Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I can tell that I'm not good with words and my blog is kinda boring. Yeah I know *ouch. So here I go..

Just a lil bit of images from the holidays recap :)

Outing with sisters

Keeping up with the err..Ibrahim? hehe

A day with Uitm mates

Genting!! *screeeaams

Super Bass

We're screeeewwwed



Disco skating aha aha

Holidays Recap

Hello wonderful people. As you know, my blog has been dead for i dunno how many months. I'm not lazy but the internet connection here! haha ok ok. Mostly sebab malas la but if internet slow macam siput mana ada motivation. Hmm.. a lot of stuff had happened to me lately. Fun stuff and also stress gila stuff. Lots of bipolar mood swings but its ok, that's how I roll. Yeah man! Do the wiggle man!

So, Imma just gonna do a recap yaw!

October *bloody october!
-Went to Malacca to visit my hubby during the 12 days gap of study week. I know right!!!! Lama gila study break to the last paper so apa lagi, menjalankan misi yang terpendam la . Hohooo anyways, drove to Malacca by myself and the feeling was E.P.I.C.! satisfaction baby! The trip was worth it :) oh ohh and I went to the Funfair!

- Semester break starts
-Outing with Uitm mates at Sunway
- Feeling emo for the rest of the month coz all my plans Failed


- Exam results are out, depressed! :(
- Raya
- Dating with hubby :)
-Murni with Syamir, Fadzil, Nunu and Siqin. Miss them much!
-Chic pop with Syira and tried out Mukah with Syamir too
- Random trip to Genting with hubby
-Another trip to Genting with hubby and Syakirah
-Sisters day out
-Steamboat gathering at Seoul Garden with DJ peeps. Nunu, Alia, Hanna, Zaf and Fadzil was there
- Laser tag with hubby,Nunu and Fadzil
- 1 year anniversary dinner with ma love :)))
-Disco skating with hubby and sisters

yeaapp, I think that's pretty much it! Loving the holidays so much!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Study Leave!

Who says that you can't have fun when there's only two huh?
Lemme tell you darling, when you're with me, you're gonna have fun! :D

wehoooo..on the first day of study week, went to Penang with my perempuan pelik, Fana. Another random short getaway I guess. I've always wanted to release the tension before weeks of hardcore study. Well, all work and no play makes Mimi a dull girl rite? heheh

so yeah, just the two of us, rock and rolling!

Stayed at Tune Hotel. Ohh lemme tell you a secret, the receptionist is yummayh. Fana jadi gila jap hehe

Seriously, we had a day full of adventures and I have no idea why, but we're like Ying and Yang. Throughout our journey, I had a very very bad luck like almost everything! It's like I've been cursed or something. ok, I'll list down all my bad lucks.

1. Slipper rosak terkeluar tapak.
2. Stained my favorite and the only jeans that i brought that time.
3. Cut my finger.
4. Spilled coke in my bag. Sumpah bag banjir terus.
5. Kena saman RM10 for the parking ticket.
6. Have to wake up early and pay extra RM15 for the room because Jason (that yummy receptionist didnt put it in the bill for late checkout)
7. Dropped my left contact lens.
8. Engine kereta mati at 3am. Thanks to me :p

see, no kidding yo

thanks to this mamat mamat, we survived! Sempat naik one of the guys motor ok. hehehe I'm very proud of both of us cause we're so cool! hehe ok perasan jap but those guys macam impressed with us jugaklah :)

Ohh, and happy birthday Fana. It's her birthday and again, I'm not the first person to wish her eventho I spent the whole day with her. I know you love spending time with me rite dahliing? ;D

and this is how I look after spending more than 48 hours with her


Crashed the Hard Rock Hotel for a swim on the next day hehehe Soo Thelma and Louise. ;D. Overall, it was a really nice and spontaneous short getaway.

I'm ready for Finals now. Bring it on!

Friday, September 9, 2011

You're my missing puzzle piece

A year of knowing you, and still falling in love with you again and again
Happy Anniversary baby :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello, isit me you're looking for?

