Saturday, January 2, 2010


Adios 2009 and hello 2010!!
seriously im not ready for 2010 coz everything happened so fast..
2010 started like..what should i say lots of drama o rama? new year celebration macam hari kiamat skit
hahah gossip girl ohh but yeah i do miss 2009

a lot of things had happened to me. despite of having good friends around me, experienced crazy stuff, fell in love and lots of ups and down with everyone i do really enjoy all the moments. plus last year punya misi, boleh dikatakan accomplished jugak la.
now dah tak payah nak pergi sekolah dah which is hooray, this year is going to be hell lots of something new.

huhu mimi, why so serious??? Xp
naahhhh..i will always be the same..depends on the situation

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