Thursday, May 5, 2011

i wanna go for a skydiving

hello wonderful people! Its holidays! i repeat HOLY-DAYS!

I kinda abandon this blog like always. Poor little bloggy, i dont take care of you that much rite? awww..

i missed a lot of stuff during the exam week.

1. maroon 5 concert

- wooohhh. i hate my sis for going to that concert and see adam's hot bod from far. grr eventho im not a true maroon 5 fan, but i know like most of their songs.

2. the royal wedding - ok this one tak lah terasa rugi sangat but since a lot of people were talking about weddings and soulmates and stuff like that makes me have a thought about that too. hahah but hey, im still young! kita masih muda, kulit masih anjal

but i do have my fantasy wedding ofcoz. hey, a girl cant dream?


i wanna get married in a hot air balloon. weeee!!!

okayyy! this is like super weird! not like this ofcoz. menyemak je! HAHAH

yeah. this is what i imagined. awwww hahahah wanna throw flowers like that to everyone yang tergamam down there hahahah.

so that is my dream wedding. if tak dapat pon at least i wanna naik that hot air balloon jugak once in my lifetime :D

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