Back to Arau land. One thing i hate the most is the feeling of missing you terribly. One more month to go. :)

last minute makan makan

coke dalam botol kaca! :')

Thanks everyone for coming :) ohh ohh this maybe sound kinda weird but my family ada buat review about each of you guys. haha don't worry semua baik-baik :D

Raya 2011

Selamat Hari Raya everyone!! Maaf zahir dan batin! this Raya wasn't that bad after all. A week before holidays, I was so eager to go back home. Like a lil bit too excited that I literally jump around the house when i got back home. But then, suddenly I don't feel that anymore. Oh well, screw that. I'm not gonna talk about my emotional crisis, focus on raya here please.

So yeah, went back to Negeri Sembilan on the 3rd day of raya and it was awesoomme!!!
Played mercun with my favorite cousins dengan main gusti with the toddlers bagai. Aww really had so much fun! Brings back all the childhood memories everytime my family and I balik kampung :') and guess what, I'm not that bad with toddlers ok! I can handle them, in my own ways of course. hehe

ohh and thanks everyone for coming to my house and merealisasikan my plan nak berkonvoi beraya. Oklah, walaupun 2 buah rumah je and also thank you to Zaf jugak for letting us crash to your house. Yelah, time raya la kita nak berjumpa. Lepas ni everyone will be busy with their degree and stuff ntah bila nak kumpul ramai-ramai lagi.

again, selamat hari raya aidilfitri maaf zahir dan batin. :) I think i gained weight dah. I can feel my thighs wobbling macam beyonce nak meletup.

Monday, August 15, 2011

wish #1 and #2

ribena 2 hari lepas,keropok tamtam,wafer chocolate,maggie basi, air twister apple, vanilla coke, bedak sejuk, nescafe and tepung = Yummayhhh

Seriously wasnt expecting any pranks for my birthday coz firstly, bulan puasa and most of the time my frens looks like mayat hidup. hahah so wajibla mesti dorang malas kan nak buat2 benda ni. Second was i wasn't mengharapkan anything poonn. hahah paling berserah je.

but then, it turned out that last night was the most epic birthday moment i've ever had. I sprint as far as i could to run away from them with my handbag siap kena kejar dengan Zikri who was cyling that time. (thank god i wear my seluar pj je. the nice one ofcoz), throw pepsi ala2 pepperspray to him and managed to run away and get back to my room safely. if i joined 100m running i wolud have won dah.

haha oh well, that doesnt last long. Eventho i managed to get back to my room, they attack jugak. tak serik2. My frens actually drag me out of my room by my legs! Sumpah kuat gila. Sama ada they'r very strong or im so ringan hoho. but gila la macam orang nak kena culik. All the neighbours were like muka bitchy gila and i was screaming like pondan. and woooshh disimbah juga at last by their secret ingredient.

it was lovely. and i smelled like vomits! Ahhhhh...seriously air tu jejek gila. macam sosej yang ketul-ketul. yucks! Bukan itu sahaja, my towel was stolen when i was bathing. nice one. but i balas balik baling air sabun. haih. tak larat nak lari naked :p

had a really nice birthday eventhough kena simbah bagai and i have to shampoo my hair 3 times to get those sotong out of my hair. I feel so appreciated and loved by everyone. Eventho that i always complaining about not being cared and appreciated, you guys really proved me wrong last night. Thank you everyone for everything.

and to Farhana Atiqah, don't worry dear, you are next! hahaha

Sunday, August 14, 2011

wish #9

Hello wonderful peeps. I did it! I fly back home ALONE! In the middle of ramadhan just to fulfill one of my mission. For those who didn't know anything or just reading my blog, I have a mission to myself that I would some back home during the weekend of my birthday. Bukan dapat sambut birthday kat rumah pon but the feeling is ahhh.. satisfactiooonnn..

