Sunday, January 31, 2010


happy thaipusam people!!! selamat mendaki batu caves..ohh i wonder what's my third husband do? teka teka sape my third husband??

tip tap teko tip tap teko

danesh rao la!! hahahah kuku panjang. aww teringat dia tetiba. tapi tak rindu hoho

ohh went to ou just now. again, rasa malu untuk berhadapan dengan masyarakat soooooo i decided to wear something flashy2 lagi bergaya la. u noe nak draw people's attention to my baju instead of my face anddd surprisingly, agak berkesan. naghaaha..
masa nak makan takde sudu and garpu. everybody tak dapat but when i twirled around..covering my face of course. tetiba garpu and sudu di dalam genggaman beta!! shakalaka baby!! aww teringan zaman2 flasher.

kinda suck la takde confident diri ni. my face was not that bad la compared to masa zaman form 3 ke 4 yang ada jerawat gila banyak kat dahi sampai boleh buat sambungan titik2 which is agak..errrkk banyak and nunu said that i got all that stuff bcoz ada lipas kencing :0 but for some reasons, when i went into the pharmacy, the salespersons were like offering lots of beauty products and sewaktu dengannya. i guess it must be because of my flashy dress kott hoho but still, kinda sucky. i almost cried..hoho

at home suddenly i recall one familiar song. so cepat2 type marc anthony kat youtube. lagu marc anthony wooo..

classic bebeh.. i cant believe that all this while i thought that marc anthony was blind!! ohh molly.. XD

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i live in the pineapple

who lives in the pineapple under the sea?
spongebob squarepants..

wahhh i wanna cryyy hahah naahhh not going to cry la but currently in in my 'buruk face' mood. u noe, when ur face is kinda buruk and u feel very very ugley? ok ok sabar its just ur face woman. hahah

recently i went facial with my mom. honestly, that was the first time i had facial treatment in my life..hehe so i was kinda excited la. i didnt care much about all the facial stuff but since my mother said that this was kinda my birthday present..err which birthday? hoho so she was being generous and wanted me to pampered myself and i really do need them since i got a serious breakout. sadddd

so..went to that spa and the woman was kinda super friendly. she even had this lady gaga innocent eye that wants you to stare at them suspiciously and eventually tempted to poke them with your fingers, neways.. she told me that i have a verrryy dehydrated skin. DULL. and for my age, my skin is categorised as an AGEGING SKIN wtfffff?????? ohh wonder i looked like a semi zombie in most of my pic. i have yellow skin like the simpsons. its not norrrrmmaaaallll...
she offered me a package where she said that it can impove my skin cell.moisturised..bla much of being panaroid already but i still gave them a try. first time pegi facial mestilah excited..

after my face had been cleansed and erm steamed? haha stim. steamboat. ehh lama tak makan steamboat.yeahh then i had this firasat. kinda like a bad omen..ommmmmmmm she will do something on my face.. nooooooooo

i should have known about the torturous part of facial treatment. the extraction timmeee
weeeeeee...lovely..i was literally crying and laughing at the same time. gossshhh my face was swollen and burned from this evil treatment..i thought after the coolimg mask and all i will look like and angel or something :(, please heal faster that ever..i will sleep early and drink gallons of water everyday..i wanna go out with a beautiful skin macam dalam iklan tu..

there you have it. my first facial disaster. the next day i have to face the world. dalam banyak2 masa yang terbuang..the next day after the treatment jugakla my driving instructor called and wanted to start driving lessons and all.. i wish i could wear a mask or something but for now im going to wear a cap. ahaha feel like a celebrity yang dikejar paparazzi...

Friday, January 22, 2010

hello i have no name, im invisible

hello wonderful humans.. hahahah yay! im here, still breathing and blogging try to get out from my lifeless life. lifeless life? hoho yeah. my life is kinda lifeless now. not to mention everyone i noe is working. if they are not working maybe they had something to do that i assume it as work jugak la since you have to use your muscles and energy. for me, i just stayed at home, wondering, eat, sleep, jog, or maybe try to do something bad..haha ( yeah rite mimi, ckp je lebih)

i felt like im shia labeouf in disturbia. getting insane day by day. haihhh so much of my extravaganza plans after spm. none of them yang telah dicapai.

my so-called-plans

1. work. part time job or part time penyanyi kelab malam ( OUUUTTTT. sad :((((( )
2. sew dresses or make new outfit ( hehhe hmm...i cant find the thread)
3. try to become more hotter everyday

( which is noooottt. i dunno how but ur supposed to look even prettier or radiace when u just sit at home or maybe gain some happy/boring weight but as for mua, i think im getting uglier everday. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee)

mirror mirror on the wall, who is the ugly person of them all...
tengok kiri kanan depan belakang..


4. out until i reach 3 or 4 inch taller..
(can it work? please please i hope i can still grow)

jangan grow benda lain sudahh. hohoho

5. travelling? anywhere but BU12/3 <---- my castle or should i call it my GRAVEYARDD

6. drive..(belom boleh lagi. i dun have auto car to drive. cis)

7. lepaks..

8. jadi gila (almost but not loving it)

sigh theres a lot of things that i wanna do but i just cant think of them anymore. my brain cell is dead.

