Monday, February 28, 2011

one of the boys

one of my frens told me about her dad coming to perlis and take her out for a day.
my roomate told me about how her dad reacts when his car kemek kat tempat engine sebab budak2 main lompat-lompat.

and after hearing those stories, i realised that i miss my dad :(

i may be not a daddy's girl but i miss spending my time with my dad.

i miss when he asks me the same question over and over again,
teman-ing him to the supermarket just to buy gardenia bread,
fetching and taking me from sumwhere with his old pajero,
eating baskin robins together while waiting for my sister,
driving him around the neighborhood,
turning the volume of the radio till vol '19' in the car until my mom said the car sounds like kereta keling, minum teh ice while waiting for my mom finish shopping
and i miss
watching malaysian football with him

eventho my dad is usually not the first person to go if i had any problems or whatsoever, but i do love him so much *ok i hope my mom tak baca this post kalau tak mesti jealous*

and lately, im not just missing my dad, but i also miss my guy besties.
you noe who you are and seriously i miss you guys soo much.

i dont have a lots of guy frens but i do have them as my besties. they've been with me thru thick and thin. when im at my best or at my worst. just by saying to their frens about me being their besty can put a big smile on my face :) they are my bros.

really hope that i can meet every one of you guys again in the future. at least before im getting married or one of them kawin la kan! gila berkurun tak jumpa macamtu. hahah :D

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