Wednesday, March 16, 2011


hello wonderful people. its been a while rite. this blog kena abandon lagi, kasihaan.. but i blamed the internet connection here for being soo *toot toot* blegh

anyways im soo lucky that somehow internet sangat laju sekarang. so if i wanna skype or anything my face wouldnt turn up to look like sayur-ish or ikan bilis hahahha.

lots of stuff happened this week and any other weeks.

- hari sukan DBS. yeah man! i feel like high school student all over again. my jersey, SYAM 17
- enter bowling competition. got second place yaw! yes baby second last to be exact! :p
- hujan yang sangat lebat ye di sini. like nuclear rain! hahha ok sangat over but yeah cuaca sangat sejuk and i loving that red hoodie
- kinda sad that i cant make it to Hanna's sis punya wedding :(
- trimmed my hair
- lost my voice or i think my voice dah bertukar menjadi semakin lelaki :o
- mission tak tercapai-capai
- missing home

yeah thats my life for now. cant upload the pics since im too lazy. yeah way to go mimi malas nak bergerak sana sini

neways. i think im exposed to the radioactive thingy coz i feel soo tired like every single day! need my charger ASAP

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