Wednesday, June 1, 2011

For the first time

Im sad. like really-really sad. its been a while since i felt this way but this time it's a whole different thing. I cried whenever im alone in my room and i think if someone poke me on the shoulder or just showing sympathy look at me, i would burst into tears. yes call me a cry baby but i'm so not ready for this semester.

the fact that i lost my besty/roomate is really heartbreaking. maybe people would say "hey suck it up,move on.thats life" or whatever to me but i can't accept the changes in my room. knowing that there is someone who will replace her is so urgh depressing! i hate being lonely especially when im far from my family and friends and the last thing i needed is unwanted changes that my mind hasn't prepare for it.

this sem sangat lain. everybody get different room and roomates, my schedule is freaking pack. morning classes till night. i'll be alone taking arabic classes while my friends are taking Mandarin,hate being far away from my friends and Haziq, friendship dramas and so on.. i feel soo tired. And guess what, all these things make me wanna go home and hug my loved ones so bad. Even now im getting homesick. Im not that type of person who get homesick that soon. sigh so not me.

but i think this is just a phase. im mentally not prepared for this and because of this i have a really bad emotional breakdown hahah. gila lah mimi.

i hope everything is going to be alright. There is always the first time for everything.


  1. Chin up, Mimi, it will get better! You've already survived Arau close to a year now so continuing to survive somemore would be very possible for you. Stay strong girl :)

  2. thank you zaf. Really appreaciate that. Maybe im just homesick or still in holiday mood i dunno. but thanks anyways :)