Monday, August 15, 2011

wish #1 and #2

ribena 2 hari lepas,keropok tamtam,wafer chocolate,maggie basi, air twister apple, vanilla coke, bedak sejuk, nescafe and tepung = Yummayhhh

Seriously wasnt expecting any pranks for my birthday coz firstly, bulan puasa and most of the time my frens looks like mayat hidup. hahah so wajibla mesti dorang malas kan nak buat2 benda ni. Second was i wasn't mengharapkan anything poonn. hahah paling berserah je.

but then, it turned out that last night was the most epic birthday moment i've ever had. I sprint as far as i could to run away from them with my handbag siap kena kejar dengan Zikri who was cyling that time. (thank god i wear my seluar pj je. the nice one ofcoz), throw pepsi ala2 pepperspray to him and managed to run away and get back to my room safely. if i joined 100m running i wolud have won dah.

haha oh well, that doesnt last long. Eventho i managed to get back to my room, they attack jugak. tak serik2. My frens actually drag me out of my room by my legs! Sumpah kuat gila. Sama ada they'r very strong or im so ringan hoho. but gila la macam orang nak kena culik. All the neighbours were like muka bitchy gila and i was screaming like pondan. and woooshh disimbah juga at last by their secret ingredient.

it was lovely. and i smelled like vomits! Ahhhhh...seriously air tu jejek gila. macam sosej yang ketul-ketul. yucks! Bukan itu sahaja, my towel was stolen when i was bathing. nice one. but i balas balik baling air sabun. haih. tak larat nak lari naked :p

had a really nice birthday eventhough kena simbah bagai and i have to shampoo my hair 3 times to get those sotong out of my hair. I feel so appreciated and loved by everyone. Eventho that i always complaining about not being cared and appreciated, you guys really proved me wrong last night. Thank you everyone for everything.

and to Farhana Atiqah, don't worry dear, you are next! hahaha

Sunday, August 14, 2011

wish #9

Hello wonderful peeps. I did it! I fly back home ALONE! In the middle of ramadhan just to fulfill one of my mission. For those who didn't know anything or just reading my blog, I have a mission to myself that I would some back home during the weekend of my birthday. Bukan dapat sambut birthday kat rumah pon but the feeling is ahhh.. satisfactiooonnn..

Most of my friends didn't know about my plan. Well, dorang ingatkan my plan ni main-main but then jadi jugak. haha. A week before i went home, it was super busy week for me. Like tahap gaban. Assignments bertimbun-timbun and deadlines dekat-dekat, moc meeting lah, mandarin and sume bagai lah. Thank god i finished most of them on time. Seriously rasa macam super woman coz for the first time, everything is according to plan.

for short, i'm very proud of myself. All this while, i always have a list of plans but i never accomplish them. Mostly bcoz im not that daring enough and sometimes I think too much of what other people think about me. For once, I wanted something to be all about me. It's ok to do something nice for yourself and not thinking about others once in a while. And sometimes you do need to stop caring about others for a moment and see if they cared for you like you did or not. This is like yoga dalaman jugakla. And so far, I know who really cares and who's not. wooo..

Overall, my trip was worth it. I had a very lovely weekend with my wonderful homies and family :D