Tuesday, April 5, 2011

we have to evacuate this place now!

"Anyway mimi thanks for the 3weeks-ago-sushi and last week’s ride to the sushi king ;) Fuhhh naik kereta dengan mimi yang memandu perlu ada keberanian, tidak sesuai untuk pesakit jantung dan ibu yang hamil."

whahaha syamir, syamir.. i noe i suck hahaha yelah dah berkarat kan? :p

ohh hello wonderful people, i went back to damansara again! yes, im not lying.. why oh why? because last week, Perlis banjir again and this time we were FORCED to go back. serious macam kiamat ohh.. hahah kidding. we're not being forced to go back to our hometown but that is one of the precaution steps. last year was the first flash floods that happened in Perlis, oleh itu, when the second one arrived sume orang jadi gelabah.

seriously, tahap gelabah for this time punya banjir lagi gelabah dari last year punya. hahaha when i heard the announcement, sume orang jerit macam kena histeria..including me but ayu sikit la hehehe..
imagine after the announcement has been made, sume orang cepat2 pack their bag and leave to the bus station. woosh bagaikan balik raya ye. ticket sume habis and the flight ticket terus increase sampai rm 300 ++ :O

kinda funny la bila teringat balik. but this time im not excited to go home coz there'r tons of works and assignments to do. dahla UiTM perlis bagi cuti from thursday until sunday je and on monday i have test, quizes and kena submit assignments gaahhhh!!

i dont want lemak-lemak di perut! ohnononono!!!

ps: i pranked my uitm friends on April Fool telling them that im not going back to Arau until finals hehehe
sumpah seronok tengok orang terpedaya :D

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