Wednesday, April 20, 2011

exam week

its time to study hooligans!
exam week is here and ofcoz everybody is struggling to study and study. misi nak dapat Dekan kan? sape tak nak.
while everybody is studying and reading my blog at the same time, let me enlight you guys with a ghost story. jengjengjeng

during study week which started last monday kot, me and ma girls always go to the study room at midnight. thats our port to study la since it is super hot in Perlis rite now. summer time i assume.

so, one 2++ am almost 3.. everyone started to get sleepy and its time to send Fana back to her room (oh, Fana's room is way way far from our room so we have to teman her balik sebab, scary kan haha)

then 5 of us jalan-jalan and went to the 4th floor (which is her floor la kan). masa tengah jalan-jalan tu, each and everyone of us were talking and we have to melalui tangga-tangga and sudut-sudut yang dihalang oleh dinding.

at one corner, suddenly we heard something..

then to be continued..hahahha
if you guys wanna know what happend, nanti cuti sem kita jumpa ok? HAHHAAHA



  1. mimi darl
    when do you gonna tell us what happens next
    dying to noe here :p

  2. heyyy!!! miss pocet! :p
    u really wanna noe ke? it's kinda lame actually but nanti i citer ok what happend. u boleh tnya haziq if you want heheh :D