Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i hate school uniforms

i always hated school kids in their uniform especially if i saw them at the mall or anything. its like "eeee busuk gila!" hahah padahal masa zaman skolah pon sama jugak kan. pegi Ou dengan baju sekolah sume dengan rambut serabai. omg busuk gila :p

anyways attend my faculty dinner last monday and turn out that the theme was Back to School. woosh amat creative juga ye budak-budak arau ni dress up dengan baju-baju sekolah.

cikgu murni. cikgu markonah. mumu

cikgu-cikgu disiplin. aww teringat Mr Siva! :0

not much to tell coz the dinner was kinda boring bohooo! even my pictures pon sikit gila HAHA

if only our school uniform macam ni..taklah busuk sangat kot :p

but the best part was i got the freaking lampu2 which is scary gila! u noe, macam lampu spotlight diarahkan kepada muka gitu ahahah OKAY KASIHAANN ==

neways its raining non-stop here in Perlis and im loving it. but i think its gonna flood again here. adoiii

Saturday, March 19, 2011

no more ice ice baby

at last! i found the sources that contribute to my constant tiredness...

jeng jeng jeng

pms? yes!

hahahahhaha and after spending a day with muhammad haziq i just knew it. ok ok its not a big deal pon but then i realized something, i ate too many ice this week. like pantang jumpa ice je nak makan. i could eat Jack Dawson in Titanic masa dia beku if im hungry :O wait is that considered as canniballism? oh nooooo! so i've decided to berpuasa ice for hmmm a week? hehe

btw went home for the weekend to mengubat kerinduan bersama keluarga and hubby :)

boy, you'r an alien, ur touch so foreign

i swear i love you dear :)

thanks for making my long trip worth every second 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


hello wonderful people. its been a while rite. this blog kena abandon lagi, kasihaan.. but i blamed the internet connection here for being soo *toot toot* blegh

anyways im soo lucky that somehow internet sangat laju sekarang. so if i wanna skype or anything my face wouldnt turn up to look like sayur-ish or ikan bilis hahahha.

lots of stuff happened this week and any other weeks.

- hari sukan DBS. yeah man! i feel like high school student all over again. my jersey, SYAM 17
- enter bowling competition. got second place yaw! yes baby second last to be exact! :p
- hujan yang sangat lebat ye di sini. like nuclear rain! hahha ok sangat over but yeah cuaca sangat sejuk and i loving that red hoodie
- kinda sad that i cant make it to Hanna's sis punya wedding :(
- trimmed my hair
- lost my voice or i think my voice dah bertukar menjadi semakin lelaki :o
- mission tak tercapai-capai
- missing home

yeah thats my life for now. cant upload the pics since im too lazy. yeah way to go mimi malas nak bergerak sana sini

neways. i think im exposed to the radioactive thingy coz i feel soo tired like every single day! need my charger ASAP