RIP brain cell
HELLO cell kulit mati


lalalalala did u noe beyonce sebenarnya pemuja setan?? =OOOO

ps.. savvveeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Wednesday, January 13, 2010


its been a while i went on hiatus.
wanna separate myself from the world, the people and all
so i decided to put my phone away, not away la but merata2
and try to not look at it.bila phone di atas, saya di bawah. bila ke dapur, phone di bilik

suddenly i got a phone call from my aunt,
"mimi tinggal phone kat handbag aunty eh?"
ohh hahah i didnt realised it at all..
no wonder dah 2 hari tak dengar bunyi..
BUMMER i doubt nobody wants to call me ponnn

bleghh no communication for how many days.sampai my aunty datang umah balik. so if u guys ada kol or sms mms ke apa for these past few days, if im not mistaken masa ari ahad kot my aunt datang umah. sorry morry tak angkat balas sume. if ada la..haha tetiba rasa sngt unwanted

ps: klau sesape nak berkomunikasi fb jela but fb depends on mood hahah sesuka hati je. orrr call my hse phone. but my hse phone dah takde line so tak leh nak kol balik.orrr kol la my sis ke ayah ibu.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


greetings lovely people, its been a while since i've updated this blog. sah pemalas but asyik duduk rumah je. huhu.. hmmm.. what did i do these past few days ahh..

went to mercy with zaf and had this sugar free secret recipe cake yang sangat tawar. duhh of course la tawar but seriously, i didnt expect that cake to be that ermm dead. i ate them with no expression and tiba2 terus jadi tak berperasaan. okk dont have to tell people about that ponn. Xp oh and the fish spa was hilarious! i kicked the fishes banyak kali. i hope non of them yang terkorban.

hm...lagi... my lesen L. weee lembu lembu lembu..

did i tell you that the guy who's supposed to take my cap cari swore at me. dammnn him. its because that he cant read my thumprints.

Mimi: (letak cap jari kat machine pelik)
MANWHORE: FUCK FUCKK FUUCCKKK (moved my finger banyak kali. nak rogol ke apa??)
Mimi: (wtff???)
MANWHORE: awak pakai lotion ke apa? FUCK
Mimi: mana ada pakai lotion. (gila ke apa laki ni F sana sini)
MANWHORE: lebih baik awak balik. tukar kad lain. jari awak tak boleh baca.

duhh..mana ada jari boleh baca
yeahh..luckily i passed the test.weeeee nasib baik klau tak kena jumpa that dude again.

went for a date with my hubby.. XD gembira gembira. but paranormal activities is sangat boriinggg!!! we were like makan popcorn, concentrate, focus di manakah hantu itu akn muncul..
and then booo!
after that movie we jerit2 "kita tertipuuuuu"

hmm.. but i think there's something wrong with that movie la. i mean takkan la citer tu turned out to be like that pulak. gotta watch it again.huhu

ohh..and im really really sorry naj that i cant make it to your party.. but again, happy early birthday and i hope you had a blast!!!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Kris alien and adam gaybert

featured artist for this month is kris allen and adam lambert aite?
hmm.. they remind me of something..


i hate this part

urghhh i hate this feeling. what feeling? nyeh nyeh im not going to tell you people. hahah. yeahh im alone rite now. my family went ou to buy alatan pembelajaran? hahahah poor little sisters. i dun have to go to school anymore. dun worry sisters after i got my driving license i will bawak u guys ponteng skolahh..opps no bawak korang g tution. dun ever think about it.

neway i mmng planned to stay at home coz, i dun have mood to see anybody rite now. not until i settle some things that stuck in my head. gaaahhh. im like a monsterrr!

"dear, i feel we're facing a problem" -lovefool

hahah gosshh been listening to glamorous indie rock and roll for gazillion times a day.termenung and all..oh ohh not to mention im completely blind! hahahha. i left my specky at nunu's hse. and i dont want to wear my harry potter's spec. yuck. jijik. it reminds me the time i looked like budak hingus yang tak pernah tengok cermin. neway since i dunno what to do at home im planning to sneak out and go to centrepoint makan mcd. just to clear up my mind. bak kata nunu

"mimi semakin lama semakin sewel"

ohoho..maybe iam crazy.. sorry people, u guys have to take care of this crazy girl.
and cakap pasal girl.. i think im turning into a dude la hahahah.not having moustache or toottt but i noticed that my voice turned garau at night. no kidding. spooky aite? theres a dude inside me helpppp!!!
if im a dude, would u still love me sayang? hahahaha
my name would be syam.
muhammad syamsul?? eeewww tak glamourrr..
if im a dude i would like my name to be start with K or R
yess dah tau nak bagi nama kat anak-anak dah..
what if im turning into la rouks? lagi creepyy.
damnn..i feel like im syakirah pulak tulis merepek2 kat blog.
sorry sis. hahahahhah
i think i still got time to sneak out. hope they wont find out.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Adios 2009 and hello 2010!!
seriously im not ready for 2010 coz everything happened so fast..
2010 started like..what should i say lots of drama o rama? new year celebration macam hari kiamat skit
hahah gossip girl ohh but yeah i do miss 2009

a lot of things had happened to me. despite of having good friends around me, experienced crazy stuff, fell in love and lots of ups and down with everyone i do really enjoy all the moments. plus last year punya misi, boleh dikatakan accomplished jugak la.
now dah tak payah nak pergi sekolah dah which is hooray, this year is going to be hell lots of something new.

huhu mimi, why so serious??? Xp
naahhhh..i will always be the same..depends on the situation

Friday, January 1, 2010


i dunno how to say this but im really glad to have a wonderful friends like all of you guys.
and to these people,

sitinor ashiqin. aizat nizar. nurul sofia. ahmad syamir akif. fadzil safuan. harith hisyam and yap wai meng.

thanks for being there with me. i really appreciate it so much