Wednesday, January 27, 2010

i live in the pineapple

who lives in the pineapple under the sea?
spongebob squarepants..

wahhh i wanna cryyy hahah naahhh not going to cry la but currently in in my 'buruk face' mood. u noe, when ur face is kinda buruk and u feel very very ugley? ok ok sabar its just ur face woman. hahah

recently i went facial with my mom. honestly, that was the first time i had facial treatment in my life..hehe so i was kinda excited la. i didnt care much about all the facial stuff but since my mother said that this was kinda my birthday present..err which birthday? hoho so she was being generous and wanted me to pampered myself and i really do need them since i got a serious breakout. sadddd

so..went to that spa and the woman was kinda super friendly. she even had this lady gaga innocent eye that wants you to stare at them suspiciously and eventually tempted to poke them with your fingers, neways.. she told me that i have a verrryy dehydrated skin. DULL. and for my age, my skin is categorised as an AGEGING SKIN wtfffff?????? ohh wonder i looked like a semi zombie in most of my pic. i have yellow skin like the simpsons. its not norrrrmmaaaallll...
she offered me a package where she said that it can impove my skin cell.moisturised..bla much of being panaroid already but i still gave them a try. first time pegi facial mestilah excited..

after my face had been cleansed and erm steamed? haha stim. steamboat. ehh lama tak makan steamboat.yeahh then i had this firasat. kinda like a bad omen..ommmmmmmm she will do something on my face.. nooooooooo

i should have known about the torturous part of facial treatment. the extraction timmeee
weeeeeee...lovely..i was literally crying and laughing at the same time. gossshhh my face was swollen and burned from this evil treatment..i thought after the coolimg mask and all i will look like and angel or something :(, please heal faster that ever..i will sleep early and drink gallons of water everyday..i wanna go out with a beautiful skin macam dalam iklan tu..

there you have it. my first facial disaster. the next day i have to face the world. dalam banyak2 masa yang terbuang..the next day after the treatment jugakla my driving instructor called and wanted to start driving lessons and all.. i wish i could wear a mask or something but for now im going to wear a cap. ahaha feel like a celebrity yang dikejar paparazzi...

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