Monday, April 25, 2011

ice lemon tea

yesterday was pretty bummer day for me.

i was craving for ice lemon tea, like really really crave to have that cold ice lemon tea lingering in my tongue and bring back my senses alive! haha been searching it for these few days and unfortunately sume kedai macam dah tak jual ice lemon tea dah. even yang lipton, boh and one more brand i forgot dah abis. :(

so, yesterday after BEL paper, i went to 3 shops in my campus and tiga-tiga tak jual dah. wanna go kedai runcit outside campus pon penat sangat nak keluar. so sedih di situ kejap.

then, at night, my dream to have that drink came true! wohooo. Fie brought me to Big Bear (uitm so called starbucks) and we met my other fren, Bazli there too. akhirnya dapat jugaklah kan ice lemon tea tu. minum sampai 3 kali sume and hangout sembang-sembang macam biasa.

but then, the nightmare came. tiba-tiba ada this one pakcik datang and tangkap 3 of us coz being outside our dorm after 11. i was like WTF. i noe its our fault la coz terlajak masa but yang tak boleh belah, there were few couples at the stairs and tepi-tepi kitaorng tak kena tangkap pon. grr! there even 3 of us for god sake!

then he asked for our metrik card and id. i was like okaaay, who the hell is this guy anyways? he's not the pakguard but he acts like he knows everything. i didnt give him my card obviously coz who carry their metrik card sana sini? gosshh tolonglah. because of that me and Fie kena tuduh penceroboh and he wanted to send us to the pegawai apa tah. Bazli and some of the boys pon kena jugak but he only took Bazli's id and bebel-bebel. he called me being rude la apa la but i was just telling him that i could ask my roomate to bring me those cards.

seriously sangat bangang. last-last he lepaskan the boys and still tahan me and Fie. rasa macam paris hilton jap that time but i was angry because he ugut2 nak panggil pegawai and Resident Staff sume but he doesnt even know the numbers. blegh.

then around 1130 dia lepaskan because no pegawai yang muncul. SERIOUSLY MAN U HAD WASTED MY TIME HERE! dah la banyak nyamuk. adoi

and i dunno if i was being rude or whatever. i noe that he's older but he was being rude to me too. how would people respect him if he doesnt respect other people too.

and moral of the story, always look at ur watch, nanti tak pasal-pasal je kena tangkap ==
and jangan melawan takdir. haha i think i was not meant to have ice lemon tea for the day. but then melawan takdir so jadi macam ni. hahah mannn im sooo superstitious.

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