Monday, June 6, 2011

the grey Wira

what happened when 5 girls had a car?

apa lagi... ronda sakan day! :p

- class was cancelled
-breakfast somewhere in Perlis
- went to Bukit Ayer and enjoy the waterfall.
- Padang Besar
-lunch at Kangar

-helped Ana to move her things into her new college
-eat Laksa at Kuala Perlis
-watch the beautiful sunset with the girls

-brunch at Changloon
-went Alor Setar to watch movie

sadly, we didnt manage to watch the movie Karak coz by the time the movie ends we dont think that we can get back to UiTM on time.

but one thing for sure, driving from Kedah to Perlis at night is supeeerrr scaryyy. ok maybe im just too paranoid kot but jalan raya there sangat gelap. I have to turn on the spotlight the whole journey baru boleh nampak benda kuning kecik-kecik dekat jalan tu :O

and the best part was, we got lost! HAHAH just before we got lost, ada kereta kuning passed our car and before this the car was like playing with the lights. macam err kacau je. Luckily its not the yellow Volkswagen. Imagine driving in the dark road, with no signboards or road lamps and theres only one car there. Our car la in this story kan hahah

thank god we arrived back safely. and thank god jugak i didnt felt asleep while driving. heheh the girls were kinda panic already. :p

anyways its been a great weekend. Im really gonna miss Ana's car since next week the car had to be send back to KL :(

it's been a very random weekend and enjoying it :D
i still remember how moody and depress I was on Monday till Thursday hahah

ps: i've been thinking and having a lot of dreams about death lately. Is that normal? hmm

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