Most of my friends didn't know about my plan. Well, dorang ingatkan my plan ni main-main but then jadi jugak. haha. A week before i went home, it was super busy week for me. Like tahap gaban. Assignments bertimbun-timbun and deadlines dekat-dekat, moc meeting lah, mandarin and sume bagai lah. Thank god i finished most of them on time. Seriously rasa macam super woman coz for the first time, everything is according to plan.

for short, i'm very proud of myself. All this while, i always have a list of plans but i never accomplish them. Mostly bcoz im not that daring enough and sometimes I think too much of what other people think about me. For once, I wanted something to be all about me. It's ok to do something nice for yourself and not thinking about others once in a while. And sometimes you do need to stop caring about others for a moment and see if they cared for you like you did or not. This is like yoga dalaman jugakla. And so far, I know who really cares and who's not. wooo..

Overall, my trip was worth it. I had a very lovely weekend with my wonderful homies and family :D

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

birthday wishlist

yuhuuu. Presenting my birthday wishlist! hahaha okay okay macam perasan pulak ada orang nak merealisasikan impian kan but hey, i wanna make myself special too kan? hahah

since im gonna be 19 this coming August, i wanna do something special for myself. Actually satu misi je yang penting, that is going back home during the weekend of my birthday :) just doing that for myself. It's kinda like self-satisfactioonn aha aha.

so, since im gonna be in my twenties next year, kena lah ada wishlist! plus i never made a birthday wishlist before so here i go

1. run away from my Uitm frens. haha gila evil but they have a massive evil plan to prank me on that day since oh well i pranked them teruk teruk sangat. damn now im scared.

2. somebody, anybody, friends, family or hubby come to Arau and give me a surprise.

3. blackberry or new lappie (haha paling demanding) that's kinda unnecessary actually.

4. bouquet of flowers

5. a pair of heels and sexy lingerie. mehehe

6. the beach

7. coke dalam botol kaca.

9. fly back home alone

10. birthday card and gifts. (cliche but that is gonna make me happy)

ok i think my wishlist is kinda weird and pretty much impossible but biarlah. I have a dream ya know. :D

home spa

hello everybody. mid sem break is over and back to Arau now. Had a very relaxing and quality time with my family during the break. Although tak dapat hangout dengan everyone sangat but it was oklah. didnt go out that much though but now i got my muse back. Back to action baby!

can't wait for Ramadhan :) i have a mission for myself!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


yuhuuu everybody!!! ITS THE MID TERM BREAK YO!!! oohhhh i'll cherish every single days of my holiday. I don't care. I just wanna give myself a break from everything that has to do with UiTM.

Twitter, oh twitter. I realised that my timeline is full of anger and sadness. Thanks for being my tempat luahan perasan. HAHA. well, its true though. Few weeks before the holidays were really bad and stressful for me. Its like Bulan jiwa kusut. ada je yang tak kena. haha

but its ok! Dah holiday wipeeee!!! Im gonna purify myself from the negative vibe during this heavenly days.

take care yeah everyone! rasa nak buat upacara semah menyemah now. :D

Sunday, July 10, 2011


imma Leo ;)

Aries- dominant

Taurus- sensual

Gemini- flirty

Cancer- nurturing

Leo- passionate

Virgo- intelligent

Libra- charming

Scorpio- intense

Saggitarius- daring

Capricorn- understanding

Aquarius- curious

Pieces- mysterious

busy busy

short update about everything

- its been a very very busy week. Setiap minggu ada assignments and deadline dekat-dekat.
- i officially hate lecturer for Business Communication. But tutorial class was fun.
-somebody told me that i have the X-factor! x-factor untuk apa pon entahlah haha
-TIRED with routines and missing everybody. Seriously selagi tak balik rumah selagi tu im lack of inspirations. It's almost 2 months dah tak balik.
- dramas such as orang merajuk and bad mood keliling pinggng. Not good for my health ok.
- loving my boy each day :) can't wait to see him
-i bought ambi pur to freshen up the air in my room. omg i feel so bad to my new roomate tu. heheh. oh about that, i think you guys can guess why did i bought ambi pur :p
-had lotsa bonding sessions with ma girls. :D
-been listening to Broken Arrows by pixie lott

hmm. i think thats all for now. CANT WAIT TO BE HOOOME!! :D

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Remember the backyard party?

look what I found?

our so called picnic dekat taman tapi tak jadi sebab hujan lebat! hahah

good ol times :') miss the amigos! can't wait for our date girls :D

i wish i had a crystal ball

I could really use a crystal ball or an ouija board or something. gossh my mind is full of mengarut stuff. it's not healthy you noe. Nowdays, me and my girls were talking a lot about the future. Mostly about soulmates and stuff. Not that i really bother about this but when everybody keeps talking about it, it got me thinking about the future too. Im that type of person that always go with the flow but going with the flow is not enough right? I gotta have some plans too. Ok, im just 19 but still..

