Thursday, October 7, 2010

please call the security

omg i think im gonna faint. can i say that im really stressed out right now? seriously, i've never ever been so worried and this tension before in my whole 18 years of life but now memang makan tak kenyang, tido tak tenang and sume tak tenang la.

i just heard from my roomates that somebody got raped at our kolej. yes people, rape! omg dahla kena below my level. im in aras 2 and that case happened at aras1. they said that it happened during the day which is around 8 am to 10 am in the Toilet!. gila ahh pagi2 kott. plus that time memang ramai orang pegi kelas kan? damn it la. sumpah i cant go anywhere alone like i used to.

dahla dengan exam nak dekat. quizez, tests belambak and dengan kes curi laptop lagi. memang tak tenang hidup. oh one more thing. kes curi laptop pulak. in one day, at least there are 20 cases sume pasal curi laptop and printer. the weird thing was, aras 0,2,4 kes curi laptop wherease aras 1 and 3 kes rogol. today ada 4 orang kena rape!

im seriously worry about my own safety now. today, tetiba lepas habis mandi, my room kena ketuk kuat2 and ada orang jerit 'SPOTCHECK'. me and kedah takut gila we didnt open the door pon. when i asked our neighbour, they said that there were no spotcheck at all. omg takot la yang our room kena target or whatsoever.

i really hope that this thing will end. im literally wanted to cry when the first time i heard this news. i guess i have to go home during the study week. pray for my safety ok guys. i love u!

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