Wednesday, July 27, 2011

birthday wishlist

yuhuuu. Presenting my birthday wishlist! hahaha okay okay macam perasan pulak ada orang nak merealisasikan impian kan but hey, i wanna make myself special too kan? hahah

since im gonna be 19 this coming August, i wanna do something special for myself. Actually satu misi je yang penting, that is going back home during the weekend of my birthday :) just doing that for myself. It's kinda like self-satisfactioonn aha aha.

so, since im gonna be in my twenties next year, kena lah ada wishlist! plus i never made a birthday wishlist before so here i go

1. run away from my Uitm frens. haha gila evil but they have a massive evil plan to prank me on that day since oh well i pranked them teruk teruk sangat. damn now im scared.

2. somebody, anybody, friends, family or hubby come to Arau and give me a surprise.

3. blackberry or new lappie (haha paling demanding) that's kinda unnecessary actually.

4. bouquet of flowers

5. a pair of heels and sexy lingerie. mehehe

6. the beach

7. coke dalam botol kaca.

9. fly back home alone

10. birthday card and gifts. (cliche but that is gonna make me happy)

ok i think my wishlist is kinda weird and pretty much impossible but biarlah. I have a dream ya know. :D

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