Am I gonna be happy?
Am I going to be succesful?
If im gone, will i be missed?
Did I ever touch people's life?

HAHA psycho jap. but yeah that's what i'm thinking rite now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


ok if you're reading this. Let me warn you. You are not wasting your time! keep on reading to know more important stuff! THIS IS FOR REAL! :O

10 things im interested in

1. travelling
2. shopping
3. watching movies
4. mirrors
5. swimming
6. men
7. jokes
8. compliments
9. superficial stuff
10. people that are interested in me :p

10 things that i hate

1. flying cockroaches
2. the colour orange
3. chores
4. annoying people
5. annoying people shouting unnecessarily
6. waking up early in the morning (except for a reasonable occasions)
7. hot weather
8. bossy people that are trying to boss me around
9. dangdut
10. liars that are losers in lying. (like seriously?)

5 things that I know about quite well

1. horoscopes
2. merepek
3. laughing?
4. people that keep things away from me
5. detect people that repels me (haha surprisingly)

10 things in life that I worry about

1. getting old
2. being lonely/forever alone
3. being ugly
4. screw out my life mission
5. lost my loved ones
6. being a wife/mother
7. give birth
8. end of the world
9. not being successful
10. not being happy

HAHAHA sorry ladies and gentlemen, you have just read some random stuff about me. hehehe
made this list during BEL lesson. It has something to do with the term paper but i don't find anything rational to write about it in the term paper. so yeah bye-bye :p

it' a random weekend

hello everybody. At last! i got some real good time at my room. Sitting in front of my lappie while eating maggie and listening to my playlist. ooohh Heaven! i noe it feels kinda lifeless but im loving it. Sometimes, i just wanna sit in my room and do nothing. Just having some "me" time. ahhh...okay "me" time sounds a lil bit too erk wrong. hehe

Went to Penang last week! weee! sampai jugak ke Penang ye. it was a really unexpected trip though. The girls were stuck at Sungai Petani and there come me and Fana to the rescue. Long story short last-last sampai Penang! :D

everyone :D

A very tiring and adventurous trip although dapat singgah pantai kejap je. Looking forward to go there again with ma girls and maybe with Damansara peeps. Seriously best!

oh ohh! i drove from Penang to Perlis using manual Viva ok. hahaha show off jap :p
another reason for me to brag to my parents :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

the grey Wira

what happened when 5 girls had a car?

apa lagi... ronda sakan day! :p

- class was cancelled
-breakfast somewhere in Perlis
- went to Bukit Ayer and enjoy the waterfall.
- Padang Besar
-lunch at Kangar

-helped Ana to move her things into her new college
-eat Laksa at Kuala Perlis
-watch the beautiful sunset with the girls

-brunch at Changloon
-went Alor Setar to watch movie

sadly, we didnt manage to watch the movie Karak coz by the time the movie ends we dont think that we can get back to UiTM on time.

but one thing for sure, driving from Kedah to Perlis at night is supeeerrr scaryyy. ok maybe im just too paranoid kot but jalan raya there sangat gelap. I have to turn on the spotlight the whole journey baru boleh nampak benda kuning kecik-kecik dekat jalan tu :O

and the best part was, we got lost! HAHAH just before we got lost, ada kereta kuning passed our car and before this the car was like playing with the lights. macam err kacau je. Luckily its not the yellow Volkswagen. Imagine driving in the dark road, with no signboards or road lamps and theres only one car there. Our car la in this story kan hahah

thank god we arrived back safely. and thank god jugak i didnt felt asleep while driving. heheh the girls were kinda panic already. :p

anyways its been a great weekend. Im really gonna miss Ana's car since next week the car had to be send back to KL :(

it's been a very random weekend and enjoying it :D
i still remember how moody and depress I was on Monday till Thursday hahah

ps: i've been thinking and having a lot of dreams about death lately. Is that normal? hmm

