Hello wonderful people, finals are coming and me? Study in the early weeks memang tak la. Huhu. Right after the last test which was business maths pasal annuity toots toots, terus keluar uitm and went overnight at Kuala Perlis. Hahah kidding yo. We didnt manage to get there because why? all of us girls sume cam out of mood lepas makan. And honestly speaking this week i cant stop feeling hungry. Again, my stomach yang macam blackhole ni does not seems satisfied with all the foods and i really really craving for tom yam and ikan pari.

So yeah study week. Everyboody dah pegi mandi sungai, tengok movie sume and berfoya-foya satu utara. Grr wanna go to penang badly. After finals siapla. And yesterday me and fatihah (kuno) supposed to go to ipoh. What for? saje laaa. hahaha but sadly both of us are too scared to drive and we were too spontaneous to go there with our last minute plan.

and i think i've gained weight! :o :O my sayang wants to take me to the gym during sem breaks.huhu hope i can wake up early.

ohh and i miss my besties so badly. I've found my geng uitm yang sekepala now. i noe lambat gila rite. after cuti raya baru nak bahagia. but oh well, better late than never.

meet my girls aka hamba-hamba :p
Shafinaz. Shida. Ana. Fana. mua. Fiza
and my wonderful gila roomates
Fina (kedah) Fatihah (kuno) Mimi (mat) ;p

Monday, October 18, 2010

Bila larut malam

hello wonderful people, this week is all about dinner dinner and dinner. screw breakfast and lunch. :p

Diploma in Business Studies Dinner

theme: klasik melayu
okkk kira cam ala2 prom kat university i guess :)
warning: lots of my perasan-ted pics ofcoz hahaha. well, i dont have my own camera so i have to grab most of the pics on facebook which is sangat leceh and pening. hahaha im a noob.

as usual, my room jadi port untuk bersiap, so banyak nude scene la kat dalam bilik. :O hahha sooo not, im the only one yang suka buat free show pon hehhe.

actually, all of us were not really into this dinner firstly its because of the theme, klasik melayu? ala baju kurung and kebaya lagi== but in the end bila tengok everyone bersiap2 sume cam in the mood balik.

mira. shida.fiza.perempuan kabaret.shafinas

and here are the girls. in front of the corridor. cam rumah setinggan skit. huhu

budget hot bibir botox

it was a fun night :)
and now presenting dinner for

Business Faculty

theme: Dress to Impress

okk this dinner was not bad but everything was kinda messy. the theme was dress to impress so everybody wajibla nak glamorous kan. so, me and my friends pon melaram gila and only 12 people from my class yang kena represent our class for the dinner so 6 guys and 6 girls la yang pegi including me. my partner that night was iqbal :)

bazli anti DIGI

the thing is, when we reached there, our group mmng show stopper la. coz guess what, everybody was wearing kebaya and tak bergaya langsung. and i was wearing baju nak pegi clubbing je hahaha. awesooommeee

look at us, baju arab,errk shida tak nmpak,fana fon tak nampak and then ala2 rockstar, kaki clubber and salsa dancer. great combos huhu

after then went to big bear which is the so-called "starbucks" kat uitm ni and i think because of my baju i got discount from manager yang pakai merc hehe. i told you this post banyak perasan :p

Sunday, October 10, 2010


hmmmphhh. hello wonderful people, you guys know about the raping case at my campus? well, they said it was just freaking rumour. kidding me??? im glad ofcoz but still siapalah yang poyo sangat nak buat cerita macam tu. tak ke menyusahkan orang. gaahhh. the whole kolej was panic and terrified by this news and it turned out to be a rumour yang budak2 pre-dip buat so that uitm have to postpone the exam date. laaammeee ==

but still, kena berhati-hati jugakla. coz who knew maybe they just told us that to calm us down so that sume orang tak takot. hahah mann i need ouija board rite now.

sleeepy already. hahah ohh and thanks for everyone yang concern about my safety. i really2 appreciate your concerns. orang hitam or watsoeva sangat pelik. hahaha

Thursday, October 7, 2010

please call the security

omg i think im gonna faint. can i say that im really stressed out right now? seriously, i've never ever been so worried and this tension before in my whole 18 years of life but now memang makan tak kenyang, tido tak tenang and sume tak tenang la.

i just heard from my roomates that somebody got raped at our kolej. yes people, rape! omg dahla kena below my level. im in aras 2 and that case happened at aras1. they said that it happened during the day which is around 8 am to 10 am in the Toilet!. gila ahh pagi2 kott. plus that time memang ramai orang pegi kelas kan? damn it la. sumpah i cant go anywhere alone like i used to.

dahla dengan exam nak dekat. quizez, tests belambak and dengan kes curi laptop lagi. memang tak tenang hidup. oh one more thing. kes curi laptop pulak. in one day, at least there are 20 cases sume pasal curi laptop and printer. the weird thing was, aras 0,2,4 kes curi laptop wherease aras 1 and 3 kes rogol. today ada 4 orang kena rape!

im seriously worry about my own safety now. today, tetiba lepas habis mandi, my room kena ketuk kuat2 and ada orang jerit 'SPOTCHECK'. me and kedah takut gila we didnt open the door pon. when i asked our neighbour, they said that there were no spotcheck at all. omg takot la yang our room kena target or whatsoever.

i really hope that this thing will end. im literally wanted to cry when the first time i heard this news. i guess i have to go home during the study week. pray for my safety ok guys. i love u!