Wednesday, October 27, 2010

because u loved me

this is not random

i was thinking about a lot of stuff lately. minus the exams and all. its about my future and my ridiculous thoughts about how my life would turn out in the future. remember that i played the ouija board ? i can still recall some questions and answers and i kept thinking about them lately. i noe all of that is plain kurafat but hahah saje terfikir la kan.

some of the Q/A

will i get my BMW?


am i going to to be happy at arau?


will i meet my soulmate there?


how old will i get marry?





40! (wtf?? F**K U ZOEZA) hahahaha


will i be a housewife?


ohh and this date always bugging me 5/11

HAHAH okaayy weirdooo ouija board. like my mom said, its only a game so dont worry about it. but when i think about those question and compare to my life rite now. im pretty much happier now. and i noe its corny but i love you muhammad haziq. thank you for bringing some or should i say, a lot of jiwang feelings in me. :) okk you guys ini amat jiwang. first one from me yo!

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