Sunday, June 19, 2011


ok if you're reading this. Let me warn you. You are not wasting your time! keep on reading to know more important stuff! THIS IS FOR REAL! :O

10 things im interested in

1. travelling
2. shopping
3. watching movies
4. mirrors
5. swimming
6. men
7. jokes
8. compliments
9. superficial stuff
10. people that are interested in me :p

10 things that i hate

1. flying cockroaches
2. the colour orange
3. chores
4. annoying people
5. annoying people shouting unnecessarily
6. waking up early in the morning (except for a reasonable occasions)
7. hot weather
8. bossy people that are trying to boss me around
9. dangdut
10. liars that are losers in lying. (like seriously?)

5 things that I know about quite well

1. horoscopes
2. merepek
3. laughing?
4. people that keep things away from me
5. detect people that repels me (haha surprisingly)

10 things in life that I worry about

1. getting old
2. being lonely/forever alone
3. being ugly
4. screw out my life mission
5. lost my loved ones
6. being a wife/mother
7. give birth
8. end of the world
9. not being successful
10. not being happy

HAHAHA sorry ladies and gentlemen, you have just read some random stuff about me. hehehe
made this list during BEL lesson. It has something to do with the term paper but i don't find anything rational to write about it in the term paper. so yeah bye-bye :p

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