Sunday, October 10, 2010


hmmmphhh. hello wonderful people, you guys know about the raping case at my campus? well, they said it was just freaking rumour. kidding me??? im glad ofcoz but still siapalah yang poyo sangat nak buat cerita macam tu. tak ke menyusahkan orang. gaahhh. the whole kolej was panic and terrified by this news and it turned out to be a rumour yang budak2 pre-dip buat so that uitm have to postpone the exam date. laaammeee ==

but still, kena berhati-hati jugakla. coz who knew maybe they just told us that to calm us down so that sume orang tak takot. hahah mann i need ouija board rite now.

sleeepy already. hahah ohh and thanks for everyone yang concern about my safety. i really2 appreciate your concerns. orang hitam or watsoeva sangat pelik. hahaha

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