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For the first time

Im sad. like really-really sad. its been a while since i felt this way but this time it's a whole different thing. I cried whenever im alone in my room and i think if someone poke me on the shoulder or just showing sympathy look at me, i would burst into tears. yes call me a cry baby but i'm so not ready for this semester.

the fact that i lost my besty/roomate is really heartbreaking. maybe people would say "hey suck it up,move on.thats life" or whatever to me but i can't accept the changes in my room. knowing that there is someone who will replace her is so urgh depressing! i hate being lonely especially when im far from my family and friends and the last thing i needed is unwanted changes that my mind hasn't prepare for it.

this sem sangat lain. everybody get different room and roomates, my schedule is freaking pack. morning classes till night. i'll be alone taking arabic classes while my friends are taking Mandarin,hate being far away from my friends and Haziq, friendship dramas and so on.. i feel soo tired. And guess what, all these things make me wanna go home and hug my loved ones so bad. Even now im getting homesick. Im not that type of person who get homesick that soon. sigh so not me.

but i think this is just a phase. im mentally not prepared for this and because of this i have a really bad emotional breakdown hahah. gila lah mimi.

i hope everything is going to be alright. There is always the first time for everything.

I make a list during last holiday

Mission for last semester break

1. sisters day out
2. cut my hair
3. cook for hubby
4. whole day with people I love
5. lesbo day out
6. sleepover at nunu's crib
7. wash my car
8. ride my bicycle to centerpoint
9. big dinner with family
10. pedicure manicure
11. nandos
12. bake macarons
13. family day out
14. go to the dentist
15. buy new handbag
16. do things on my own
17. buy jigsaw
18. finish up the jigsaw
19. syams day out
20. ampang lookout point
21. broga hills
22.disco skating
23. ice skating to sunway ALONE
25. laze at my paradise

almost complete :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

exam week 2

this post is for you *you know who you are bebeh*

remember the post about exam week yang to be continued tu?

this is the continuation hehehehehhe

at first, i have to warn you guys that this post is not suitable for people who are afraid of the dark and masalah ketumbit HAHAHAH


so, where were we?

ohh so, after 5 of us panjat tangga-tangga yang melenguhkan kaki tu, we have to melalui coridor yang ada ampaian. For everyone's information, at my place, ampaian is one of the spookiest spot especially during 3 am in the morning and onwards coz why? during that time, ramai orang pernah nampak spooky stuff bergayut atas ampaian and lambai-lambai. That stuff happened usually at the guys kolej coz they said that the 'thing' is a girl and likes boys.

Im also not a fan of the ampaian becoz there's one time i heard noises sounded like orang merengus and cakar-cakar at my room door and my room was exactly infront of the ampaian. you get the point rite? hoho

ok, back to the story, lepas lalu ampaian, suddenly we heard bunyi orang gelak yang sayup-sayup. i pretend not to hear anything coz i dun want everybody to panic and starts sreaming! then rite after bunyi tu senyap, ada bunyi gila kuat macam ada orang ketuk-ketuk pintu like super kuat and the sound is like following us or sumthing. HAHAH sumpah penakut.

