Wednesday, June 23, 2010

as we go on..we remember

hello wonderful people, i almost done packing my stuff to go the end of the world. yehaaaa... arau! nantikan kemunculan budak bandar di sana. im gonna be the trendsetter. famous city girl. blair waldorf. hahhahaha

the truth is..
im not ready for this!!! noooo please please i dont wanna go there! i still wanna enjoy my free as a bird lifestyle. sleep in the morning and wake up in the evening everyday! :(
when i looked at my stuff. my eyes suddenly berair. bila tengok dinding lagi berair. bila tengok katil..berair plus hingus terkeluar skit :'(

went out and visit most of my friends before i leave. dalam kereta. i would say that im soo emotional sampai bila terdengar lagu tarzan terus cam nak nangis senyap2.

when people say "mimi, kau dah nak pegi dah" lagila sedih. gosshhh i wish that i never accept to go to the end of the world.

i went to uitm puncak alam to visit sofia before and we hangout at the cafe. there's one time when i wanted to buy ice cream at the counter, i laughed. you noe me, i laugh like almost all the time and you noe what reactions i get from the puncak alam people? JELINGAN GO DIE LA YOU OKK!!! :( omg how am i going to survive there? pape pon im ready to basuh baju guna berus tangan. abs, biceps and otot i come!!! ayayayayaiiii

anyways i just wanna say. i love my friends and wish me the best for my life at arau. take care ok people!!!

and anddd i've been thinking nak buat twitter account. just to update my life kat sana. should i?

it's fate

hello wonderful people. i chatted with my besty the other day and suddenly we talked about one topic that makes us go..sigh. and that convo made me realised that all the things that happened to us or to anybody in this world are fated..

500 days of summer. this is not a love story, it's a story about love. one of my favs.

what i learned from this movie? i found out that when it comes to the romance department, everything happened for a reason. breakups are hard but without them, you will never ever meet 'the one' or people say your soulmate. it's part of our phase of life. we met someone. shared the lovely feelings. but if that person is not the one for you, he/she will never be.

there's one time i had this feelings where when i looked at couples at the mall i would be angry for no reason. sometimes when i watch tv and there's a romantic movie on the screen i would switch to the other channel or making annoying sounds. well, i think it's normal kott. or maybe im just too hati batu.

but no matter what, i always believe that someday we will meet someone better and someone that deserve our love and accept the way we are. we just have to give ourselves another chance. let the past be the past. we'r still young baby. bring it on.

like my momma said when i told her that im too lazy for boyfriends rite now

" just go with the flow, if you find someone then just give urself a shot. jangan melawan kuasa tuhan"


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

hot lovah!

Alex Pettyfer

ayayayayaiiiii!!! oooohh gosh! im currently drooling over this lad

okk it's sooo not me to drool over blondie guys but this dude caught my eyes. i just watched Beastly movie trailer and bamm! starstruck kejap. hahaha

FIFA 2010- i support GERMANY

gooo hitlerr ;D

ohh and this!

grrr hehe :p

Sunday, June 13, 2010

bittersweet symphony

thanks for the lovely post,

i see dead people

we connected with spirits. unbelievable but butt...its trueee!! played this at sofia's house last, our dreams have finally come true. sofia and i always wanted to play this game and at last dapat jugak cari gang nak main. well, fadzil made the homemade ouija board and everybody was kinda freaked out at first. dahla siap bunyi kucing mengamuk and precautions yang panjang lebar sume. youtube sumpah nak menakutkan orang. in that video ada orang kena rasuk and mata jadi juling.

so yeah, we played this game at 4am in the morning and i we managed to connect with 3 spirits. EZO something2 (ohh they suck at spelling) BYZE and ZAZA (hantu lesbo)

the spirits 'like' fadzil. fadzil cam bomoh ohh

it was creepy coz the spirits kinda knew about our past and future. well, i didn't really believe in them sebab cam syirik kott but anyways in the future i've been told that i'll get my BMW and im gonna be a housewife. and there also some shocking secrets revealed. hmmm

overall, it was an awesome experience. my mom and my granny used to play that game too. want to try it out kat arau pulak la. ZAZA predicted that arau best but im not gonna meet anyone special there.

not gonna let that happend. hahah

ps. i miss shiqin and syira. i really hope that i can meet them before heading to arau.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

bimbo moments

last thursday hmmm... what can i say, its bimbo day. blegh, i never ever felt sangat bimbo in one day. not to mention zaf had her bimbo moments too. hoho

went out for my serial dating mission. this time, ajak zaf sekali since zaf ponteng uia balik umah awal. hehhe and she wanted to balas budi for teman-ing her dating ngan aaron ali dulu so this time is my turn la pulak. my date was fazrin. i knew him since form 2 lagi but we never met each other before. so kira ni first time jumpa after berape tahun dah and dalam fb muka dia macam scary but turned out muka dia cam rahman kamin but tough punya version.

soo drove to ou with zaf. dahla tersalah turning masuk kat tempat basement banyak lorry and we were panicked coz it was so dark and macam tempat pembunuhan sume. siap bukak lampu kereta sambil jerit2 ketakutan. that's when i realised that i wore my shades. in the basement. == no wonder it was so dark down there.

and yang paling epic skali masa tragedy anak tudung zaf. ;D

me. fazrin. syawan. zaf

movie buddy

hello people. gossh now i can say im literally alone at this moment. sume dah masuk uni. my days to uitm are numbered. aiks cam lebih kurang lagi 3 minggu kotts. == im sooo in the mood to buys lotsa lotsa shoes. nak shopping sakan and update citer2 ngn kawan2 sebelom pegi sana.and i need to buy new phone. since my previous lovely phone yang hilang tu dah takde, nafsu terhadap phone dah hilang dah. hehe

ohh spent my weeks watching movies with my new movie buddy Haziq