Saturday, June 25, 2011

i wish i had a crystal ball

I could really use a crystal ball or an ouija board or something. gossh my mind is full of mengarut stuff. it's not healthy you noe. Nowdays, me and my girls were talking a lot about the future. Mostly about soulmates and stuff. Not that i really bother about this but when everybody keeps talking about it, it got me thinking about the future too. Im that type of person that always go with the flow but going with the flow is not enough right? I gotta have some plans too. Ok, im just 19 but still..

Am I gonna be happy?
Am I going to be succesful?
If im gone, will i be missed?
Did I ever touch people's life?

HAHA psycho jap. but yeah that's what i'm thinking rite now.

1 comment:

  1. u will happy
    you will be succesfull
    if u're gone,many people will miss u lots
    no,u're not