Monday, February 28, 2011

one of the boys

one of my frens told me about her dad coming to perlis and take her out for a day.
my roomate told me about how her dad reacts when his car kemek kat tempat engine sebab budak2 main lompat-lompat.

and after hearing those stories, i realised that i miss my dad :(

i may be not a daddy's girl but i miss spending my time with my dad.

i miss when he asks me the same question over and over again,
teman-ing him to the supermarket just to buy gardenia bread,
fetching and taking me from sumwhere with his old pajero,
eating baskin robins together while waiting for my sister,
driving him around the neighborhood,
turning the volume of the radio till vol '19' in the car until my mom said the car sounds like kereta keling, minum teh ice while waiting for my mom finish shopping
and i miss
watching malaysian football with him

eventho my dad is usually not the first person to go if i had any problems or whatsoever, but i do love him so much *ok i hope my mom tak baca this post kalau tak mesti jealous*

and lately, im not just missing my dad, but i also miss my guy besties.
you noe who you are and seriously i miss you guys soo much.

i dont have a lots of guy frens but i do have them as my besties. they've been with me thru thick and thin. when im at my best or at my worst. just by saying to their frens about me being their besty can put a big smile on my face :) they are my bros.

really hope that i can meet every one of you guys again in the future. at least before im getting married or one of them kawin la kan! gila berkurun tak jumpa macamtu. hahah :D

Friday, February 25, 2011

Girls Day Out!

hello wonderful people! its been a super duper week for me.. had a girls day out
with who? ofcoz with ma girls la, aka hamba-hambas hahahha..ok bukan hamba la. rakan :)

one day,
mimi: teringin nak swimming la
fana: omg joooommmm!!!!
ana: langkawi jom? but bila?
mimi: khamis after kelas! jooommm!!!! jooommm!!!

that was a random idea from us girls. after thursday last class, thank god kelas petang cancelled, packed our bag and went to jeti kuala perlis to take the ferry. hoho..ohh and remember the last post about everything i planned sume tak jadi? yeah because of that, i didnt say A word to anyone about my short getaway to langkawi hahaha bak kata fadzil
, to avoid jinx dah sampai barulah nak promote2 skit. hehe

in the ferry yang busuk. one word. EEEWWWEEE hahaha look at us. macam pelarian indon skit :p
awww look at those budak-budak sekolah == seriously we get that a lot from strangers. from the moment we stepped out from the ferry, ada pakcik tegur, "ohh awak semua ni baru balik sekolah eh?" WTFIISHH? budak skolah mana naik ferry setiap hari pegi skolah? hahaha

but one thing for sure, this lovely asset that prove us that we're a grown woman..

our riiiddeeeee....

fewiiit hahahahha NISSAN SENTRA hahahha i noe, i noe, its just a car but rm80 for a day in this car? priceless! :D

guess what would a group of girls who stuck in the so called jungle wi
thout barat foods would go?

kasihan budak kelaparan hahaha

what happened next? let the pictures do the talking! :D

kedai ikan bakar
mua and ana

mali walk and restoran mumbai

pantai chenang

dataran helang

conclusion: it was an awesome short getaway.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hello not so wonderful world, hahah soory peeps had a very bad week. its not that awful actually but i've been so moody lately. First of all, i love my room. That is the only one place that i can mencapai ketenangan and privacy. Doing my notty stuff and everything lah. Hahah ok i bet sume cam apa mimi buat notty stuff tu? hahhaha ish forget about that.

Back to my situation, this week my room dah tambah lagi 2 orang illegal roomates. Mula-mula 3 orang dalam bilik and now dah tambah 2, so jadi 5 la kan? 5 girls crammed into one small room memang tenang la bilik tu.

if they were the type of people that i like, i can accept it la but the thing is, diorang buat bilik orang macam bilik sendiri. gosh! now its already a week dah dorang menumpang. luckily my bed is on top so tak boleh la dorang baring2. kalau tak..haihhhh

okk enuff about that, i dunno why but most of the time, people seems to underestimate me in most of the things that i do. geram ok! like wtfishh laa ingat kau sorang je ke yang boleh buat macamtu?

and everytime i plan something, mesti tak jadi. seriously yang tak akan menjadi. this is sooo frustrating! plan plan= tak jadi tak jadi

pedih otak jap ==
lepas ni nak bertafakur sorang-sorang sambil minum coke.
ohh coke kat cafe pon dah abis. TERBAIK LAH!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back to a place called Nowhere
Bohoo hooo :(
it's summer time now in Arau
bathe 3 times a day

