Sunday, January 3, 2010

i hate this part

urghhh i hate this feeling. what feeling? nyeh nyeh im not going to tell you people. hahah. yeahh im alone rite now. my family went ou to buy alatan pembelajaran? hahahah poor little sisters. i dun have to go to school anymore. dun worry sisters after i got my driving license i will bawak u guys ponteng skolahh..opps no bawak korang g tution. dun ever think about it.

neway i mmng planned to stay at home coz, i dun have mood to see anybody rite now. not until i settle some things that stuck in my head. gaaahhh. im like a monsterrr!

"dear, i feel we're facing a problem" -lovefool

hahah gosshh been listening to glamorous indie rock and roll for gazillion times a day.termenung and all..oh ohh not to mention im completely blind! hahahha. i left my specky at nunu's hse. and i dont want to wear my harry potter's spec. yuck. jijik. it reminds me the time i looked like budak hingus yang tak pernah tengok cermin. neway since i dunno what to do at home im planning to sneak out and go to centrepoint makan mcd. just to clear up my mind. bak kata nunu

"mimi semakin lama semakin sewel"

ohoho..maybe iam crazy.. sorry people, u guys have to take care of this crazy girl.
and cakap pasal girl.. i think im turning into a dude la hahahah.not having moustache or toottt but i noticed that my voice turned garau at night. no kidding. spooky aite? theres a dude inside me helpppp!!!
if im a dude, would u still love me sayang? hahahaha
my name would be syam.
muhammad syamsul?? eeewww tak glamourrr..
if im a dude i would like my name to be start with K or R
yess dah tau nak bagi nama kat anak-anak dah..
what if im turning into la rouks? lagi creepyy.
damnn..i feel like im syakirah pulak tulis merepek2 kat blog.
sorry sis. hahahahhah
i think i still got time to sneak out. hope they wont find out.

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