Saturday, June 25, 2011

Remember the backyard party?

look what I found?

our so called picnic dekat taman tapi tak jadi sebab hujan lebat! hahah

good ol times :') miss the amigos! can't wait for our date girls :D

i wish i had a crystal ball

I could really use a crystal ball or an ouija board or something. gossh my mind is full of mengarut stuff. it's not healthy you noe. Nowdays, me and my girls were talking a lot about the future. Mostly about soulmates and stuff. Not that i really bother about this but when everybody keeps talking about it, it got me thinking about the future too. Im that type of person that always go with the flow but going with the flow is not enough right? I gotta have some plans too. Ok, im just 19 but still..

Am I gonna be happy?
Am I going to be succesful?
If im gone, will i be missed?
Did I ever touch people's life?

HAHA psycho jap. but yeah that's what i'm thinking rite now.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


ok if you're reading this. Let me warn you. You are not wasting your time! keep on reading to know more important stuff! THIS IS FOR REAL! :O

10 things im interested in

1. travelling
2. shopping
3. watching movies
4. mirrors
5. swimming
6. men
7. jokes
8. compliments
9. superficial stuff
10. people that are interested in me :p

10 things that i hate

1. flying cockroaches
2. the colour orange
3. chores
4. annoying people
5. annoying people shouting unnecessarily
6. waking up early in the morning (except for a reasonable occasions)
7. hot weather
8. bossy people that are trying to boss me around
9. dangdut
10. liars that are losers in lying. (like seriously?)

5 things that I know about quite well

1. horoscopes
2. merepek
3. laughing?
4. people that keep things away from me
5. detect people that repels me (haha surprisingly)

10 things in life that I worry about

1. getting old
2. being lonely/forever alone
3. being ugly
4. screw out my life mission
5. lost my loved ones
6. being a wife/mother
7. give birth
8. end of the world
9. not being successful
10. not being happy

HAHAHA sorry ladies and gentlemen, you have just read some random stuff about me. hehehe
made this list during BEL lesson. It has something to do with the term paper but i don't find anything rational to write about it in the term paper. so yeah bye-bye :p

it' a random weekend

hello everybody. At last! i got some real good time at my room. Sitting in front of my lappie while eating maggie and listening to my playlist. ooohh Heaven! i noe it feels kinda lifeless but im loving it. Sometimes, i just wanna sit in my room and do nothing. Just having some "me" time. ahhh...okay "me" time sounds a lil bit too erk wrong. hehe

Went to Penang last week! weee! sampai jugak ke Penang ye. it was a really unexpected trip though. The girls were stuck at Sungai Petani and there come me and Fana to the rescue. Long story short last-last sampai Penang! :D

everyone :D

A very tiring and adventurous trip although dapat singgah pantai kejap je. Looking forward to go there again with ma girls and maybe with Damansara peeps. Seriously best!

oh ohh! i drove from Penang to Perlis using manual Viva ok. hahaha show off jap :p
another reason for me to brag to my parents :)

Monday, June 6, 2011

the grey Wira

what happened when 5 girls had a car?

apa lagi... ronda sakan day! :p

- class was cancelled
-breakfast somewhere in Perlis
- went to Bukit Ayer and enjoy the waterfall.
- Padang Besar
-lunch at Kangar

-helped Ana to move her things into her new college
-eat Laksa at Kuala Perlis
-watch the beautiful sunset with the girls

-brunch at Changloon
-went Alor Setar to watch movie

sadly, we didnt manage to watch the movie Karak coz by the time the movie ends we dont think that we can get back to UiTM on time.

but one thing for sure, driving from Kedah to Perlis at night is supeeerrr scaryyy. ok maybe im just too paranoid kot but jalan raya there sangat gelap. I have to turn on the spotlight the whole journey baru boleh nampak benda kuning kecik-kecik dekat jalan tu :O

and the best part was, we got lost! HAHAH just before we got lost, ada kereta kuning passed our car and before this the car was like playing with the lights. macam err kacau je. Luckily its not the yellow Volkswagen. Imagine driving in the dark road, with no signboards or road lamps and theres only one car there. Our car la in this story kan hahah

thank god we arrived back safely. and thank god jugak i didnt felt asleep while driving. heheh the girls were kinda panic already. :p

anyways its been a great weekend. Im really gonna miss Ana's car since next week the car had to be send back to KL :(

it's been a very random weekend and enjoying it :D
i still remember how moody and depress I was on Monday till Thursday hahah

ps: i've been thinking and having a lot of dreams about death lately. Is that normal? hmm

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For the first time

Im sad. like really-really sad. its been a while since i felt this way but this time it's a whole different thing. I cried whenever im alone in my room and i think if someone poke me on the shoulder or just showing sympathy look at me, i would burst into tears. yes call me a cry baby but i'm so not ready for this semester.

the fact that i lost my besty/roomate is really heartbreaking. maybe people would say "hey suck it up,move on.thats life" or whatever to me but i can't accept the changes in my room. knowing that there is someone who will replace her is so urgh depressing! i hate being lonely especially when im far from my family and friends and the last thing i needed is unwanted changes that my mind hasn't prepare for it.

this sem sangat lain. everybody get different room and roomates, my schedule is freaking pack. morning classes till night. i'll be alone taking arabic classes while my friends are taking Mandarin,hate being far away from my friends and Haziq, friendship dramas and so on.. i feel soo tired. And guess what, all these things make me wanna go home and hug my loved ones so bad. Even now im getting homesick. Im not that type of person who get homesick that soon. sigh so not me.

but i think this is just a phase. im mentally not prepared for this and because of this i have a really bad emotional breakdown hahah. gila lah mimi.

i hope everything is going to be alright. There is always the first time for everything.

I make a list during last holiday

Mission for last semester break

1. sisters day out
2. cut my hair
3. cook for hubby
4. whole day with people I love
5. lesbo day out
6. sleepover at nunu's crib
7. wash my car
8. ride my bicycle to centerpoint
9. big dinner with family
10. pedicure manicure
11. nandos
12. bake macarons
13. family day out
14. go to the dentist
15. buy new handbag
16. do things on my own
17. buy jigsaw
18. finish up the jigsaw
19. syams day out
20. ampang lookout point
21. broga hills
22.disco skating
23. ice skating to sunway ALONE
25. laze at my paradise

almost complete :)