Sunday, February 6, 2011


awww the last few days before heading back to a place called nowhere was very memorable! went to a gig with hubby at Laundry the curve, bergila at idaman and had mini reunion with Nunu, Zaf, Alia, Hanna, Syamir and Fadzil at the Seoul Garden, OU
hahah first time makan at Seoul Garden and woahhh daging-daging mentah itu amat scary ye. i imagined usus, perut and otak yang mentah with darah-darah merah at those trays! HAHAH thank god everyone enjoyed the foods kan? we ate like there-are-no-foods-tomorrow-so-eat-this-ASAP. sumpah never ever felt sooo full! steamboat is the best la!
Hanna. Alia. Fadzil

Mua. Nunu. Zaf. Syamir

aww..sume muka ayu je but wait! this is before the civilisation ends

look what happened to some of us after that


meheheh ok enough with the barbanic faces. here's some eye candies to wash your polluted eyes heheh
sweety pies :)
goreng-goreng,rebus-rebus, steam-steam? haha
dessert! wipeee ice ice cream bebeh. ada hati nak makan jugak eventho perut dah penuh

hmmm lovely... fadzil macam taukeh :p

now this is lovely.. :)
this mini reunion would be complete if Shiqin and Syira were there too

till then, meet all of you guys in another 3 months yo!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

bonnie and clyde

all we wanna do is eat pizza for lunch but it takes forever to reach there

gosshh what a day! seriously, today is the most erk what is the proper word to use, hmmm bangang yes! bangang day ever. well, taklah bangang sangat but sangat-sangat adventure la

went out with syamir for lunch. decided to pick him up and since dah lama tak jumpa and all, apa salahnya had lunch together. so went to his house and being typical syamir, baru nak mandi eventho i was 30 mins late as usual.

for those yang pernah naik my car, my left side window memang susah nak naik bila dah turun. i forgot about that, so turunkan the tingkap when syamir's dad was talking to me. then push the button...yes yes dah boleh naik. LEGA! and then his dad datang balik. i really-really dont want to turunkan the tingkap but for the sake of being polite, turunkan jugak. and this time it wont naik! urgghh.

ok, fast forward, syamir was in the car. i asked him to help
me the window but then he pushed the wrong button and the window turuuuuun lagi sampai me, myself boleh keluar dari tingkap tu == then ok

bangang part no 1
syamir was traumatized by my driving skill especially when i take a U turn from BU to curve. i assume u guys noe which U turn im talking about so he told me that there is another road that we can take and its a shortcut. that road is the road from smk bu4 and straight tembus curve. no U turn and all. i was soo sure that the road dah berabad tak boleh guna tapi degil, nak jugak lalu sana. we took 4 U turns to ellakkan the usual road.

syamir: ehh bukan ada jalan tembus curve ke
mimi: klau jalan tu tutup siap kau
syamir: ala try jela, takde U turn bahaya tu kott

*drive drive*
mimi: weh bukakla

excited gila siap speed sume

mimi: apa niiii!!! ada palang kottt

looooseeer then i have to reverse my car all way back to jalan yang sebenar. sumpah malu gilaa! nasib baik takde kereta. both of us dah cover2 muka pakai shades sume dah

bangang part no 2
try to park my car. sampai tesco and found a parking spot. u noe im bad at parking so this pakcik helped us to position my car and all. dah siap park elok2 dia tunggu je. both of us pon tunggu jelah. plus the window is too wide so i cant just leave my car there rite. then pakcik tu marah. he thought that we wanted to go out HAHA KESIAN PAKCIK TU

bangang part no 3
back to the window. we tried all our best. name it tarik, pull, push tampar everything and it wont naik. both of us dah pasrah dah and we were sooo hungry for pizza. orang kat luar sume pandang macam we wanted to rob the car or something. felt like bonnie and clyde pulak heheh..

the face of JOY! yipeee

tired and sweaty, syamir decided to do the man thing and bought the lubricant. HAHAH

sounds wrong but its for the car ok..

DIRECTION: shake well before use. nampak sangat tak baca arahan :p

and still, tak mau naik

bangang part no 4
decided to park my car at curve pulak. since lagi selamat la kan. found a parking spot and parked there. still tak safe so you guys noe what we did?



tak sanggup menahan malu, moved my car to other parking spot and guess what. I BANG A CAR! WIRA YANG DAH LAMA KEMEK HAHAHAH
wooohhhh debar2
managed to runaway from the guards.

lastly, we gave up. there's too many things to handle so we decided to park the car btol2 depan pak guard at the pickup lane. after long chat siap ada translator lagi. that p
ak guard helped us jaga my car.

and at last! pizzaa!!

gosshhh pizza hut never tasted so good

and guess what. masa balik, my dad berjaya naikkan that window with only one click