Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Holidays Recap

Hello wonderful people. As you know, my blog has been dead for i dunno how many months. I'm not lazy but the internet connection here! haha ok ok. Mostly sebab malas la but if internet slow macam siput mana ada motivation. Hmm.. a lot of stuff had happened to me lately. Fun stuff and also stress gila stuff. Lots of bipolar mood swings but its ok, that's how I roll. Yeah man! Do the wiggle man!

So, Imma just gonna do a recap yaw!

October *bloody october!
-Went to Malacca to visit my hubby during the 12 days gap of study week. I know right!!!! Lama gila study break to the last paper so apa lagi, menjalankan misi yang terpendam la . Hohooo anyways, drove to Malacca by myself and the feeling was E.P.I.C.! satisfaction baby! The trip was worth it :) oh ohh and I went to the Funfair!

- Semester break starts
-Outing with Uitm mates at Sunway
- Feeling emo for the rest of the month coz all my plans Failed


- Exam results are out, depressed! :(
- Raya
- Dating with hubby :)
-Murni with Syamir, Fadzil, Nunu and Siqin. Miss them much!
-Chic pop with Syira and tried out Mukah with Syamir too
- Random trip to Genting with hubby
-Another trip to Genting with hubby and Syakirah
-Sisters day out
-Steamboat gathering at Seoul Garden with DJ peeps. Nunu, Alia, Hanna, Zaf and Fadzil was there
- Laser tag with hubby,Nunu and Fadzil
- 1 year anniversary dinner with ma love :)))
-Disco skating with hubby and sisters

yeaapp, I think that's pretty much it! Loving the holidays so much!

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