Sunday, February 6, 2011


awww the last few days before heading back to a place called nowhere was very memorable! went to a gig with hubby at Laundry the curve, bergila at idaman and had mini reunion with Nunu, Zaf, Alia, Hanna, Syamir and Fadzil at the Seoul Garden, OU
hahah first time makan at Seoul Garden and woahhh daging-daging mentah itu amat scary ye. i imagined usus, perut and otak yang mentah with darah-darah merah at those trays! HAHAH thank god everyone enjoyed the foods kan? we ate like there-are-no-foods-tomorrow-so-eat-this-ASAP. sumpah never ever felt sooo full! steamboat is the best la!
Hanna. Alia. Fadzil

Mua. Nunu. Zaf. Syamir

aww..sume muka ayu je but wait! this is before the civilisation ends

look what happened to some of us after that


meheheh ok enough with the barbanic faces. here's some eye candies to wash your polluted eyes heheh
sweety pies :)
goreng-goreng,rebus-rebus, steam-steam? haha
dessert! wipeee ice ice cream bebeh. ada hati nak makan jugak eventho perut dah penuh

hmmm lovely... fadzil macam taukeh :p

now this is lovely.. :)
this mini reunion would be complete if Shiqin and Syira were there too

till then, meet all of you guys in another 3 months yo!

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