Apa lagi then, sume lari la kot! but im kinda tergamam kat situ. omg kalau betul ada hantu memang im the first to die la hahaha.

so, thats the story, i told you that it's gonna be lame but when we went back to the place again, there were no doors at the ampaian pon. just plain walls. jeng jeng jeng

hmm.. thats it! goodnite everyone, jangan pandang tingkap. HAHAHAHA ;P

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Come on, kiss the girl will ya ;p

i find this song kinda Naughtyyyy arrrrr :p

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

it's like eating ice cream on summer days

-breakfast with wonderful peeps

-treat myself with tutti frutti goodness with people i love

-went for a manicure and pedicure session

-being ridiculously moody and canceled a potluck dinner party. sorry guys

-random Ikea shopping with Syamir

-currently into the color white and blouses

-listening to 90's ballads and Syakirah's playlist

-positively deeply in love with my boy


Sunday, May 8, 2011

beautiful days with you you you

went out with hubby and people i love last week,

and boy it was fuuun hehehe

oh ohhh! first attempt in cooking the first dish for muhammad haziq


bbq chickyyyy :'D

he loves em yay!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

i wanna go for a skydiving

hello wonderful people! Its holidays! i repeat HOLY-DAYS!

I kinda abandon this blog like always. Poor little bloggy, i dont take care of you that much rite? awww..

i missed a lot of stuff during the exam week.

1. maroon 5 concert

- wooohhh. i hate my sis for going to that concert and see adam's hot bod from far. grr eventho im not a true maroon 5 fan, but i know like most of their songs.

2. the royal wedding - ok this one tak lah terasa rugi sangat but since a lot of people were talking about weddings and soulmates and stuff like that makes me have a thought about that too. hahah but hey, im still young! kita masih muda, kulit masih anjal

but i do have my fantasy wedding ofcoz. hey, a girl cant dream?


i wanna get married in a hot air balloon. weeee!!!

okayyy! this is like super weird! not like this ofcoz. menyemak je! HAHAH

yeah. this is what i imagined. awwww hahahah wanna throw flowers like that to everyone yang tergamam down there hahahah.

so that is my dream wedding. if tak dapat pon at least i wanna naik that hot air balloon jugak once in my lifetime :D

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

kanak-kanak africa hungryyy.... fooodsss oh fooodsss...
maroon 5.... ohh maroon 5...

econs...accounts.....econsss... accountsss...

wanna go home

cepatlah habis exam

Monday, April 25, 2011

ice lemon tea

yesterday was pretty bummer day for me.

i was craving for ice lemon tea, like really really crave to have that cold ice lemon tea lingering in my tongue and bring back my senses alive! haha been searching it for these few days and unfortunately sume kedai macam dah tak jual ice lemon tea dah. even yang lipton, boh and one more brand i forgot dah abis. :(

so, yesterday after BEL paper, i went to 3 shops in my campus and tiga-tiga tak jual dah. wanna go kedai runcit outside campus pon penat sangat nak keluar. so sedih di situ kejap.

then, at night, my dream to have that drink came true! wohooo. Fie brought me to Big Bear (uitm so called starbucks) and we met my other fren, Bazli there too. akhirnya dapat jugaklah kan ice lemon tea tu. minum sampai 3 kali sume and hangout sembang-sembang macam biasa.

but then, the nightmare came. tiba-tiba ada this one pakcik datang and tangkap 3 of us coz being outside our dorm after 11. i was like WTF. i noe its our fault la coz terlajak masa but yang tak boleh belah, there were few couples at the stairs and tepi-tepi kitaorng tak kena tangkap pon. grr! there even 3 of us for god sake!

then he asked for our metrik card and id. i was like okaaay, who the hell is this guy anyways? he's not the pakguard but he acts like he knows everything. i didnt give him my card obviously coz who carry their metrik card sana sini? gosshh tolonglah. because of that me and Fie kena tuduh penceroboh and he wanted to send us to the pegawai apa tah. Bazli and some of the boys pon kena jugak but he only took Bazli's id and bebel-bebel. he called me being rude la apa la but i was just telling him that i could ask my roomate to bring me those cards.

seriously sangat bangang. last-last he lepaskan the boys and still tahan me and Fie. rasa macam paris hilton jap that time but i was angry because he ugut2 nak panggil pegawai and Resident Staff sume but he doesnt even know the numbers. blegh.

then around 1130 dia lepaskan because no pegawai yang muncul. SERIOUSLY MAN U HAD WASTED MY TIME HERE! dah la banyak nyamuk. adoi

and i dunno if i was being rude or whatever. i noe that he's older but he was being rude to me too. how would people respect him if he doesnt respect other people too.

