Sunday, June 19, 2011

it' a random weekend

hello everybody. At last! i got some real good time at my room. Sitting in front of my lappie while eating maggie and listening to my playlist. ooohh Heaven! i noe it feels kinda lifeless but im loving it. Sometimes, i just wanna sit in my room and do nothing. Just having some "me" time. ahhh...okay "me" time sounds a lil bit too erk wrong. hehe

Went to Penang last week! weee! sampai jugak ke Penang ye. it was a really unexpected trip though. The girls were stuck at Sungai Petani and there come me and Fana to the rescue. Long story short last-last sampai Penang! :D

everyone :D

A very tiring and adventurous trip although dapat singgah pantai kejap je. Looking forward to go there again with ma girls and maybe with Damansara peeps. Seriously best!

oh ohh! i drove from Penang to Perlis using manual Viva ok. hahaha show off jap :p
another reason for me to brag to my parents :)

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