Sunday, January 10, 2010


greetings lovely people, its been a while since i've updated this blog. sah pemalas but asyik duduk rumah je. huhu.. hmmm.. what did i do these past few days ahh..

went to mercy with zaf and had this sugar free secret recipe cake yang sangat tawar. duhh of course la tawar but seriously, i didnt expect that cake to be that ermm dead. i ate them with no expression and tiba2 terus jadi tak berperasaan. okk dont have to tell people about that ponn. Xp oh and the fish spa was hilarious! i kicked the fishes banyak kali. i hope non of them yang terkorban.

hm...lagi... my lesen L. weee lembu lembu lembu..

did i tell you that the guy who's supposed to take my cap cari swore at me. dammnn him. its because that he cant read my thumprints.

Mimi: (letak cap jari kat machine pelik)
MANWHORE: FUCK FUCKK FUUCCKKK (moved my finger banyak kali. nak rogol ke apa??)
Mimi: (wtff???)
MANWHORE: awak pakai lotion ke apa? FUCK
Mimi: mana ada pakai lotion. (gila ke apa laki ni F sana sini)
MANWHORE: lebih baik awak balik. tukar kad lain. jari awak tak boleh baca.

duhh..mana ada jari boleh baca
yeahh..luckily i passed the test.weeeee nasib baik klau tak kena jumpa that dude again.

went for a date with my hubby.. XD gembira gembira. but paranormal activities is sangat boriinggg!!! we were like makan popcorn, concentrate, focus di manakah hantu itu akn muncul..
and then booo!
after that movie we jerit2 "kita tertipuuuuu"

hmm.. but i think there's something wrong with that movie la. i mean takkan la citer tu turned out to be like that pulak. gotta watch it again.huhu

ohh..and im really really sorry naj that i cant make it to your party.. but again, happy early birthday and i hope you had a blast!!!

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