and moral of the story, always look at ur watch, nanti tak pasal-pasal je kena tangkap ==
and jangan melawan takdir. haha i think i was not meant to have ice lemon tea for the day. but then melawan takdir so jadi macam ni. hahah mannn im sooo superstitious.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

exam week

its time to study hooligans!
exam week is here and ofcoz everybody is struggling to study and study. misi nak dapat Dekan kan? sape tak nak.
while everybody is studying and reading my blog at the same time, let me enlight you guys with a ghost story. jengjengjeng

during study week which started last monday kot, me and ma girls always go to the study room at midnight. thats our port to study la since it is super hot in Perlis rite now. summer time i assume.

so, one 2++ am almost 3.. everyone started to get sleepy and its time to send Fana back to her room (oh, Fana's room is way way far from our room so we have to teman her balik sebab, scary kan haha)

then 5 of us jalan-jalan and went to the 4th floor (which is her floor la kan). masa tengah jalan-jalan tu, each and everyone of us were talking and we have to melalui tangga-tangga and sudut-sudut yang dihalang oleh dinding.

at one corner, suddenly we heard something..

then to be continued..hahahha
if you guys wanna know what happend, nanti cuti sem kita jumpa ok? HAHHAAHA


Monday, April 11, 2011

it's a beautiful night..naaahh!

i had a head concussion. i think i might experience some changes in my attitudes :O
for example. now i got a twitter account! :D

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

we have to evacuate this place now!

"Anyway mimi thanks for the 3weeks-ago-sushi and last week’s ride to the sushi king ;) Fuhhh naik kereta dengan mimi yang memandu perlu ada keberanian, tidak sesuai untuk pesakit jantung dan ibu yang hamil."

whahaha syamir, syamir.. i noe i suck hahaha yelah dah berkarat kan? :p

ohh hello wonderful people, i went back to damansara again! yes, im not lying.. why oh why? because last week, Perlis banjir again and this time we were FORCED to go back. serious macam kiamat ohh.. hahah kidding. we're not being forced to go back to our hometown but that is one of the precaution steps. last year was the first flash floods that happened in Perlis, oleh itu, when the second one arrived sume orang jadi gelabah.

seriously, tahap gelabah for this time punya banjir lagi gelabah dari last year punya. hahaha when i heard the announcement, sume orang jerit macam kena histeria..including me but ayu sikit la hehehe..
imagine after the announcement has been made, sume orang cepat2 pack their bag and leave to the bus station. woosh bagaikan balik raya ye. ticket sume habis and the flight ticket terus increase sampai rm 300 ++ :O

kinda funny la bila teringat balik. but this time im not excited to go home coz there'r tons of works and assignments to do. dahla UiTM perlis bagi cuti from thursday until sunday je and on monday i have test, quizes and kena submit assignments gaahhhh!!

i dont want lemak-lemak di perut! ohnononono!!!

ps: i pranked my uitm friends on April Fool telling them that im not going back to Arau until finals hehehe
sumpah seronok tengok orang terpedaya :D

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

i hate school uniforms

i always hated school kids in their uniform especially if i saw them at the mall or anything. its like "eeee busuk gila!" hahah padahal masa zaman skolah pon sama jugak kan. pegi Ou dengan baju sekolah sume dengan rambut serabai. omg busuk gila :p

anyways attend my faculty dinner last monday and turn out that the theme was Back to School. woosh amat creative juga ye budak-budak arau ni dress up dengan baju-baju sekolah.

cikgu murni. cikgu markonah. mumu

cikgu-cikgu disiplin. aww teringat Mr Siva! :0

not much to tell coz the dinner was kinda boring bohooo! even my pictures pon sikit gila HAHA

if only our school uniform macam ni..taklah busuk sangat kot :p

but the best part was i got the freaking lampu2 which is scary gila! u noe, macam lampu spotlight diarahkan kepada muka gitu ahahah OKAY KASIHAANN ==

neways its raining non-stop here in Perlis and im loving it. but i think its gonna flood again here. adoiii