Friday, February 25, 2011

Girls Day Out!

hello wonderful people! its been a super duper week for me.. had a girls day out
with who? ofcoz with ma girls la, aka hamba-hambas hahahha..ok bukan hamba la. rakan :)

one day,
mimi: teringin nak swimming la
fana: omg joooommmm!!!!
ana: langkawi jom? but bila?
mimi: khamis after kelas! jooommm!!!! jooommm!!!

that was a random idea from us girls. after thursday last class, thank god kelas petang cancelled, packed our bag and went to jeti kuala perlis to take the ferry. hoho..ohh and remember the last post about everything i planned sume tak jadi? yeah because of that, i didnt say A word to anyone about my short getaway to langkawi hahaha bak kata fadzil
, to avoid jinx dah sampai barulah nak promote2 skit. hehe

in the ferry yang busuk. one word. EEEWWWEEE hahaha look at us. macam pelarian indon skit :p
awww look at those budak-budak sekolah == seriously we get that a lot from strangers. from the moment we stepped out from the ferry, ada pakcik tegur, "ohh awak semua ni baru balik sekolah eh?" WTFIISHH? budak skolah mana naik ferry setiap hari pegi skolah? hahaha

but one thing for sure, this lovely asset that prove us that we're a grown woman..

our riiiddeeeee....

fewiiit hahahahha NISSAN SENTRA hahahha i noe, i noe, its just a car but rm80 for a day in this car? priceless! :D

guess what would a group of girls who stuck in the so called jungle wi
thout barat foods would go?

kasihan budak kelaparan hahaha

what happened next? let the pictures do the talking! :D

kedai ikan bakar
mua and ana

mali walk and restoran mumbai

pantai chenang

dataran helang

conclusion: it was an awesome short getaway.