Sunday, January 30, 2011



kawan-kawan. don't foget this petite monster is waiting for all of you! :D

a year without rain

missing you is one thing. but seeing you after parting for months is another thing.

went out with my hubby yesterday fusshh! what a drama rama start. actually it was nothing but despite of having mini pms after my car gave me a bloody problem i almost cancelled the date. i was supposed to pick him up since he cant use the car that day. soo dah bersiap and all, hopped into the car and start the engine.

yayy yayy tak sabar! start start start! WTFF apa nii!!!!!
yea bebeh. the car won't start. it did at first but then the engine keep making noises and kept dying! daripada mati meletup dalam kereta baik keluar kan? hahaha it was raining and i sat on the floor outside patah harapan.

okk such a drama queen. but theeennn..tetiba rasa macam dalam fairy tale when he told me that he can pick me. yay! happy la duhhh but still i was angry at my car so im kinda not in the mood.

but our date went well.. watched the tourist bebeh! love love loooove johnny depp and angelina jolie. i find that movie kinda romantic hehehe

my boy

we did our usual stuff together and love every moment of it. for some people maybe this post is just something corny and coming from me memang sangat jarang la but if anyone who's been into long distance relationship, they will get the feeling.
and all i wanna say muhammad haziq, one day with you is like everything to me.

love you baby. i can't imagine if we're parted longer than this.

have to make this CNY holiday sangat bermakna.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

i hate my umbrella, ella, ella, eh eh eh

hello wonderful people and woah hello blogspot, i rasa u dah berhabuk dah lama tak update. heheh ok, mimi stop being lifeless

anyways just wanna share what's new about me since the 2nd semester had started.

1.mengisi masa lapang
yes, i got a new mission this sem, wanna be active! active bersukan, active pergi kelas and active tido huhu. i think zaf pon sedang active bersukan and i dun wanna miss that too ;p ingin mendapatkan tubuh badan yang anggun mestilah bersukan ye.

2. classes classes are good, lecturers pon okla but this sem i have a lot of reading subjects and no maths at all! hahah lepas ni rasanya nak kira 1+1 pon kena guna calculator. ohhh and i like marketing and microeconomics. rasa macam businesswoman yang sebenar :D

3. badminton
ohh currently in love with this sport. eventho my only experience is playing in front of the house with my sisters but now dah masuk kelab badminton tuu..hahha promote jap. and i think the coach likes me kot! HAHAH scary okkk..

4. le tour de langkawi
first time ok tengok mamat2 berbasikal live di depan mata..woooshh peluh-peluh. mehehehe

5. ribut taufan
dont be surprise but i just saw mini puting beliung depan my kolej and that time i was on the way back from the toilet. sumpah scary. and rite now arau tengah musim berangin? ;O currently hate my payung! suka terbalik-balik and almost got me blind!

ohhh CNY! CNY! gooshhh can't wait sangat ook! and Nunu, there's a lot of stuff that need to be covered baby! cant wait to see all of you, you, and especially you!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

prosperity burger

hello wonderful people! its been a while since the last post. too lazy. im back to the place called nowhere and i've been miserably sick for the week. gosh! rasa nak mati. hahahha i had a very bad fever and stomach ache. and noooo it's not a period pain ok people. i repeat, it's not a period pain. i almost dibawa ke icu and x-ray. HAHA NOTT! im just kidding. im miss strong ok :D

not been sleeping for 3 days and have to menjalani hari-hari yang bosan zzz
thank god im feeling hell yeah better now. thanks to my wonderful roomates yang bagi me full queen treatment and taking care of me hehhe and to my hubby, even you'r far away but i still can feel your loovee HAHAHAH omg somebody kill me.

can't wait for CNY! tong tong tong cheng! 7 days in a place called somewhere! yippeee..